Cory Hardrict (@coryhardrict)– Destined for Greatness!

Cory Hardrict Kontrol Homme Cover

Cory Hardrict silently dominated the 2016 independent film festival circuit with his film, “Destined”.

In addition to playing dual roles in the film, Hardrict also served as executive producer. Initially, Hardrict was producing the film and not starring in it, but the director felt like he was the perfect fit for the leading man. Destined follows two separate paths a young man takes after he comes to the fork in the road of life. The film is about choices and how consequences to actions can result in a lifetime of differences. “One character is an architect—sometimes in that world you have other people that make decisions for you. He is dealing with gentrification which results in  him making a decision for an entire
community. The parallel character is a drug Lord desperately trying to save his son. It’s a real life thing two paths and parallels,” Hardrict explains. “Destined” quickly became the project to beat, garnering eight awards at twelve festivals throughout 2016. “I knew from what we shot the work was great. After you shoot it and put it together, the rest is in God’s hands. The success has been a blessing, but the mission is to get it to the world,” Hardrict shares.

cory hardrict in kontrol homme

Hardrict enjoyed a number of films released last year, including most recently “Spectral” an action thriller purchased by Netflix, but much like the message in his film “Destined”, Hardrict is both strategic and selective with his career. His brooding yet unforgettable presence along with his selective-ness when choosing roles are just a few of the reasons Hardrict has been compared to the legendary Denzel Washington. When asked about the constant comparison, Hardrict is humbled. “Denzel is a living legend, so I just shake my head. He is like a God, he is the best actor on the planet. I got a lot of work to do before I could come anywhere close to that. He has a lot of strength and power. He’s been consistent. Antoine Fuqua was the first person to say I reminded him of a young Denzel. It made me want to step my game up, those are heavy words.” Besides his on camera likeness to Denzel, Hardrict is also an outspoken family man, attributing his success to the title of fatherhood he enjoys with wife Tia Mowry. “Becoming a husband and father made my heart open up more because I love my wife and son to death. It’s been fun, nothing but joy. It’s made me a better man and better actor.”

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7/2/2017- “If SHE Be Worthy!”

female thor

Hey Mikey,

Let me start off by saying I absolutely love your site and your advice column. You really keep it real with your readers! So here’s my situation. My soon to be ex-wife who likes to cause arguments in front of our daughter tried to sabotage a daddy-daughter day. I was suppose to take her to a princess party where the host asked that the girls come dressed as their favorite Disney Princess. My daughter is more into superheroes, but we agreed she would go as Moana. When her mother drops her off she is dressed as Thor from The Avengers–with the hammer and all!

My ex begins to say that she should be allowed wear this costume because she did not like Moana’s princess dress and because Disney now owns Marvel Studios and the current Thor is female and since he was the Prince of Asgard that now makes her a princess.  We immediately got into it and I made my daughter change and sent her back home with her mother. I explained to my ex she was supporting insubordination and I didn’t want my daughter being a spectacle at the party. Girls can be mean really mean. Now, my daughter won’t talk to me or return my calls and when she comes over she just stays in her room. This is going on three weeks now and it hurts. Mikey, please help. What should I do?

-It’s Her Fault

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5/2/2017- “The Perfect Distraction”

business man with a baby hey mikey atl

 Hey Mikey,

I just got a promotion at my job. It means a hefty increase in my salary, but lots of international traveling and responsibility. My girlfriend was really happy for me until we find out we were expecting–which was two weeks ago. Now, she wants to me to consider a position that’s also open, will keep me closer to home, but won’t pay as much as the other job. She has a fear of being a single mother, but I keep telling her that will never be the case. She doesn’t know it but I’m proposing to her next week. I was already going to before we found out about the baby, but that news just makes the decision all the more right to me. What should I do about this job though. Children are a blessing, but I really want this money and to advance in my career. I just feel that right now this kid will be a distraction to. What should I do?

-Eager Steve

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Congrats! Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) & Ciara (@ciara) are Expecting Their First Child Together!

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage! Ciara and Russell Wilson both got it right.


The Atlanta singer and NFL star had their fairytale wedding on Jul. 6 in the Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England, and have since then been co-pareting with Ciara’s baby Future, from her former relationship. Well, the two have both confirmed via social media that they are now expecting their first baby together!


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Lil Fizz (@Airfizzo) Announces The Release Of His Book On Fatherhood!

Lil Fizz best known for being a member and rapper of the R&B group, B2K and currently, starring  on the television show, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood is releasing a book. The rapper went to Instagram on yesterday to announce the soon to be released book.

 “Excited about my new book coming out titled “No Excuses: Being the Father My Son Deserves”! I wrote it with one of my fav authors @bwilliamsauthor. Y’all have to check it out…trust me! It’ll be released online & everywhere books are sold soon.”



Lil Fizz is a father to son ‘Kamron David Frédéric’ with ex-girlfriend Moniece Slaughter. We are so proud of him for putting out a book that shines the light on being a great father. This is about the best book to be released currently in a society where so many black men are being labeled as “dead beat fathers”.

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9/27/2016- [VIDEO] “Rose Quartz”

Hey Mikey,

My fiance and I are at odds big time right now. Recently she found out that she is pregnant. Although that would normally be a happy time for most couples; it could mean the end for us since the pregnancy is life threatening. I’ve had to deal with death all my life–friends, cousins, teammates–I don’t wanna lose her too. I spent all of middle school, high school, and college trying to win her over and now she finally loves me and wants to be my wife. She is intent on carrying the baby to term. I swear if i lose her I really don’t see how I could love this kid. What’s your advice?

-Not Doing The Single Dad Thing

***Not Doing The Single Dad Thing, my advice to you is to live in the moment. A new life is in the works and that is cause to rejoice! This pregnancy is currently life threatening, not life ending and your fiancee needs your support.  Can you imagine how things would be between you two if you don’t and this turns out to be a perfectly normal, trouble free pregnancy and you fought her every step of the way? Every mother knows the risks of giving birth; and that through the pain and labor, miracles are born. Get on board with this, either way your she and/or your son are going to need your strength and positivity, and never your resentment!

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9/12/2016- “SHE Can Be His Knight!”

Hey Mikey,

My daughter is an amazingly strong woman. She is a black belt in karate, an ex-Marine, and now a police officer. Her fiance, however, is some scrawny ass IT Tech. He can barely walk up a hill without being winded. In fact he’s not really good at any physical activities. When we talk about violent situations, he spouts nonsense about him being a “conscientious objector.” I’ve told my daughter about my feelings, but she insists she wants to marry him still, saying she can protect the both of them well enough. I can’t in good conscience hand my daughter over to a man who cannot physically protect her. What should I do?

***Congratulations on raising a superhero! It sounds like your daughter can handle herself pretty well. Besides that she is an adult and I believe she knows what she can and cannot deal with. I understand you may be trying to protect her, but in 2016 women are just as capable as any man to protect and defend themselves–your daughter more so! Her wedding day should be the happiest day of her life, please don’t ruin it with archaic notions of gender roles. She can be his Knight!

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