Foodie Friday: 5 Vegan Tips To Help You Look & Feel Better!

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Today’s #FoodieFriday is all about being a little more GREEN! HeyMikeyATL partnered with 32-year-old restaurateur Nicole Marquis. to help provide information so that all our foodie readers can add a little veganism to their culinary life. Marquis is the founder of a vegan powerhouse concept- Hip City Veg -committed to making mouthwatering, “crave-able” vegan dishes. She was even recognized this year in the New York Times for being an influential part of Philadelphia’s growing vegan scene.

So today we’re giving you five vegan ways from Marquis on how to add veganism to your diet!


1. Bowl it Up – Some of the best meals I’ve eaten have been the simplest.  I love to make a bowl of my favorite veggies and grains – you can dress it up and it’ll fill you up.  Try this: Brown rice, avocado, sliced tomato and black beans – then dress it up with a little salt, hot sauce and fresh lime!

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Foodie Friday: National Grits Day!

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Today is National Grits Day so in honor of that, here are a few grits recipes you can try with salt and pepper or sugar and butter this weekend.


First up is Shrimp & Grits! This particular recipe is the Old Charleston style of cooking shrimp and grits which means it takes a little longer but the end result is worth the wait. This recipe features features shrimp simmered with andouille sausage, bacon, and bell peppers, all served over creamy, cheesy grits.


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Foodie Friday: 5 Carnival Foods You Can Make At Home!

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Happy Friday Foodies! Summer is almost over and you can’t have a complete summer without visiting your local state fair! Some people go to the fair to ride the rides or to pet the animals or even just people watch. But most people go to the fair for one thing: FOOD! People travel far and wide and rearrange their schedule to get a taste of some good fair food because it’s seasonal but does it have to be? Of course not! Below I have 5 classic fair goodies that you can make at home and have year round.


Kicking it off we have the old school classic, Corn Dogs. Corn dogs are an easy go to especially if you have children with you or you’re a foodie fanatic and need both hands filled with delectables. No need to spend all your money at the fair on this treat and I caution you not to go in the frozen food aisle because you’ll be doing yourself a disservice. Try this Corn Dog recipe! It will surely have you feeling like you’re at the fair anytime of the year.

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Foodie Friday: Kebabs!

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If you’re anything like me, you’re on the brink of tears just knowing that Summer is about to be over. That means no more backyard parties for a while, no chilling in the pool or laying poolside all day long and definitely no short shorts and tanks which we all love so much. At this point school is right around the corner and you know there’s pretty much one thing left to do – end Summer ’16 with a BANG!


And there’s only one way to end Summer – and that is with the ultimate backyard bash complete with drinks (fountain drinks if you’re underage of course), friends, great music and of course, great food and all great Summer food comes from a grill!

And one of the most loved grilled foods of all time is undoubtedly, a kebab.

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Foodie Friday: HEALTHY & HOMEMADE Fast Food!

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If you’re a foodie like myself, sometimes you find yourself at a fast food drive thru especially if you’re on the go and need something quick. You may have a special relationship with a particular fast food chain and no matter how unhealthy it is, you can’t seem to stop eating there. Well today’s addition of Foodie Friday is all about getting that fast food taste but not having the calories or sense of regret to go along with it. Here’s five healthy recipes you can try at home.

The Holy Grail of any fast food place is their fries! I base my likeness to a fast food chain off their quality of French fries because most times, it’s the first thing I eat. McDonald’s arguably have the best French fries around but one medium serving of their fries is 378 calories!!!


Here’s a healthier option. These Baked French Fries are only 226 calories and are said to be so good, you don’t even need ketchup. However, if you need ketchup, try this homemade recipe which is only 16 calories.

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#FoodieFriday: Five Waffle Recipes You Should Try!

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In honor of National Waffle Day coming up, it’s only right if I present to you some new waffle recipes that are sure to turn some heads and be a hit! There’s more to waffles than plain syrup or fruit compote and I have the top five interesting waffle combination recipes that you should try to spice up your taste buds!


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#FoodieFriday: National Ice Cream Day Deals!


If you’re a foodie like myself, you more than likely have a sweet tooth. And what better time to indulge in sweetie goodness than this Sunday, July 17th, for National Ice Cream Day! We all scream for ice cream no matter the age. So below are 10 places where you can splurge on scoops of your favorite ice cream this weekend!

: Buy any size soft serve ice cream cone or cup and get a second for free at participating Carvel locations.
When: All day, July 17th.

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