X-Men Movie Spin-Off, “New Mutants,” Reveals Film’s Line Up!

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The X-Men are undoubtedly one of the greatest superhero teams in existence, and easily the most relatable. Defending a world that both fears and hates you is no easy task! Interestingly, most people do not know the team has birthed a number of splinter teams, one of the most popular being the New Mutants! This team was formed when Professor X decided to take on new students after the original X-Men (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman, and Angel)  grew up and departed. Unlike, the older X-Men, Magneto served as their teacher for a time in the Professor’s absence, taking on enemies that were in many cases more deadly or powerful than the original X-Men had ever encountered.

new mutants hey mikey atl


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[AUDIO] #CelebrityBeef? Future (@1future) Calls Diddy (@iamdiddy) an “Old Ass Bitch!”


It looks like Future’s mouth might have have vomited a new celebrity beef for the popular rapper. No, we are not talking about any of his feud’s with ex-fiancee, Ciara, or her new husband, Russell Wilson. This time around Future’s comments have been awarded to Sean “Diddy” Combs! Apparently, the Atlanta rapper is not here for the Bad Boy mogul at all and thanks to Fameolous and Entertainment for Breakfast has the audio to prove it. It’s actually pretty funny! Listen below:

We really want to know who recorded this? We swear when you are famous everyone around you is a link to the media and paparazzi! Now, the audio does not really reveal that Future is one that is speaking, but we would recognize that raspy, unintelligible voice anywhere. We wonder what wrong between these two? We know Diddy has rubbed a number of artists the wrong way, and that Future can be excessively foolish and reckless with his words; but calling Diddy, the inventor of “Bitchassness,” an “Old Bitch” is true poetic justice!


What do you guys think? Is this the beginning of a new celebrity beef or should “Future” apologize? Sound off in the comments section below!

“He’s Not My Type” – Why you SHOULD Date A Person Who’s Not Your ‘Type’

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We all have this little list of standards and qualities of what it is we want in a mate and ideally, that’s what makes up our “type”. For some women, it can be a man who’s tall, dark and muscular and for some guys, it can be a woman with fire engine red hair, a nice set of breasts and a J.Lo booty to round it all out. And that’s good. By all means, you have a right to like whatever it is that you like but have you ever thought that after several bad dates and three failed relationships maybe your type is just a bit… wrong? Don’t trip, we all do. We get so wrapped up in finding someone who fits the bill that we treat the dating process more like an auction instead of the interview of a lifetime. Opposites truly do attract and today, I’m going to tell you why it’s okay to date someone who is not your type.

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After a while of dating only people who fit your ‘type’ criteria, the dating game gets eerily familiar. You wind up being attracted to some of the same television shows, musics, foods and things of that nature but dating someone who’s not your type means you can broaden your outlook on a host of different things. Dating someone who doesn’t fit the bill means you will get to learn brand new cultures, hobbies, and will probably discover a whole new approach to life, too! That thai place you wanted to go to dinner at but couldn’t because your ex was really into Italian food, just so happens to be your new interests favorite spot!

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#TurnUp! Lil Yachty (@lilyachty) Celebrates 19th Birthday w/ Family & Friends in Atlanta!

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Atlanta rapper, Lil Yachty, celebrated his 19th birthday with what was supposed to be a surprise party at Cici’s Pizza in Decatur, Georgia yesterday.


All of Cici’s Pizza was decked out in sailboat balloons and decorations as Lil Yachty’s closest family and friends all came together to celebrate. Even though he ended up finding about the surprise party before hand, he told Kontrol he felt good and loved to have everyone there.

He also expressed his gratitude for the pizza party via Twitter, where he tweeted, “I just had a party at CiCi’s Pizza Damn I Love My Life I Never Wanna Grow Up.”

In June the 19-year-old rapper signed with Quality Control music label, so it came to no surprise that friends from the label as well as the Chief Operations Officer ‘Coach K’ were present for the party.


The celebration did not stop there. Lil Yachty dropped some new music AND performed live in concert in celebration of his special day! He released a Birthday Mix with 4-5 new songs on his website http://www.LilYachty.com, and performed later that night at Center Stage in Atlanta. During the show, Lil Yachty brought out Lil B, Offset from Migos, Lil Uzi Vert and D.R.A.M, who recently collaborated with Lil Yachty on the popular song ‘Broccoli’.

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Marvel’s Riri Williams Has a New Superheroine Name– Meet Ironheart!

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What a perfect name for the perfect girl!

Just last month we brought you the amazing news of Marvel‘s Tony Stark aka Iron Man stepping down from his role and bestowing the job to a much younger and different prodigy and her name is Riri Williams, a 15-year old African-American girl who is a science genius. And to go with her new job, Riri has received a new name – she will be known as Ironheart.

Riri Williams

Writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed in an interview that he and his editors went back and forth on the name decision.

“Iron Woman seemed old fashioned to some. Iron Maiden looked like a legal nightmare. And Ironheart, coined by Joe Quesada, after I told him my planned story for Riri, speaks not only to the soul of the character but to the Iron Man franchise as a whole. Tony first put on the armor to save his heart. Riri puts it on for different reasons altogether but still heart-related. When people see her story, you’ll be amazed at how simple and brilliant Joe’s suggestion was.”




Riri Williams, who enrolled at MIT at just 15, reverse-engineered a suit of power armor in her dorm room—but that doesn’t mean Tony Stark won’t be part of the Iron Man ethos: Riri’s in-armor A.I. will based on Tony’s own personality. “Regardless of where he might be physically,” says Tom Breevort, who’s editing the series, “he’ll be soaring along with her spiritually.” How dope is that!

I am so excited and anxious for the first book to drop. It’s about time the Marvel Universe got behind a project like this one. Riri Williams is already an inspiration and role model to little girls who look just like her and all we’ve got as of right now is a basic premise and a photo. I for one am thrilled that we are living in a time where we finally get an African-American superheroine.


Are you as excited as I am for Riri Williams’ debut?

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

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#CelebrityCrush- Margot Robbie (@MargotRobbie)


The last couple of years have definitely be stellar for our cinematic Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie! This bad ass woman is one bad ass actress and we could not be happier for her! Margot first came to our attention last year in Focus as a con woman working alongside her even more cunning partner played by Will Smith. The two actors had some amazing chemistry, despite the reviews to the film, perhaps that is why they were tapped to be Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn and Deadshot, two deadly villains forced to take on suicidal missions to save the world!


Last night we had the pleasure of seeing Margot as the infamous Harley Quinn a former psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who has become one of Batman’s craziest enemies, and The Joker’s girlfriend (We guess it is true that there really is someone for everyone). Needless to Ms. Robbie was nothing short of amazing. She completely embodied the role of Harley and took her craziness up a notch. Besides that, the girl’s modern version of her costume will make your mouth water!


Yes! We are not going to be coy by lying about her body. She has an amazing woman and she is not scared to show it off in the tiniest shorts, tank top, and body makeup! Oh, and let’s not forget the girl has legs for days that have all sorts of useful tricks, but were mostly used to kick supernatural and magical ass in Suicide Squad. There were two other babes in the film, Enchantress (Cara Delvingne) and Katana (Karen Fukuhara), but them nor their characters hold a candle to Margot!

Be sure you catch Margot in Suicide Squad in a theater near you this Friday! Trust us when we tell you that you will leave the theater wishing you her “Puddin’!”

Letoya Luckett (@LetoyaLuckett) is One of The “Single Ladies!” Singer & Husband, Rob Hill Sr. (@RobHillSr), Divorce After Two Months of “Marriage!”


This is definitely not the time for celebrity couples to drift off into “Happily Ever After!” It seems like these surprise divorces are coming out of the works daily now. Well singer/actress, Letoya Luckett and relationship expert, Rob Hill Sr., are joining Mary J. Blige, Kendu Isaacs, Ed Hartwell, and Keshia Knight Pulliam in Splitsville as they have filed for divorce after being married for a whopping two months!

This all comes as shocker to most, especially since no one knew they were married. Just last month, Letoya announced they were ending their engagement and now we learn divorce papers have been filed!


“We have a beautiful relationship. We’re not getting married at this point because we understand each other as friends, the right way. There are certain things she needs to do for herself, and there are certain things I need to do,” she said.

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