Heaven In A Mason Jar! Topsy Rose Sweets is The Lemonade of Life!

topsy rose sweets

The best things in life may be free, but none of them are as good or sweet as Topsy Rose Sweets!

Topsy Rose Sweets is an amazing drink company that specializes in lemonade. No we are not talking about Beyonce, but we are sure Queen Bey would be a fan of these lemony drinks!

tawana and kanisha clyburn

Tawana and Kanisha Clyburn, owners of “Topsy Rose Sweets”

Founded by Tawana and Kanisha Clyburn, the company is named after the owners’ respective grandmothers, Topsy, Tawana’s grandmother’s nickname, and Rose, Kanisha’s grandmother’s actual name. “We came up with the name, Topsy Rose Sweets Inc. , because of Our Love for Our Maternal Grandmothers.”

strawberry mango topsy rose sweets lemonade

The company boasts a number of products, including Candy Coated Apples, Pears, Nectarines, Peaches Strawberries, and Plums. They also specialize in cake pops, Candy Coated Pretzels, Potato chips,  and much more. Topy Rose Sweets signature product, however, are their specialty lemonades made with (or without) premium liquors and come in twenty-five amazing flavors! We have tried three of the flavors; Strawberry Pineapple (a personal favorite), Caramel Apple, and Island Breeze. Needless to say we are in love! The lemonades are not only sweet, but smooth and come in old fashioned mason jars reminiscent of jars of moonshine good ol’ boys drink out of.

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[Event] Rapper, 2 Chainz (@2chainz), Opens Escobar ATL!

2 chainz and mychel snoop dillard

2 Chainz & Partner have a ‘Different’ reason to Celebrate!

On Wednesday December 7th the doors to Escobar Restaurant & Tapas were open for full operation. The night was epic as rapper 2 Chainz and business partner Mychel “Snoop” Dillard partied away with Atlanta locals in celebration.

Grammy nominated, 2 Chainz is an Atlanta native with a massive following. He received notable success after the release of his debut album Based on a T.R.U Story which included hits like, “No Lie,” “Birthday Song,” and “I’m Different.” Business partner Mychel “Snoop” Dillard (owner of The Hookah Hideaway) is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur who is well respected in Atlanta’s nightlife industry. Surely this joint business venture is a dynamic combination. With 2 Chainz’ celebrity and business partner’s expertise, Escobar will soon rank the top list of Atlanta’s hottest hookah bar & lounges.

Escobar Restaurant & Tapas

Escobar Restaurant & Tapas

Grand opening night was nothing short of entertaining as dozens of party goers came out in support. Positive vibes and reviews were floating around with comments like “great music” and “live crowd.” One local stated, “We’ve been here since 8:30 and plan to stay until close.” While another mentioned Escobar was giving various locations on Peters Street a run for their money.

Inside Escobar ATL

Inside Escobar ATL Lounge

Different from similar locations on Peters Street, Escobar Atlanta is where Buckhead meets Castleberry Hills. From its interior decor to the extensive selection of cocktails, choice wine and champagne– Escobar is the new “it” spot. Why go out to dinner first and party afterwards when you can do it all at once? Escobar has an impressive menu selection of tapas and entrees. This menu includes but is not limited to seafood linguini with rosemary cream sauce, herb roasted lamb chops, grilled ribeye and lobster tails. As if this isn’t enticing enough, grab ahold of their hookah menu. From fruit and starbuzz to signature flavors, there’s enough to go around! Whether you are looking for a night of fun or an immaculate lunch date, Escobar is where you want to be!

Find out what the hype is all about. It’s certainly worth paying a visit! Escobar is located at 327 Peters Street. For hours of operation, menu selection or more details visit www.escobaratlanta.com.




Foodie Friday: All Things Peppermint

peppermint candy hey mikey atl

Foodie Friday Highlights This Season’s It Flavor: Peppermint!

Welcome Back Foodies! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving break but it’s time to do away with those left overs and exchange your pumpkins for peppermints! Yes, tis the season to be winter fresh and in honor of National Peppermint Latte Day tomorrow, below we have multiple ways you can get your peppermint fix in!

Peppermint LattePeppermint Latte

Of course we must kick things off with something warm you can savor on these cold December days and nothing sounds better than a peppermint latte! For my Starbucks Foodies on a budget, I found the perfect recipe that you can try at home that taste very close to the real thing! So you save money but don’t have to skimp on the flavor!

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Foodie Friday: Dining Out For Thanksgiving 2016!

thanksgiving turkey dinner

Highlighting Where You Can Eat Out for Thanksgiving This Year

Happy Friday Foodies! As I’m sure you’re aware, Thanksgiving is less than a week away and everyone, self-proclaimed foodie or not, is ready to get their stomachs full and enjoy time with their friends and family. Though it’s tradition to cook homemade delectables during this holiday, not everyone has their feast at home.

CNN reported that according to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), about 15 million Americans eat out for the biggest meal of the year and that’s not including the additional four million people who opt for take out or our beloved fast food foodies who pig out at places such as KFC and McDonalds. In total, we’re looking at roughly 20 million or more Americans who don’t have Thanksgiving dinner at grandma’s house. So if you or someone you know is apart of that number and are unsure of where to go, below is a list of places open for business this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving plate at Rotisserie Georgette

Rôtisserie Georgette (NYC)

Price: $84, kids $40; On the menu: The three-course menu offers a selection of appetizers, including chestnut soup with black truffle croutons and a red and golden beet salad with crispy prosciutto and toasted hazelnuts. The roasted turkey entree is accompanied by sausage, sage and brioche stuffing, pommes purees with turkey jus and cranberry-orange compote; or, go non-traditional with a whole roasted branzino of beef prime rib. Sweets include a chocolate pot de creme and the restaurant’s special tarte tatin for two, with tangy creme fraiche.

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Foodie Friday: National Candy Day

national candy day poster

In Honor of National Candy Day, Foodies Must Celebrate

Today is National Candy Day foodies!!! Yes you thought binge eating on candy was over after Halloween but that’s not the case. Little foodie fun fact, did you know that the average American eats 25 pounds of candy a year, with half of that coming from chocolate bars alone!! Seeing how Halloween is over so you can get candy half price now is a cause for celebration anyhow so why not put those candy sales to good use and celebrate the holiday like a true sweet tooth foodie!!! In honor of National Candy Day, here are a few ways that you can celebrate the occassion!

  1. Buy Yourself That King Size Candy Bar

National Candy Day

Today is all about treating yourself! I know there comes a time where you’re at the check out line in Walmart and you look over to your left and see rows of King Size candy bars and you think to yourself, “I don’ t need this because it’s too much” and on most days, you’re absolutely right. But on this food holiday, you have a justified reason in buying that candy bar you’ve been eyeing. Why not! Go big or go home! My favorite chocolate candy bar is pictured above. I can’t resist a good Reese’s and since I’ve committed myself to have a healthier lifestyle, I’ve refrained from indulging but everyone needs a break whether it’s with a Kit Kat or a Snickers. So enjoy yourself with your favorite King Size candy.

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Event Recap: Char-Broil (@Charbroil) Pop-Up Event In Columbus, GA!

char-broil hey mikey atl

Like most people, my favorite activity of the summer season is pulling out the old trusty grill and grilling up some tasty treats. In order to obtain that perfect grill experience all year round, you have to have the right tools. Recently, Char-Broil held a pop-up event in Columbus, GA at 11th and Bay. The pop-up event was to showcase their Gas2Coal and Tru-Infrared grills as well as their Wi-Fi enabled smokers with Smartchef technology. Trust me when I say that these aren’t your daddy’s old grills. These grills and smokers will make any skill level a grill master.

cahr 1

Char-Broil has been a trusted name in outdoor cooking for many years and the brand is constantly evolving and growing with today’s market. The grills featured at the event were the Gas2Coal grills and the Tru-Infrared grills. The Gas2Coal grill is truly unique. It is a two in one grill that allows the griller to go from grilling with charcoal to gas with ease. The grill features a first ever charcoal tray that is patented. The patented tray eliminates the need for lighter fluid because it allows you to light the charcoal with the gas option all by pressing a button. The Tru-Infrared grills allow the griller to cook juicy meat that is evenly cooked. While the Wi-Fi enabled smokers let even the tech savvy become outdoor cooking experts. The Digital electric Smokers feature SmartChef technology and allows the smoker to be controlled through an app on your phone. The app can be used to receive real-time updates and it can be used to control the temp and duration of the smoker.

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Foodie Friday: Halloween Edition!


Happy Friday Foodies!!! The countdown for Halloween is in full affect and it’s only 10 days away! Since Halloween falls on a Monday this year, most people, like myself, will be celebrating the holiday next weekend with a party or a dinner. So for those who are trying to be the Host with the Most, I have Halloween appetizers, main dishes, drinks, and desserts that take hardly anytime to prepare and will be a treat for all your guys and ghouls!

First up, Appetizers! I figured since this particular holiday is filled with candy galore, you should try these healthy alternatives.

Ghost Fruit Kabobs


What a festive, yet healthy way to kick off a Halloween party with these Ghost Fruit Kabobs as appetizers! You can use any fruit of your choice but in this picture, there are strawberries and melons. For the marshmallows, all you need is a black food coloring marker to draw the ghost’s face and the rest is pretty straight forward. Be sure to cut up the fruit in bite size pieces, create a pattern, and follow from one in of the skewer to the next!

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