[VIDEOS] Tripp Ali (@iAmTrippAli) to Star in New Tyson Anthony (@authortysona) Series, “Honest Men!”

Tyson Anthony is still the man and in 2017 he definitely seems set on proving it. The About Him creator has really been pushing the envelope with his latest web series, Ellenwood, and continues to do so with two others, The Jadaburg’s Water Crisis and Honest Men, yet to debut. However, it is Honest Men that figuratively has us “Trippin'”–yes, pun intended–as Tripp Ali  is starring in it!

Yep, you read right the Tex Brown star has headed over to TYSONPlus (Tyson Anthony’s very own network) for his latest role. Check out a teaser trailer recently released below:

@iamtrippali in "Honest Men" Coming Fall 2017 to www.TysonPlus.com

A post shared by Author Tyson Anthony (@authortysoninsta) on

The teaser does not tell us what the series is about at all, but if Tripp is involved you can be sure it will be edgy and most likely gritty. We have yet to see him play any other type of role. As you recall, even in About Him he was very in your face and no nonsense.

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[TRAILER] In Case You Missed It! Check Out “Twisted,” Written & Directed By About Him’s Rahim Brazil (@rahimbrazil)!

twisted web series logo rahim brazil

This life we live is all about growth and for one web star that is happening exponentially! We all know Rahim Brazil as one of the actors and resident hotties of About Him: Freshman Year, but as we have mentioned in a previous interview the man has a knack for being talented at just about anything. Well now, the web star has donned two new hats–director and showrunner–with a brand new series he also wrote himself, Twisted!

Twisted is not only the brainchild of Rahim Brazil, but is now a highly anticipated web series set to debut this fall on DreamHouseTV! Check out the extended trailer Rahim’s production company, Big Dreams Productions, recently released below!

Rahim, Rahim, you can truly do anything! This trailer is nothing short of awesome. It is definitely riveting and keeps you in suspense. Most importantly, it makes us want to see more–a lot more! We see a number of new faces and a few familiar ones in 7th & Love stars, Martel Star and D.J. Gibson, and About Him Season 2: The Revolution and Raising Eli’s Chris June (that boy stays BOOKED!)

We were able to get a behind the scenes peek at the show and we have to tell you that these actors are WORKING. Each of them are talented and are bringing their A-game on set. We are definitely giving this our stamp approval before it debuts–and not because we love ourselves a good web series–but because we love a great one. We feel that even though this is Rahim’s directorial debut he will knock it out the park. You heard it here first, Twisted will leave you squirming for more!

Congratulations to Rahim and his amazing cast! We will be tuning. All you make sure you do too! Happy viewing!

Check out a few behind the scenes photos below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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“Blackville!” Chris June & Rico Pruitt to Star in New Bawn TV (@BawnTV) Project!

chris june and rico pruitt nude blackville

The number of Web Series continues to BOOM! It is hard to believe that just over a year ago About Him started what would become one of the fastest growing genres in entertainment today. Bawn TV continues to make its stake in the genre with newer series like Cheetah In August, About Him: Freshman Year, and soon, District, starring reality television maven, Tami Roman.

This fall however, things continue to heat up for the network with their latest announced series, Blackville, starring Web Stars, Chris June (About Him season 2: The Revolution, raising eli) and Rico Pruitt (About Him, About Justin, L.I.T.)!

According to a log line from Bawn TV the series centers on the son of a preacher who finds himself in turmoil wrestling with his religious beliefs and upbringing or the freedom of self-expression. The first episode, tentatively titled, “Sermon 1 (Luke 15:11-32: The Prodigal Son) will center on the Blackville family being in shock as their eldest son, “Cameron,” returns home. Meanwhile, the church is trying to remove the Pastor, “Jeffery Blackville,” for misusing church finances. Chris June and Rico Pruitt will play Cameron and Caleb Blackville, respectively.

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[TRAILER] In Case You Missed It! Check Out Tami Roman (@TamiRoman) & Brandon Anthony (@brandonanthony_) in “District!”

brandon anthony in district

Bawn TV is back with new content, fresh faces, and a familiar star–Tami Roman!


tami roman in district

District centers on Miller (Brandon Anthony) a man coming into his own as he struggles with his sexuality and life on the streets. His mother, Tasha (Tami Roman) struggles to deal with how his life has spiraled out of control while she has been incarcerated. It is a moving story of love, sexuality, family, all surrounded by the grit and dangers of the street life. Bawn TV recently released an official trailer for the series. Check it out below!

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Love in The ‘Hood! We Love Tyson Anthony’s Newest Web Series, “Ellenwood!”

tyson anthony's ellenwood tv

Tyson Anthony continues to show his genius, telling stories and introducing characters you cannot help but love.

We loved ourselves some Pharm boys, got it in with Entercourse and came of age by Raising Eli; now we are heading to the hood to learn what’ s really good in Ellenwood!

Ellenwood centers on two close brothers, James (Kriss Jones) and Rockwell/Rock (Devon Toran). James has just graduated from college and struggles to find a job while Rock is preparing to go into the army. Both brothers are forced to deal with their overbearing father who is also a cop–not a popular career choice in Ellenwood! The brothers finally find some relief when their old friend, Sinclaire/Sin (Jalen Boyette) returns from  a two year stint in prison and throws a party.  James just wants to have fun, but he is determined to keep Rock safe and away from gossip. Meanwhile Sin reacquaints himself with Rock in an aggressive, but awkward way. The party results in a budding romance, even more questions about their uncertain futures, and sets the stage for a story that none of us will ever forget.

Tyson dropped the first two episodes on TysonPlus.com, and we have to say the series is his best and hottest work to date! The series is chalked full of new faces and we are happy to see all of them, in particular, Devon Toran, Justen Ruff, and Kriss Jones. This cast is hands down mouthwatering and the acting is on point. You can tell tis is not going to be your typical web series as the story lines just are not LGBT. Diversity is a great look and we are more than happy to begin our exploration of Ellenwood. Check back here for more updates on the series and of course interviews with the cast! Happy viewing!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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[TRAILER] Can You Feel It? A New Web Series, “7th & Love,” Is In The Air!

7th & love web series promo poster

Web Series really are the newest wave of entertainment and seem to be popping up everywhere. Shows like About Him and Raising Eli have upped the ante on the genre and sparked the proliferation of a number of new web series that seem to be captivating people by word of mouth and buzz. One of these latest upstarts is none other than 7th & Love!

7th & love web series cast

Cast of “7th & Love;” (l-r) Nyjal Blair, DJ Funnyman, Maia Kavchak, India Jones, Martel Star, and Rahjiv Staten

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[VIDEO] In Case You Missed It! Kash Dinero (@Kash_Dinero100) Covers Song for “About Him: The Revolution!”

kash dinero

Signal 23 TV is definitely full of surprises! No we are not talking about the departure of a Web Star or a new series.

We are, however, talking about Kash Dinero covering Tevin Campbell’s song, “Tell Me What You Want Me To Do” in Episode 7 of About Him Season 2: The Revolution!

 Signal 23 TV posted an exclusive snippet of the song via their Instagram and we have to say we are smitten. Check it out below:

You can see the full video in Episode 7 of About Him: The Revolution. Kash’s cover of such a classic song comes as a surprise not because of the song choice, but because none of us knew he could sing. We are very familiar with the singer’s background (and we are still swooning) and are thrilled he can add this to his “body of work”–we mean repertoire! Dinero is a great singer and we hope to hear more music from him, even some original tracks. This song choice however is just perfect. Dustin (Gary Lavard) and Armani (Chris June) are definitely the super couple of web series in general right now and their love story has the potential to be as deep or legendary as any two star-crossed lovers lining the walls of fictional history.

kash dinero

What do you guys think of Kash’s song. We definitely would not mind a soundtrack of original music from this season of About Him (HINT, HINT) and are really loving how this season is progressing. The story lines, cast, and more importantly the activism of this series is nothing short of impressive. Kash Dinero drop us a line for an interview, we are definitely ready to get close and personal!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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