“Tale As Old As Time…” Disney’s “Beauty & The Beast” (@beourguest) Is EPIC!

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Disney has truly found itself a new niche with these amazing live action films over the last few years.

Maleficent definitely led the way, but the company’s current live action feature, Beauty and The Beast takes the cake!

This film is nothing short of epic and does an amazing job of adapting the original animated film to a live action format!

The film is based on Belle (Emma Watson), a “funny girl,” and inventor who shares her love for art, learning, and invention with her doting father, Maurice. Belle tires of her “provincial life” in her little village where everything is the same day to day. She longs for adventure and something more than a regular life. Beautiful and intelligent, her attributes earn her the affections of the arrogant and narcissistic village “hero,” Gaston (Luke Evans). However, Belle soon gets more than what she bargained for out of life when she finds her father has been imprisoned by The Beast (Dan Stevens) and selflessly takes his place. Whereas Belle sees herself as his prisoner, she is single-handedly the last best hope The Beast and his servants have to regain their humanity.

michael fanning

Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning attending #BeOurGuestATL’s screening of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

A special screening of the film, the #BeOurGuestATL event, was hosted by Rolling Out correspondent, Romeo International, with artist and dancer, Saidah Nairobi; who has performed with mega artists including Beyoncé, Ciara and Usher. Saidah Nairobi recently released her debut single “We Are” available now.

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Magnificent, Malevolent, & Divergent–“Disney’s Maleficent” is a Must See!

Movies and fairy tales are rarely a match made in Heaven. There have been dozens of Cinderella stories, and in recent history the very lackluster revamp of Snow White in “Snow White & The Huntsman.” However, Disney finally got the formula right! Forget the “damsel in distress” princess, forget the brave prince, and even forget the oafish animal sidekicks–focus on the villain. And what a villain she was! Maleficent is her name, and malevolence is her game–but with good reason. This Disney film is by far one of the best as its sheds light on the origins of the most evil Disney villain to ever terrorize the dreams of children everywhere. You think you know the story of “Sleeping Beauty?” You are dead wrong! There are two sides to every story and once you learn of Maleficent’s things will NEVER be the same. She was once a fairy filled with love, life, and determined to protect her people. All that changed when she was betrayed by “true love.” In natural fashion “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned,” especially when she joins the dark side. Dragons, fairies, knights, and a handsome prince–this film has it all!

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