All Grown Up! Mindless Behavior’s Ray Ray Nude Pics Leaked!

It is a new day and that means we have all the possibilities–and beauties–of a celebrity eggplant! The latest male celebrity to participate in this walk of shame (Well can we still call it that?) has just really entered manhood. We definitely had to check his age (he is 21) to ensure we were not in any shape, fashion, or form posting kiddy porn.

Enter the adult world of Mindless Behavior’s Ray Ray and his nude pictures!

mindless behavior ray ray nude pictures

We have to admit we were not too shocked that pictures of Ray Ray’s eggplant are all over the internet. Nowadays, these kids and their smartphones leave nothing to the imagination. Ray Ray is all grown up and we have to say the phrase “skinny boy, long meat” definitely applies in this case. We wonder who leaked the pictures though? Honestly it could be any disgruntled ex-girlfriend or groupie, or in rarer cases (not really rare, just not known) a secret boyfriend. All things are possible in 2017 after all!

You can catch Ray Ray’s nude pictures on the next page. However, and as always, WARNING! THESE ARE GRAPHIC IMAGES AND FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

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[VIDEO] In Case You Missed It! “Queen Sugar’s” Timon Kyle Durrett’s Alleged Nudes Leaked!

timon kyle durrett nude

OWN  knew it  had a hit when Ava Duvernay signed on to turn Queen Sugar into a hit series. The show is now in its second season with story lines that dramatic, juicy, amazing, and moving all together. The show is also full of hunks! Most people like to think Kofi Siriboe–the chocolate god himself is the sole eye candy of the show–but they are wrong. We must not forget Timon Kyle Durrett who plays “Davis West” the two timing, prostitute bangin’, scandalous, foolish ass husband of Charley Bordelon.

timon kyle durrett nude

Well Timon Kyle Durrett maybe getting a little more limelight tonight–and extra likes and clicks–thanks to a video that has emerged with his ALLEGED eggplant and a video of him jerking off.

timon kyle durrett nude

Yes kiddies by jerking off we mean masturbating! You can see all the magic by clicking here (thanks Aazah!). As always we have to warn you that this is GRAPHIC CONTENT AND VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED! FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!

We have to say Timon is a very attractive man. Kofi Siriboe sells dark skin like Texas Tea, but Timon is a walking Caramel Eighth Wonder of The World. What do you guys think of Timon’s ALLEGED  nudes? Sound off in the comment’s section below!


[VIDEO] Really? Kordell Williams Confirms His Identity in Sex Tape; AND Blames Ex-Wife, Porsha Williams for Leaking It!

porsha williams and kordell stewart

There is NEVER a dull day when Atlanta and celebrity gossip crisscross! This time around the parties involved are two familiar Atlanta fixtures, former NFL star, Kordell Stewart, and his ex-wife, Real Housewives of Atlanta/Dish Nation star, Porsha Williams!

As you may already know a video of Kordell was leaked via, where the Mr. Stewart showed not only his celebrity eggplant, but his butt as well–literally! The video was sent to the site from a man named Quentin Latham, who alleges the ex-NFL player is his ex-boyfriend!  You can watch the uncensored video by clicking here. (WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!)

via The Inquisitr

kordell stewart

“When we met he was my ‘bro,’” Latham wrote. “We played golf, went on trips, he supported me when I was finishing my Masters (yes he paid) and I supported him when he was finishing up his degree earlier this year. But I feel like just because he has more money over me he can control me.”

After viewing Kordell Stewart’s sex tape, it’s pretty clear that it’s not a gay sex tape. It is just Kordell and the audio has been removed. Even Funky Dineva questioned who he was talking to in the film and surmised that it could be a man or a woman, there’s really no way to know. Now we know that Kordell claims the video was made for a woman that he was dating. Maybe she will come forward too and admit that she received the footage. It’s also worth noting that Kordell’s face is only shown briefly and a good majority of the tape is footage of his forehead. From there, viewers see Kordell in a shirt with no pants with a pretty good view of him in front and back. It’s not really all that exciting.

“It was good for a while until his ex-wife came back around,” the sex tape leaker wrote. “I didn’t really care because he always talked about Porsha. Once he started knocking her off he never brought her up. He was giving her money every week, and would get mad when i said she’s using you.”

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[PHOTOS] It Went Down in The DM! Tahj Mowry Eggplant Pix Allegedly Leaked By Scorned Gay Man!

This has been the year of celebrity eggplants and morning wood as more male celebrities have gone frontal–willingly, accidentally, and unknowingly–than ever before. Well apparently we can now add former child star, Tahj Mowry, to that list! Yep, a man has come forward with screenshots from his Instagram DM conversation with Tahj where they were allegedly planning to work on music together and hook up…You can be the judge by checking out the convo and eggplant picture below. WARNING: The pictures are uncensored, viewer discretion is advised.

tahj mowry dick pics gay hey mikey atl

tahj mowry dick pics gay hey mikey atl

cont’d next page!

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