[AUDIO] “Chanel”-Frank Ocean

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Frank Ocean where have you been? Apparently making new music! In case you missed it, the singer/rapper released a new song recently, Chanel, and it may be just what the fans wanted. Especially if you were not feeling his recent albums, Blonde and Endless. You can listen to the single below:

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In Case You Missed It! Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys) Took Over Times Square!

The element of surprise is the new marketing tool for singers and it seems to be working. Beyoncé is the queen of releasing new music, or announcing a tour when fans least expect it. Other major artists such as: Frank Ocean and Alicia Keys are following suit. Last week, Keys announced she would perform a surprise show in the Big Apple. As fans purchased tickets, many were anxious to find out which iconic New York pillar Alicia chose for her performance. Keys dropped hints on social media building anticipation.

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She created history last night as she performed in the middle of Times Square. Keys’ husband, Swizz Beatz declared on social media that it was the first time a performance of that magnitude had been done in Times Square. Alicia brought out some major heavy hitters throughout out her hour-and-a-half-long performance including: Jay Z, Nas, Questlove, and John Mayer. Jay Z helped Alicia set the stage on fire with their 2010 hit “Empire State of Mind” and Keys celebrated John Lennon’s birthday by performing a heart-warming version of “Imagine.”

keys album cover

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5 Facts About Frank Ocean That You May Not Know

If you’re a Frank Ocean fan like us, you’ve probably heard about the release of his new album titled BlondeThe highly anticipated follow-up to his 2012 masterpiece Channel Orange, Blonde definitely does not disappoint in our eyes (and ears) and demonstrates a lot of growth from the 28 year old musical talent.

frank ocean new album frank ocean album frank ocean song celebrity style 2

To celebrate the release of his second album we’ve decided to compile a list of 5 facts which you may not know about Frank Ocean, while also highlighting his unique taste in fashion. Without further ado, let’s kick it off.

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#CelebrityCrush-Frank Ocean

Happy Monday Folks!

There’s an age old saying that patience is a virtue and there is no one that understands time and patience better than our #CelebrityCrush for today. This handsome gent has kept us all waiting for almost a year for a brand new album of his and we just recently got that and a whole lot more. Prolifically, he’s probably the Beyonce of our generation in the respect that only he can make us wait this long and then still deliver more than we had expected. Born Christopher Francis Ocean, we all simply know him as musical genius, Frank Ocean.


Born in Long Beach, California, at the age of five, Frank Ocean and his family moved to New Orleans where he stayed until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit Ocean’s hometown of New Orleans and his recording facility was destroyed by floodwater and looting. In order to continue recording music, he moved to Los Angeles and had planned to stay for just six weeks but wound up staying longer and developing his music career after establishing contacts with people in the music industry. He recorded some demos at a friend’s studio and shopped them around the L.A. area. After inking a songwriting deal, he started working with other record producers and wrote songs for artists such as Justin Bieber, John Legend, Brandy and Beyonce.

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Frank Ocean Just Dropped an Album, Apple Music (@AppleMusic) Teases More News Music To Come This Weekend!

The moment we have all been heavily anticipating has arrived! Frank Ocean has finally released his new album!

Bon Iver In Concert – New York, NY

The singer songwriter must have really enjoyed messing with his fans, as he has been pulling quite a few surprises out of his sleeve. Earlier this year, Frank took to social media that he was releasing his long-awaited album in July, and that it would be titled ‘Boys Don’t Cry.’ Since the last time we heard from him was in 2012 with ‘Channel Orange‘, this announcement gave us all something to look forward to – except it didn’t happen.

July came and left and all we heard were crickets… No Frank Ocean album. People even started to clown on the singer via social media – and incase you missed it, we got you. (We have included some of the funniest posts by fans after Frank’s delayed album below! ;p)

The day has come! Thursday night Frank Ocean dropped an album available exclusively on Apple Music, and aside from being two weeks late he gave us more surprises. It’s a 45 minute long visual album, and instead of ‘Boys Don’t Cry‘ he has titled it ‘Endless‘.


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[VIDEO] Frank Ocean to Model Alongside Young Thug (@youngthug) & Kate Moss (@KateAMoss) In Calvin Klein’s (@CalvinKlein) Next Campaign!

Got some dope and exciting news guys, Guess what artist is FINALLY coming out from being incognito from the industry for so many years. Well CmopFguVIAAaF3Mnone other than highly anticipated musician Frank Ocean hitting fans in a major way for 2016. After several years out of the spotlight, Frank Ocean has been making a strong comeback. Just last week, the artist announced he would be releasing his new album this month (finally), and now news has surfaced that Ocean will be featured in Calvin Klein’s next #MyCalvins campaign. If your not familiar with the #MyCalvins campaign here a quick rundown of the dope movement. Launched recently via Instagram, enacting their #mycalvins hashtag once again, the photo and video series poses the question: “What do you do in yours?” The campaign consists of individual photos of the various celebs with the words “I _____ in #mycalvins” covered onto each image in CK’s iconic font. The campaign has artists filling in the blank of what they do in their Calvin Klein underwear. Via Snapchat earlier this week the brand made their announcement of celebs participating in the campaign this go around, revealing that the likes of Young Thug, Kate Moss, and Grace Coddington will also be part of the upcoming lineup. Check out the snaps below. Also don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest in trends and men’s fashion. Got to blast! – EffYeahMark


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Frank Ocean Speaks Out on Orlando Massacre in Powerful Post

It has been quite a while since we have heard anything from or about Frank Ocean. His hit album Channel Orange had us all rethinking sexuality and how much more inclusive rap and hip-hop can stand to be. As you recall, ahead of the release of his aforementioned album he released a letter revealing he was once in love and in a relationship with another man. Now, Frank has not been one to label himself anything–in fact the only real label anyone can call him lately is that of a recluse.

Well today Frank returned with yet another powerful letter, this time aimed at the senseless shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, where forty-nine people lost their loves for being gay. Read his powerful letter below:

via Frank Ocean & ThatGrapeJuice.net

frank ocean hey mikey atl

“I read in the paper that my brothers are being thrown from rooftops blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs for violating sharia law. I heard the crowds stone these fallen men if they move after they hit the ground. I heard it’s in the name of God. I heard my pastor speak for God too, quoting scripture from his book. Words like abomination popped off my skin like hot grease as he went on to describe a lake of fire that God wanted me in. I heard on the news that the aftermath of a hate crime left piles of bodies on a dance floor this month. I heard the gunman feigned dead among all the people he killed. I heard the news say he was one of us.

I was six years old when I heard my dad call our transgender waitress a ****** as he dragged me out a neighborhood diner saying we wouldn’t be served because she was dirty. That was the last afternoon I saw my father and the first time I heard that word, I think, although it wouldn’t shock me if it wasn’t.

Many hate us and wish we didn’t exist. Many are annoyed by our wanting to be married like everyone else or use the correct restroom like everyone else. Many don’t see anything wrong with passing down the same old values that send thousands of kids into suicidal depression each year. So we say pride and we express love for who and what we are. Because who else will in earnest?

I daydream on the idea that maybe all this barbarism and all these transgressions against ourselves is an equal and opposite reaction to something better happening in this world, some great swelling wave of openness and wakefulness out here. Reality by comparison looks grey, as in neither black nor white but also bleak.

We are all God’s children, I heard. I left my siblings out of it and spoke with my maker directly and I think he sounds a lot like myself. If I being myself were more awesome at being detached from my own story in a way I being myself never could be. I wanna know what others hear, I’m scared to know but I wanna know what everyone hears when they talk to God.

Do the insane hear the voice distorted? Do the indoctrinated hear another voice entirely?

When this man pens a letter it is always something powerful! Homophobia and violence against people because of their sexuality is not solely isolated to Orlando, Florida. It is clearly a global issue. We have got to do a lot better people. Frank, if you’re reading this, we need you and your music back in action. Kudos Frank, Kudos!