[VIDEO] 12/26/2016- “Take A Moment”


Hey Mikey,

My girl broke up with me on Christmas. She says my temper is too much for her. I have never put my hand on her or any woman and I never would. I just like things a certain way. I was going to propose to her on Christmas Eve. I had the restaurant, music, ring, and was ready for everything. I even spoke the manager of the restaurant telling him how everything had to go right. He assured me it would.

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First, they could not find our reservations when we got there, then they got her order messed up. When I confronted the waiter about it my girl got mad with me and told me to calm down. Since I’m paying for all this shit I figure she should have what she wanted and demanded to speak to the manager. By then my girl was ready to go. I got pissed and knocked my plate off the table. I apologized but she stormed out and then came over this morning with my stuff. I told her she was being spineless and overreacting. She told me we were threw. I’ve been going over this in my head all day. I don’t wanna break up. How do I win her back? She won’t speak to me.

-How Did This Happen?

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11/6/2016- [VIDEO] A #PSA For All My Riders, Baby Mamas, & Down Ass Chicks!”

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Hey Mikey,

I consider myself a pretty loyal girlfriend. I cook, clean, pay bills, and another four letter word I’d rather not type. My boyfriend is a really talented music producer and recently he has caught the attention of a number of Atlanta artists including T.I., Future, Lil Yachty, and Ludacris. I definitely have not minded supporting him as he produced, but now he is talking about becoming an artist and just told me today a record label is interested in him. Now I have a problem…I don’t want him becoming one! His profile will be elevated and labels never want their artists in relationships. I gave four years of my life up for him! How do I tell him I’m not happy about this?

-Don’t Want Him Brand New

***Don’t Want Him Brand New, I love your pen name! I am definitely a Jazmine Sullivan fan! Now, getting to the task at hand; let this serve as a PSA to all Riders, Down Ass Chicks, and Baby Mamas. Love is selfless, and this is not about you! Your man has an amazing opportunity and he should definitely explore it. I agree you two should talk, but not about your happiness with the situation, but your concerns. Be completely open and honest with him. There is no reason your relationship cannot survive this and elevate to your desired level of contentment. Don’t you start acting “Brand New!” After all the label can’t break you up, that’s all on the two of you.

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9/27/2016- [VIDEO] “Rose Quartz”


Hey Mikey,

My fiance and I are at odds big time right now. Recently she found out that she is pregnant. Although that would normally be a happy time for most couples; it could mean the end for us since the pregnancy is life threatening. I’ve had to deal with death all my life–friends, cousins, teammates–I don’t wanna lose her too. I spent all of middle school, high school, and college trying to win her over and now she finally loves me and wants to be my wife. She is intent on carrying the baby to term. I swear if i lose her I really don’t see how I could love this kid. What’s your advice?

-Not Doing The Single Dad Thing

***Not Doing The Single Dad Thing, my advice to you is to live in the moment. A new life is in the works and that is cause to rejoice! This pregnancy is currently life threatening, not life ending and your fiancee needs your support.  Can you imagine how things would be between you two if you don’t and this turns out to be a perfectly normal, trouble free pregnancy and you fought her every step of the way? Every mother knows the risks of giving birth; and that through the pain and labor, miracles are born. Get on board with this, either way your she and/or your son are going to need your strength and positivity, and never your resentment!

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9/12/2016- “SHE Can Be His Knight!”

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Hey Mikey,

My daughter is an amazingly strong woman. She is a black belt in karate, an ex-Marine, and now a police officer. Her fiance, however, is some scrawny ass IT Tech. He can barely walk up a hill without being winded. In fact he’s not really good at any physical activities. When we talk about violent situations, he spouts nonsense about him being a “conscientious objector.” I’ve told my daughter about my feelings, but she insists she wants to marry him still, saying she can protect the both of them well enough. I can’t in good conscience hand my daughter over to a man who cannot physically protect her. What should I do?

***Congratulations on raising a superhero! It sounds like your daughter can handle herself pretty well. Besides that she is an adult and I believe she knows what she can and cannot deal with. I understand you may be trying to protect her, but in 2016 women are just as capable as any man to protect and defend themselves–your daughter more so! Her wedding day should be the happiest day of her life, please don’t ruin it with archaic notions of gender roles. She can be his Knight!

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“He’s Not My Type” – Why you SHOULD Date A Person Who’s Not Your ‘Type’

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We all have this little list of standards and qualities of what it is we want in a mate and ideally, that’s what makes up our “type”. For some women, it can be a man who’s tall, dark and muscular and for some guys, it can be a woman with fire engine red hair, a nice set of breasts and a J.Lo booty to round it all out. And that’s good. By all means, you have a right to like whatever it is that you like but have you ever thought that after several bad dates and three failed relationships maybe your type is just a bit… wrong? Don’t trip, we all do. We get so wrapped up in finding someone who fits the bill that we treat the dating process more like an auction instead of the interview of a lifetime. Opposites truly do attract and today, I’m going to tell you why it’s okay to date someone who is not your type.

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After a while of dating only people who fit your ‘type’ criteria, the dating game gets eerily familiar. You wind up being attracted to some of the same television shows, musics, foods and things of that nature but dating someone who’s not your type means you can broaden your outlook on a host of different things. Dating someone who doesn’t fit the bill means you will get to learn brand new cultures, hobbies, and will probably discover a whole new approach to life, too! That thai place you wanted to go to dinner at but couldn’t because your ex was really into Italian food, just so happens to be your new interests favorite spot!

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8/11/2016- “Closure With Zaddy”

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Hey Mikey,

Soooo I’ve tried to be modern about my break up with my ex. We have even hung out and communicated regularly despite him moving on, getting engaged, and now getting married. I even attended the wedding and befriended his new wife. I was hoping his marriage would be the motivation for me to move on, but I still find myself in love with him and wanting him. I feel like he and I should have a conversation when he comes back from his honeymoon just to kind of clarify where we stand and how we should move forward. What do you think?

-Missing Zaddy

***Missing Zaddy, there is no moving forward for you. The closure you are looking for came with your break up and him moving on with his life. There is nothing modern about continuing a relationship with an ex you still have feelings for, instead it is rather foolish. My dear, if it was meant to be it would have worked out between you and him. Let his wedding and honeymoon be the swan song what remains of your relationship. The future awaits–grab on to it!

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7/18/2016- [VIDEO] “Earthly Tether”

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Hey Mikey,

I am a pretty spiritual person and I believe there is a higher calling on my life. I believe it, and people have told me that all my life. My family is the same way, in fact I come from a long line of pastors, evangelists, and other clergy. I feel it is time for me to fully commit myself to what I am meant to do, but I have been seeing this girl for some years now. We’ve been chaste, but I know marriage is the goal for her eventually. I feel it might be in the future for me, but not right now. Its just that I love her, but I love preaching too. I cannot commit to either fully without giving one up completely. What should I do when my heart screams for togetherness with her and my destiny demands I answer this higher calling?



***Falling, your situation kind of reminds of the teachings of a fictional monk, Guru Laghima, from the series Avatar: The Legend of Korra. In it, a man was able to learn how to fly and achieve enlightenment by “letting go of his earthly tether.” Which means he detached from the things and people that were keeping him grounded and confined. If you truly believe you have a higher calling, then you must be prepared to place your calling before your own personal needs. Pastors, clergy, all of men and women of faith know that higher callings are noble and hard. Just be sure you are not becoming something just because it is a tradition in your family. I think you already know what you must do, this girl is your “earthly tether”  just be sure you let her down easy and pray for her peace as she moves on with her life.

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