Being Mary Jane (@beingmaryjane)- “Sex In The City”

Season 4 of Being Mary Jane begins with our girl in a new city, a new job, and a complicated love life!

Mary Jane  (MJ) arrives at a restaurant to meet with a matchmaker, feeling a professional may be able to find her the husband she desires. The matchmaker, however, does not feel like MJ should be trying to date after such a big move from Atlanta to New York City, and should try her again in three to four months. MJ insists she is ready for love and to date so the matchmaker reconsiders. Later, MJ meets with Cara for a drink at a club. There, they scope out the scene and men. One, who realizes who she is, approaches her but she turns him down. Cara tries to get her to talk to him,  but she tells her she is looking for a one night stand with a guy because the next day her contract with the matchmaker kicks in and she has to be celibate.

gabrielle union

Cara, however, spots a younger guy checking her out and after a little prompting from MJ leaves the club with the guy. MJ spots a guy checking her out and decides to talk to him. They begin to flirt, but she does not tell him her name. He calls himself “London,” (Chike Okonkwo) and she invites him back to her hotel room. There, she tries to play coy, but calls Cara when she gets nervous about randomly hooking up with London. Cara does not answer, so she decides to go through with it. They begin to get hot and heavy, but he senses she does not want to. He stops and tells her he only wants to do what she wants to do. She tells him to tell her he loves her–and he does. They have sex. The next morning Mary Jane starts her new job as a correspondent for Good Day USA. She immediately becomes nervous, recalling she was forced to resign by SNC due to her tirade against the police after Neicey was attacked. Cara tells her now is the time for new beginnings for both of them and encourages her to move forward. MJ perks up and goes outside to liven up the crowd.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Waiting For Candace”

tika sumpter

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots began with Veronica chasing Katheryn through her house with a knife!

Their fight ends up on the stairs where Veronica manages to wrestle the knife and cuts her on the arm. She then kicks her down the stairs and knocking her unconscious. Meanwhile, Jeffrey tries to keep Wyatt from leaving the hospital, fearing for his health. Wyatt tells him that he is only doing that because he is love with him. Jeffrey tells him he still loves him, but values him as a friend. Wyatt begs him to get him out of the hospital and to the apartment he bought that no one knows about. He also admits he is an addict without prompting. At Benny’s house he finds himself frustrated, but trusting Candace will come through for him. Hanna warns him against getting his hopes up about her, but he admonishes her for never trusting Candace. Hanna tells him the plan she has to keep a roof over their head, but he still has faith in his sister.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “A Cup Of Tea”

the haves and the have nots

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots are back and hotter than ever!

The Ice Queen, Veronica, is mortified after witnessing Katheryn murder the District Attorney in front of her and then demands Veronica get her cleared of the charges. Veronica, however, is frozen with fear, and when Katheryn leaves the room tries to leave the house. She soon discovers all of the doors are locked–even in the kitchen! There, Katheryn tells her to have a seat, but she refuses, preferring to stand. She looks on as Katheryn calmly puts on water for tea.

tika sumpter

At Jim and David’s office Candice attacks Brandon with a metal pipe, beating him repeatedly and hitting him in the groin, demanding to know where her money is. He tells her it is gone and reveals he works in asset recovery. He tells her he can help her score a deal where she will get dozens of millions of dollars, but he needs time. She demands he give her two million right away, desperate to save Benny’s business and their homes. He manages to wrestle the pipe from her and tells her he will promises to get her what she needs. Meanwhile Jeffrey reveals to Justin that Quincy’s body is buried in Candice’s backyard!

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Star (@StarOnFox)- “Pilot”

star on fox
(l-r) Brittany O'Grady (Simone), Jude Demorest (Star), and Alexandra (Ryan Destiny)

A star was born. The first episode of Lee Daniels’ new musical drama aired last night. Many thought that “Star” would pretty much be a carbon copy of “Empire”. When it comes to the original sounds that will probably turn into a soundtrack their probably right. Other than that this new show can hold its own. The first episode was filled with murder, runaways, and strip joints. If you missed it, don’t worry I have your full recap right here.

The show opened with a voice-over from Queen Latifah giving us a little background story about the main character Star Davis. “Ever since Star was little, she believed her name was who she was,” she says. “But I told her fame was a trip — it ain’t love like a lot of people think. But she wouldn’t listen. Star don’t listen to nobody but herself.”
Star has been in and out of Foster care system since she was a little child. We find her in Pittsburgh with yet another Foster care family who treats her like a stepchild forcing her to wash dishes.

Fortunately for Star, she befriends a Manhattan socialite via social media. Star’s new friend, Alexandra Crane, is not very truthful with her new friend. She doesn’t tell Star that her dad is a major recording artist. Star and Alexandra have made a bond over their drive for wanting to be famous. With Star’s voice and Alexandra’s ability to write music, the two think that they can accomplish anything. There’s just one problem…they need to be in the same city. Star vows when she turns 18 she will get her sister out of foster care and then they can work on their music careers. Well, her plans get a little jump start when Star decides that she has had enough of the foster care world and jumps ship.

Star Finds Her Family

Cast of Lee Daniels' StarStar finds out where her sister’s foster family is located and heads there to rescue her sister. Upon arrival, Star walks in on her sister being sexually assaulted by her foster dad. Star goes downstairs to retrieve a knife and comes back to stab her sister’s attacker. Star and her sister, Simone, flee the scene in the foster dad’s car. The two head out to New York to pick up Alexandra. On their way to New York, Star asks her sister if she still sings. Simone said yes and Star fills her in on her plans for their future. Star tells Simone how the music scene in Atlanta is jumping off and that’s the place they need to be. Star also tells her sister about a woman named Carlotta Brown who says she is their Godmother and has been trying to find them for the last 10 years. During this time we are taken through some flashbacks and we find out that their mom had an issue with drugs. The girl’s mom apparently died of an overdose which left the girls to fend for themselves in the foster care system.

The girls pick up Alexandra from New York and Star fills her in on the plan. At first, Alexandra was against it but eventually she is on board. Once the girls make it to Atlanta they set out to find Ms. Brown. They end up going to her beauty salon with is also her house and they get a not so nice welcome. Star gets into a verbal altercation with Carlotta’s daughter and one of the stylists at the salon. Things calm down and they finally tell Star that she can find Carlotta at the church.  As soon as Carlotta lays eyes on the girls she immediately knows who they are and embraces them. The girls asked to live with Carlotta and she agrees but tells them that they have to work in exchange for their stay. Everyone agrees but Alexandra who has now shown herself to be a tad bogey.
Alexandra books the girls their first gig at a dive bar for amateur night.

The First Performance

Cast of Lee daniels' StarThe trio was fabulous but was disappointed because there was no music label personnel in the audience to see them. Carlotta’s daughter, Cotton, has been following them and saw their performance. Cotton tells the girls that if they really want a manager they need to go with her to the strip club. Alex says no way and quickly dismisses the thought. Star, on the other hand, is all for it but says that she will not strip. Cotton tells her that she will put her in the champagne room and that she could do whatever she wanted in there. Alex doesn’t want any part of it and she returns to Carlotta’s house without the girls.
At the strip club, Star indeed meets a manager that she puts on a show for.

He is so impressed with her singing that he books her for a gig at a party for the next day. After Star leaves the club she finds Cotton in a back alley being attacked by some strange man. This is when we find out that Ms. Brown’s daughter was actually born as Ms. Brown’s son.

The next morning Carlotta wants to talk about the girls going out. She notices that her daughter has a black eye and she goes off. She didn’t want the girls to be in the club with her. The situation gets defused once they tell Carlotta that the girls found a manager. Once Carlotta finds out that their manager is Jahil Rivera, the look on her face show that there is some bad history there.

Actress Queen LatifahCarlotta pays a visit to Mr. Rivera. She basically warns him to stay away from the girls. This is when we learn the history between Rivera and Carlotta. It turns out that Carlotta was in a singing group with Star and Simone’s mother, Mary. Rivera was their manager and apparently sacrificed a lot to try make the group successful. Rivera tells Carlotta that he will not let her ruin his chances to be successful again.

The day of the party arrives and the girl’s performance is killer. They rocked the crowd and Rivera realizes that he has a group that will take him to the top. Then we cut back to Pittsburgh at the hospital. The foster dad that Star and Simone left for dead woke up in his hospital bed surrounded by police. The police ask him if he knew of anyone who wanted to hurt him.

So, we will have to wait until the next episode to see how this plays out.

Written By: Ronda Brooks

ronda brooks

Married To Medicine- “The Father, The Son, and Heavenly’s Spirit”

Dr. Heavenly tries to change her ways; Dr. Simone’s father is still m.i.a., and Lisa Nicole wants to be her husband’s best friend. That’s pretty much what happened in last night’s episode of “Married To Medicine”. If you missed it, don’t worry I have your full recap right here.

QuadThe show began with Quad, Dr. Jackie, and Dr. Simone preparing for their road trip to Nashville. Before the trio hits the road, Simone and Jackie thought it would be fun to play a little April Fool’s prank on Quad. The ladies tell Quad that they are going to pick up Mariah to help them in their search for Simone’s father. Quad’s facial expression changes drastically revealing her disgust. Quad decides to be a team player and agrees to pick up Mariah. Jackie and Simone quickly tell Quad that it was just a joke.

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Empire (@EmpireFOX)- “Chimes At Midnight”

trai byers

Empire begins with Angelo arriving to see Cookie for a morning date. She has to cancel, however, due to a crisis Tiana is having. Angelo continues to try and get frisky with her. Again, wanting to take their relationship to the next level, but she turns him down not wanting to let their first time be while he is campaigning for mayor. Just as he leaves for work, she sends him a nude selfie. Surprisingly, her phone begins to play Tiana’s single. When she clicks it, it becomes a corpse version of her. Meanwhile, Anika sings to Bella trying to calm her. Lucious, instead plays her a lullaby from his tablet. He tells Anika he is arranging for her to become the new head of A&R for Shine’s label. Suddenly, Tiana’s single begins to play on his tablet and when he tries to stop it, a message appears revealing he has been hacked. At Empire, all the Lyons soon real they have been hacked. The hacker demands one million dollars be wired to offshore account or things would get much worst. Andre brings in a tech expert to combat the hacker. Lucious demands and threatens the man to stop the hacker by day’s end. Meanwhile Jamal works on new music with D. Major, but is suffering from withdrawal from not taking his pain medication. Hakeem and Nessa record new music, the former continues to try and win her over from Andre.

taraji p. henson

The Board calls a meeting, suggesting they give into the hacker’s demands. Lucious, Cookie, and Andre are against it with th latter revealing some evidence of money laundering has come to light. Andre reveals Vernon would use company funds to pay for prostitutes, but that he helped him cover it up. One of the board members expect Andre to resign for his culpability but he reveals that two other members of the board have also been paying for sex with company funds. They all agree to follow The Lyons’ lead. Cookie goes to calm Tiana down after Graham makes a mean video degrading her and their sex life. Soon, however, things get much worst as employee emails are leaked and Tarik arrives with the FBI in tow. They have all the employees turn in their old phones and get new ones, but the hacker soon posts Cookie’s nude picture for everyone to see!

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Empire (@EmpireFOX)- “One Before Another”

the lyon brothers empire

Empire returns from its hiatus with Shine ready to go to war with The Lyons for their attack. He and a few of his hit men load up guns and head to Jamal’s apartment to take out Andre. There, they bind and gag the doorman, and Shine confronts Andre in the kitchen. He pulls the trigger on his pistol but it jams, sparing Andre’s life! He then uses another gun but Nessa manages to hit his hand and save Andre yet again. Shine sees her in Andre’s shirt and realizes they have been having sex. She begs him not to kill Andre and be sent to prison as he is her brother and the only person she has left. Shine makes her leave with his men and tells Andre he does not do dirty business in front of her, but promises he is coming after him and Lucious. Elsewhere, Cookie and Angelo meet for coffee and go for a walk. They discuss her parole status; and he flirts with her, hinting that it’s time for them to have sex. Cookie playfully tells him he is going to have to work harder to get that from her. Their conversation is interrupted when Lucious’ men come to take her away for her own safety. Meanwhile, Lucious has an armored truck and gunmen guard Anika, Bella, and himself while they attend a doctor’s appointment.

Still later, Lucious meets with his family at Empire and tells them what is going on with Shine.

Jamal wants nothing to do with their beef, and Hakeem tells them he is making his best music with Shine. Everyone feels they should change the Empire Extreme live concert due to the circumstances, but Lucious insists all they stick to business. Andre moves in with Lucious. Cookie, tells them to follow their father’s lead and then leaves for a meeting with her parole officer.

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