Cory Hardrict (@coryhardrict)– Destined for Greatness!

Cory Hardrict Kontrol Homme Cover

Cory Hardrict silently dominated the 2016 independent film festival circuit with his film, “Destined”.

In addition to playing dual roles in the film, Hardrict also served as executive producer. Initially, Hardrict was producing the film and not starring in it, but the director felt like he was the perfect fit for the leading man. Destined follows two separate paths a young man takes after he comes to the fork in the road of life. The film is about choices and how consequences to actions can result in a lifetime of differences. “One character is an architect—sometimes in that world you have other people that make decisions for you. He is dealing with gentrification which results in  him making a decision for an entire
community. The parallel character is a drug Lord desperately trying to save his son. It’s a real life thing two paths and parallels,” Hardrict explains. “Destined” quickly became the project to beat, garnering eight awards at twelve festivals throughout 2016. “I knew from what we shot the work was great. After you shoot it and put it together, the rest is in God’s hands. The success has been a blessing, but the mission is to get it to the world,” Hardrict shares.

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Hardrict enjoyed a number of films released last year, including most recently “Spectral” an action thriller purchased by Netflix, but much like the message in his film “Destined”, Hardrict is both strategic and selective with his career. His brooding yet unforgettable presence along with his selective-ness when choosing roles are just a few of the reasons Hardrict has been compared to the legendary Denzel Washington. When asked about the constant comparison, Hardrict is humbled. “Denzel is a living legend, so I just shake my head. He is like a God, he is the best actor on the planet. I got a lot of work to do before I could come anywhere close to that. He has a lot of strength and power. He’s been consistent. Antoine Fuqua was the first person to say I reminded him of a young Denzel. It made me want to step my game up, those are heavy words.” Besides his on camera likeness to Denzel, Hardrict is also an outspoken family man, attributing his success to the title of fatherhood he enjoys with wife Tia Mowry. “Becoming a husband and father made my heart open up more because I love my wife and son to death. It’s been fun, nothing but joy. It’s made me a better man and better actor.”

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): Discover The Life Behind The Music of Normani Kordei (@NormaniKordei)!

normani kordei in kontrol magazine's women in music issue

Written By: Tanisha D. Davis

Normani Kordei is a singer originally from Atlanta, Georgia who is a member of the girl group, Fifth Harmony.

Her sweet and humble personality adds to why she has remained such a successful performer in recent years. Kordei has been singing and dancing since the age of four and although she has had an early start in the field of music, she doesn’t allow that to steal away from her ability to remain humble in the midst of all the excitement and success. Kontrol truly enjoyed discovering more about the life of the young singer and was excited to find out that she will be appearing on the hit TV series, ‘Dancing With the Stars.’

normani kordei in kontrol magazine's women in music issueDancing with the Stars has been an incredible experience. Honestly I feel like I have grown in the last three weeks. I really have the best partner and he has been really encouraging me, and allowing me to see the beauty in me and what I have to offer. Growing up, I didn’t really believe in myself the most, especially since I started out at such a young age. Having people judge you in every little thing you do, even as a teenager and experiencing life for itself can be tough. He’s helping me to realize that it’s okay to be vulnerable, like don’t keep it all to yourself, so I really thank him for that, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of the season with him. The cast has really become a family and learning all of the dances and genres has really been cool.”

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): From The Street to The Throne—It’s Dreezy’s (@dreezydreezy) World!

dreezy in kontrol magazine's women in music issue

The rise and reign of rap is perhaps the biggest and most inspiring aspect of modern music. From simple “Get Downs” in basements and dance offs on street corners, rap has become the most popular genre on the face of the planet! The sheer number of rap stars the genre has generated is immense, forever evolving, and revolving. The rap game is fierce and “competitive” just does not sum up the nature of the business when it comes to being a star or wannabe. When you add being a woman on top of that the stakes become astronomical.

Enter 2017 and the rap world of Dreezy!

Strong, independent, and determined Dreezy is the future of female rap in an industry determined to overlook, undermine, and underestimate her every step of the way.

dreezy in kontrol magazine's women in music issue

It seems like forever ago when we first bobbed our heads to Dreezy’s hit single, Body, and now the stars are within her reach. In a candid conversation with Kontrol Magazine she goes on to discuss her goals for 2017, hopes, dreams, and what it means to be a female rapper. “It [2017] has started off great…I messed up with my resolution, it was to stop smoking, but I did slow down, shout out to that [she laughs]. I have been working out. The year came in and I said I wanted to work out and have been doing that like every day and I’m seeing the results from that. I said I’m just gonna take care of my hair and hygiene and focus more on me and my music…” Interestingly she described 2016, on a scale of one to ten as a four or five! “Last year was so bittersweet for me. I dropped my first album and that was good. I had like four singles on the radio and that was good, but I lost my best friend last year and that was one of the worst times. So yeah it was real bittersweet, a lot of ups and downs—real weird. [In 2017] I feel rejuvenated, I lost my friend at the beginning of last year so we had our plans and resolutions and it was New Years and we were celebrating. It all happened the day after and I feel like I got set back. This year I feel like it’s my second shot to make everything good I just had to recoup. No excuses.”

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[VIDEO] Pharrell Williams (@Pharrell) Is On Esquire’s (@esquire) February 2017 Cover!

pharrell williams 2017 esquire magazine cover

HIDDEN FIGURES producer Pharrell is on Esquire’s February 2017 cover!!

 Pharrell speaks to how his feminist inclinations fueled him on his latest project, HIDDEN FIGURES. “I don’t know what I could do, but I know if women wanted to, they could save this nation. If women wanted to, they could save the world.”

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Via Esquire:

“Pharrell’s feminist inclinations fueled his latest endeavor, Hidden Figures, a film he worked on as a producer and wrote original music for. The movie tells one of those stories from the course of American history that you can’t believe has gone unheard for so long. Directed by Theodore Melfi and starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monáe, it raises a toast to three African-American women (Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson) who worked at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia, where they played pivotal roles in America’s space race against Mother Russia in the early 1960s. Without their breakthroughs in mathematical formulas, computer programming (then in its infancy), and engineering, astronaut John Glenn may never have made it into orbit—nor would he and his capsule have splashed down successfully near Grand Turk island.”

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[VIDEO] Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): The Beauty of Ashley Everett (@AshleyCMEverett)

ashley everett

Who else is known for her signature fiery red curls and killer dance moves other than the beautiful Ashley Everett? Everett is a professional dancer and actress who has graced the stages with performers such as Usher, Ne-Yo, Tina Turner, Ciara and of course the queen Beyoncé. The newly engaged dancer has featured apart of the trio for the video “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” that went viral. Everett shared with Kontrol her outlook on tour life, her recent engagement, beauty secrets and being Beyoncé’s dance captain.

ashley everett

Ashley began dancing for Beyoncé at the age of 17. She found herself torn between the decision to stay in Juilliard or go on tour. After only two years of joining Bey’s crew, she became her right-hand woman. Now she is at the top of her game with no turning back. Currently, she just wrapped up with the Formation tour. “It’s always great to be in our home country. The tour was going well. It’s a lot of work and a big production.” Being apart of such a big project can be strenuous on your body. “We have the physical therapist that travel with us that keep our bodies in shape and ready to go for the show. We also have a day in between to rest.”

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): “Power’s” (@Power_Starz) Joseph Sikora (@JosephSikora4): The Man Behind Tommy Egan!

Many know him as Tommy Egan, the hot tempered, impulsive, New York, street raised, white drug trafficker who’s the right hand man to James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) in Starz hit series, Power. Running on his third season now, Joseph Sikora has portrayed Egan so seamlessly that it’s no surprise that the world, specifically African-American viewers, have taken such a liking to him. He’s not the white man who’s trying to fit into the black dominated hip hop world. He authentically belongs there. With his popular role, many wonder if Tommy Egan and Joseph Sikora are on in the same. Well based on what we can see, Sikora is as real as they come.

Joseph Sikora was born and raised on the Northwest side of Chicago in a neighborhood that he considers a transitional point because it wasn’t too far away from the suburbs but still close enough to the city. He grew up in a low middle class working family where everyone was a city worker, mainly policeman and fireman.
“I grew up in Norwood Park, right off of the train line, between the Harlem and Jefferson Park stops, along the L. It was like my own personal transport around the city,” said Sikora.

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[VIDEO] Trevor Jackson (@trevorjackson5) Serves SEXY on The Cover of Kontrol Homme (@kontrolmag)!

Actor, singer, dancer, and heart throb—there seems to be nothing Trevor Jackson can’t do! For nearly a decade now, this amazingly talented young man has won the hearts, minds, and admiration of millions; using his God given skills and devilishly enticing good looks. Most remember Trevor from his time on Disney Channel’s original movie, Let It Shine, SyFy’s Eureka,  and the hit series, Austin & Ally, where he played Austin Moon’s rival and Trish De la Rosa’s ex-boyfriend, Trent. “I’ve been blessed to be consistently working and I’m really appreciative of my time at Disney…I’ve had a lot of fun acting and getting to work with different people, it’s been nothing short of a great experience.”

s736C2927_pp copy

Whereas many child stars (including Disney ones), have faded to obscurity, Trevor continues to climb in fame and popularity, and has moved onto more mature roles. This is a feat not so easily attained by most child stars. In fact, the transition into adulthood tends to have a negative effect on their careers and viability. His most recent, major television role, occurred on ABC’s award winning drama, American Crime, as “Kevin LaCroix,” a student and basketball player caught in the middle of a scandal at a prestigious private school. There two of his teammates sexually assault another student. “It was great being a part of the show. We dealt with some really serious social issues. Getting to work alongside Regina [King] and Andre [“Andre 3000” of “Outkast”] was really cool, they’re both legends. I learned a lot from them. Regina is just amazing she has been in the industry for years and just seeing how professional she is and how she always delivers… Andre is fun and I grew up listening to his music so I really liked working with him…” Trevor’s role on the show has been critically acclaimed, compelling audiences to see him for the rising star he is.

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