[VIDEO] Curly Hair Stays Poppin’ w/ New Curl Sponge 3.0 & Hair Care Products!

curl sponge

It has been over two years since we debuted the illustrious Curl Sponge on HeyMikeyATL. Then it was all about standing out with a new style. Well now, in 2017, that old “new” style is a trend. Thanks to a little Curl Sponge magic men and women everywhere are rocking their natural hair, curly and stylishly!

curl sponge

Hairstyles have evolved and so has our nifty Curl Sponge! Meet The Curl Sponge 3.0, the more durable, stronger, and efficient descendant of the original Curl Sponge we grew to love. Unlike its predecessor the spongy material harder and better fits your hand. Also the holes in the sponge are coupled with spikes and deep groves that reach into longer hair, allowing it to be curled as well.

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[VIDEO] Get The Skin You “Krave!” Krave Sweets–The Body Products You’ll Kill For!

krave sweets

When it comes  to skincare everyone is looking to boost their own radiant and natural glow. Truthfully, the shelves of any store are lined with products that claim to do just that–with a hefty price and a few side effects. Well to get the skin you truly “Krave” with products made of all natural ingredients check out Krave Sweets!

krave sweets

Krave Sweets is a line of skincare products created by beauty expert and naturalist, Ebony Pagnotta, consisting of body scrubs, lip balm, body cream, and sensual body oils. “…I had like a regular corporate job and I was in a relationship with this older guy. In the end the job ended, the guy ended and I basically was at like rock bottom and I moved back to my mom’s house…I woke up one day and I was like so sad and I had this horrible breakout–I mean I didn’t look like myself, I didn’t feel like myself–everything was just bad…I was like this is a result of me not taking care of myself and not putting myself first, you have to put yourself first or nobody will…I was really just caught up on him…so I was asking my mom how can I fix my skin it looks so bad and I don’t feel godd because I didn’t look good and she was like try a bunch of stuff over the counter and it was not working. All the over the counter stuff was not good in the long run, it worked for a day and then not all…so I kept thinking how I could fix this. My grandmother had the best skin ever–97 years of great skin–so I was like lemme take this back to the basics…she was born in 1915 and they didn’t have any Retinol or salycic acid or anything like that…so I did a little research for natural things to heal the skin and found all this healthy stuff. So the first thing I did was a sugar scrub–a lemon sugar scrub–so I literally started mixing things up…I was on a mission to fix my face, my body emotionally and physically and came up with a recipe. Once I perfected it on me I tried it on other people–my friends and family –then it worked on them and it went from there.”

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Beard Game Strong! Five Beard Care Products Every Man Should Own!

Beard care has been an ongoing trend for the last couple of years thanks to the resurgence of men growing their beards out – like Drake, James Harden, Idris Elba etc. Ever since men decided to now embrace their facial hair more than ever before – thanks to the hashtag #noshavenovember redefined beard styles have now given men a new source of confident to go on with their everyday lives. All of that to say the beard game is more popular than ever now, but with that, you also have to groom and take care of that extra hair, especially because it’s on your face. Check down below for our top pick of products to keep your beard game strong and smelling good as well.



No mess, no stress. With the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7200, you’ll get both because this unique design comes with an internal vacuum that makes for a clean shaving experience. And who wouldn’t pick a clean sink over the alternative once the job is done?

$55, Amazon.com



The problem with washing your beard is that it involves both hair and your face. So which do you use, soap or shampoo? The answer is beard shampoo. It’s formulated to wash and treat your beard as wells as the skin underneath, so everything will be soft and properly moisturized. Oh, and clean.

$25.50, bigelowchemists.com

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TROPHY ROOM (@TrophyRoomStore) Essentials: Marcus Jordan!

The Heir to one of the biggest if not biggest dynasty brands in street style and sneaker culture Air Jordan, Marcus Jordan, is beginning to carve his own name into the world of street style with the recent opening of his first store, the Trophy Room. In collaboration with Nike and Jordan Brand, of course, Trophy Room is an elevated retail experience inspired by the trophy room within his father, the Jordan family residence.

“TROPHY ROOM showcases a unique perspective into vintage Jordan fa3d_logo_1200mily home videos & photos within the store’s decor. TROPHY ROOM simultaneously pays homage to Michael Jordan’s NBA career via Upper Deck Authenticated memorabilia. Through relationships with Jordan Brand, Nike Inc., & Upper Deck Authenticated; TROPHY ROOM aspires to offer footwear, apparel, & memorabilia that will serve as trophies to its loyal & dedicated consumers.” – TROPHY ROOM

The Orlando-based shop not only houses exclusive releases that’ll excite any sneaker head, its walls are also lined with rare Jordan memorabilia and family heirlooms, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that many don’t often associate with sneaker boutiques.

tr-right-rear tr-front-right

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This is just a quick throwback find, but timeless in nature and concept! A cologne that will have you smelling as good as you look! Always good to adopt new scents! This is definitely not just a smell but a way of life because everything has a scent that represents or gives off (hora) something, so why not smell like a boss? – exactly, no brainier!

In a world where we are filled with ideas but still working for others visions sometimes we need to have a daily reminder of what we aspire to do and be! This scent is not just for others who happen to catch a wind as you walk by, but reassurance for you that you are somebody of quality and excellence and gives reassurance that all that come in contact with you will also have no choice but to recognize!

Let’s not forget to mention just how gorgeous Theo James (The Divergent Series) looks in this ad and video! He is definitely Celebrity Crush worthy! With Father’s Day right around the corner this is the perfect gift for the special man in your life! We just bought our bottle and its intoxicating!

Website to check out more info: https://www.fragrances.hugoboss.com/us/

Written By: The Billion Brand

Perfect Gifts That’ll Make Your Wife, Girlfriend, or Sideline Feel Special For Valentines Day

What’s up guys! As you already know Yeezy Season 3 came and showed out last night and I really want to share with you guys all the stuff that went down. However I’m forced to write up something that has to do with Valentine’s Day today since its on Sunday and what not. So I’ll just save that story for Monday, but anyways back to this story. Yes its that time of year again and you have literally just a couple of days to get your shenanigans together and plan something out for your special woman…. Or women lol. I recommend that you try to stay away from the classic chocolate and flowers routine, just because its pretty much played out at this point in the game. So I have picked out just a couple of perfect gifts that’ll make any woman, whether its your wife, girlfriend, side chick or heaux happy and special for this Valentines day weekend.2207609

Gucci’s Flora fragrance will make the perfect gift for that special girl in your life. With notes of citrus fruit, peony and mandarin, this scent is quite sweet. While basic notes of patchouli and sandalwood present as well. Flora by Balenciaga_Paris_75ml_fragrance-ad-01Gucci Fragrance retails at $61 USD

If you’re not into floral fragrances, I got another equally sensual scent for you. Balenciaga Paris is a fragrance that blends light and delicate with more contemporary notes. Notes include carnation, violet, virgina cedar, and patchouli. Throwing in the fact that the bottle is equally stunning as the scent. Balenciaga Paris Fragrance retails at $110 USD52003785_020_alternate1

Some sexy Calvin Klein Underwear would make the perfect gift for your girlfriend, giving her that designer taste with super sex appeal, Calvin Klein’s Underwear can be seen all over IG and Tumblr. Made with soft, stretch-cotton jersey, which means all day comfort, on top of the sexiness it, exudes; your girlfriend will definitely feel sexy and appreciated in this underwear. efkylc-iClassic Calvin Klein Underwear retails at only $28 USD

Oh and lets not forget about your old faithful girl either guys. The sideline or back up heaux lol needs some sort of gift too. So why not give her some dope headphones? Well if she’s an ear bud person but I mean who really cares… Beats by Dre have an assortment of dope ear buds that’ll bee sure to surprise and keep your side chick quiet for however long you guys last. Beats by Dre earbuds retail at $99 USD

Last for all the single guys out there, its okay to gift thyself apple-tv-hero-select-201510you know. In fact if you’re single it’s even better. It’s the weekend take that income checks and splurge dog you deserve it. Why not buy an Apple TV? Connecting you directly with all the rest of your Apple products why not complete your collection with this dope home accessory. Utilizing touch and even voice command to reimagine how you interact with your TV screen, from asking Siri what’s a good movie to watch, to accessing your iTunes and Netflix accounts at the press of a button. The Apple TV is the perfect buy for all you single guys out there. Apple TV retails at $149 USD 32GB & $199 USD 64GB

Regardless of anything, as long as you put love in whatever you decide to get your significant other that’s all that matters. However be sure to keep all your receipts because as you may be able to tell none of this stuff is cheap lol. Don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest in men’s fashion and trends. Got to Blast! – EffYeahMark

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Men’s “Skin Care: 10” for Better Skin

This winter the weather has been more up and down than a roller coaster at Six flags over Georgia, and if you’re like me you’ve had a little trouble trying to keep your skin healthy and hydrated from this warm, cold, dry and wet weather. Here are some affordable skincare tips I’ve discovered for us guys to keep our skin feeling healthy, smooth and looking good.


facewash kontrolmag

Even though the humidity is constantly changing from day to day, the continuous change in weather will make your face feel anything but oily or dry. It’s still important to exfoliate, slough away dead skin cells, dirt and oil and leave your face feeling fresh and ready to absorb moistures. It is hard enough trying to find a face wash product that is not laced with chemicals that could cause harm to you at a reasonable price, but for the budget conscious guy here’s a natural product you can try Bulldog Natural Skincare Face Wash for Men. Bulldog Natural skincare products never contain artificial ingredients, synthetic fragrances or ingredients from animal sources. This product helps with dry or oily skin and is a great facial wash for daily use. I use it myself. I naturally have oily skin and a lot of facial cleansers dry my face out. This face wash does not dry up your face and is gentle enough to make your face feel fresh and clean. This face wash definitely does its job properly and I highly recommend you try it.

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