Emoji Queen No More! Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian) is DETHRONED!

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Kim Kardashian may be the reigning Queen of Reality Television thanks to the ever popular Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but that does not mean she is winning in every arena.

As you may know, Kim’s emojis, “Kimojis,” have been all the rave for over a year now with the reality star allegedly boasting the most popular celebrity emoji brand on the planet. Well new research and statistic are proving otherwise. The Emoji Queen has been officially dethroned!

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Apparently not only has Mrs. Kardashian-West been dethroned, there’s been a coup with a number of celebrities topping her in the emoji department. A survey was done and Kim is down on the list in that area of accolades. See below.

To definitively rank all the celebrity emoji apps out there, artsy emoji distribution and monetization platform MojiLaLa [www.mojilala.com] ran the 2017 Celebrimoji National Survey—a poll that asked 1,000 emoji users which celebrities’ emoji apps they would be most likely to use. Key findings include:

(survey of 1,000 Americans, conducted March 7, 2017)


#1: Ellen Degeneres (Ellen Emoji Exploji) (44%)

#2: Charlie Sheen (Sheenoji) (21%)

#3: Ariana Grande (Ari) (16%)

#4: Wiz Khalifa (Wizmoji) (15%)

#5: Steph Curry (StephMoji) (15%)

#6: Kim Kardashian (Kimoji) (14%)

#7: The Game (12%)

#8: Justin Bieber (Justmoji) (11%)

#9: Fetty Wap (9%)

#10: Fabulous (Young EmOGis) (9%)

#11: Rick Ross (9%)

#12: Amber Rose (MuvaMoji) (7%)

#13: Blac Chyna (Chymoji) (6%)
#1: Lady Gaga (29%)
#2: Taylor Swift (25%)
#3: Carrie Underwood (25%)
#4: Katy Perry (24%)
#5: Luke Bryan (24%)

80% of emoji users are self-proclaimed fans of celebrity emoji apps. While 57% say they like celebrity emoji apps but don’t actually use them, 23% love them and actively use them. Only 20% of Americans “think celebrity emoji apps are stupid.”

>>  SOURCE: 2017 MojiLaLa Celebrimoji Survey

kim kardashian

Even if Kim is no longer “Emoji royalty,” at the end of the day she is still THE Kardashian to be and see! We are sure she will drop another make up line or book of selfies to make up for this!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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How “On Demand” Media Is Making Entertainment Better for Everyone

 If you were to stop any 100 people walking down the street to ask them what they perceive as the most exciting thing to hit the world of entertainment, including new television shows, movies, Sky TV channel additions or literally anything they love about the world of entertainment in the 21st Century, chances are you will get at least 50% of those you poll saying they are thrilled to have on demand media. This is something that has evolved quite quickly in the scheme of things but is something that has transformed the way we view media in a radical way.

A Quick Trip through Time

Actually, the very beginning of this trend for streaming media probably can be traced back to two different sources. One would be YouTube with its millions of videos that have been uploaded which people can view at any time of the day or night and from literally any device that is connected to the Internet. The other type of on demand media that excited Internet users was the concept of a podcast which predated YouTube by about a year. YouTube was the brainchild of PayPal employees who wanted a video sharing site for the public to upload and share videos and it went live on February 14, 2005.

Podcasting began in 2004 and two men, Dave Winer and Adam Curry are credited with creating the podcast. However, it is uncertain who did what and when but it is for certain that these two guys were the creators of the podcast. We are only going back approximately 12 years but the speed at which the Internet is evolving makes those 12 very long years indeed. Having the ability to stream on-demand videos and live media has become the media delivery of choice and with the advent of smart devices, on demand media has literally taken over the world of entertainment.

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[VIDEO] Thanks to “Loving” Movie (@lovingthefilm)! Interracial Emojis Debut for The First Time Ever!

Interracial Emojis are the new addition to the commonly shared emoji images by social media users.

On October 4, Focus Features (Los Angeles, CA) made an announcement that the new LOVE-MOJI App has launched,  which will give users the chance to use interracial couple emojis for the first time ever.   The groundbreaking new app is inspired by Richard and Mildred Loving, a husband and wife who nearly fifty years ago showed us that love is stronger than hate and has the power to spark real change. In anticipation of Focus’s upcoming film about the couple, LOVING, users will be able to use this new keyboard extension on text and email, as well as platforms like Twitter and Facebook. While same-sex couples and individuals of different races have been represented as emoji’s in the past, interracial couples and families had not made their debut as emoji’s until now.


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#BossChick! Beyonce (@beyonce) Invests In New Mobile App Venture!

beyonce 2013 tour

“Black Bill Gates in the making..?” I think so! Queen Bey is adding another title to her list of many, many hats. The multifaceted singer is now a tech startup investor!


The superstar has invested $150,000, through her company Parkwood Entertainment, into SideStep – a new mobile application that makes it easier for concertgoers to purchase tour merchandise. Buying concert merchandise can be a big hassle; the lines are always super long and it is hard to get in and out without missing a part of the show. With SideStep, “you can now pre-order your stuff days before the show, from your seat at the concert, or after the night ends for VIP pickup or delivery to your doorstep.” And no, it’s not only for Beyonce’s concerts! The app has a list of shows going on at all different venues.

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In Tech News: Apple (@apple) Officially Takes the Wraps Off of the iPhone 7

Finally!!! The Apple IPhone 7 is here!… Well it’ll be here next week but anyways all of us #Team08APPLE9-master675Apple fans finally have a release date for the newest phone in the Apple dynasty. The iPhone 7 was the focal point of today’s Apple event in San Francisco and, depending on what exactly you were expecting, it didn’t disappoint.The most advanced iPhone ever; the new 7 and 7 Plus packs a bevy of new features into the familiar smartphone. As expected, the headphone jack has been ditched in favor of new Lightning-connected EarPods or completely wireless AirPods. The 7 also marks the first time an iPhone has been water- and dust-resistant and it’ll even have an improved battery life over its competition “hallelujah!”

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The Game (@thegame) Releases New Single, “All Eyez,” A Docuseries, & Set to Release Mobile Game

the game

Compton rapper The Game released a brand new summer jam entitled “All Eyez” yesterday. Produced by Scott Storch, The Game reflects, spit game and serenades his lady with the help of R&B singer Jeremih. “All Eyez” is the lead single from The Game’s forthcoming album 1992 due out later this year via Entertainment One Music/Fifth Amendment/Blood Money.

Recently, A&E premiered The Game’s 3-part docuseries Streets of Compton that documented the city’s progressive history and featured exclusive interviews from past and current Compton natives who persevered and survived with pride. The 11-track musical companion is marinated with West Coast funk and features Compton artists Problem, Boogie and producers League of Stars and Bongo among others. Billboard Magazine praised the new docuseries as “A Perfect Straight Outta Compton Companion Piece.”

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The #FlightLife App (@FlightLifeApp)! Making Everyone A World Traveler!

I don’t know about you, but traveling is one of my favorite past times! Exotic locales, amazing food, new people, and new experiences make are always on the upside when you’re seeing the world. Still, if you are a Milennial then you know it can be quite expensive to get away. Well since there is an app for everything we are not surprised there’s an app to help you accomplish the vacation of your dreams–with some affordability. Enter Flight Life! Flight Life is an app that allows users to discover the most affordable flight deals and glitch fares to their dream destinations with ease. As a flight attendant,  and twenty-something travel enthusiast, Lisa Mothersille developed the app to encourage those outside of the travel industry to become world travelers.  “While working as a Flight Attendant, I was able to see the world and I want everyone else to do so as well.” 

It is available as a free app to both iPhone and Android users. Flight Life compares millions of flights from the user’s home airport, to deliver the top travel deals daily and encourage more spontaneous travel.   The app offers fast and most importantly, secure booking. Users can also peruse flight deals from surrounding airports, including both one-way and round trip fares.


To further support her mission, Lisa has also pledged to donate one travel package to a deserving U.S.-based family each year courtesy of Flight Life.   As one of the fastest growing and most trusted new apps, people of all ages can now pay less, travel more and enjoy the #FlightLife. (Currently downloading!)