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Hey Mikey,

My fiance and I are at odds big time right now. Recently she found out that she is pregnant. Although that would normally be a happy time for most couples; it could mean the end for us since the pregnancy is life threatening. I’ve had to deal with death all my life–friends, cousins, teammates–I don’t wanna lose her too. I spent all of middle school, high school, and college trying to win her over and now she finally loves me and wants to be my wife. She is intent on carrying the baby to term. I swear if i lose her I really don’t see how I could love this kid. What’s your advice?

-Not Doing The Single Dad Thing

***Not Doing The Single Dad Thing, my advice to you is to live in the moment. A new life is in the works and that is cause to rejoice! This pregnancy is currently life threatening, not life ending and your fiancee needs your support.  Can you imagine how things would be between you two if you don’t and this turns out to be a perfectly normal, trouble free pregnancy and you fought her every step of the way? Every mother knows the risks of giving birth; and that through the pain and labor, miracles are born. Get on board with this, either way your she and/or your son are going to need your strength and positivity, and never your resentment!

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Look at God! Zonnique (@Star_OMG) Won’t Face Jail Time For Gun Arrest!


Zonnique Pullins, daughter of rapper T.I. and Tiny Harris, will be cashing in her get out of jail free card and wont be facing any time behind bars.

According TMZ, 20-year-old Zonnique, will avoid jail time for bringing a gun into an airport earlier this year.


Zonnique was arrested back in June and charged with bringing a concealed weapon into Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport. The .380 Ruger semi-automatic pistol was in her purse after it was discovered going through the x-ray machine and she told PEOPLE magazine that she forgot she had it on her.

“I know that’s really irresponsible on my part, but it was really just an honest mistake,” Zonnique said. “I was at home, rushing to get to the airport, and I was throwing everything in my purse. The gun is really, really small. It looks like a toy gun. It was just at the bottom of my purse. When I went through security check, I was like ‘Oh I forgot it was in there.’ 

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“Modern Family” Features First Transgender Child Actor!


Monday the ABC network confirmed that the upcoming episode of Modern Family will feature the first openly transgender child actor on television! We are aware that transgender actors have made appearances on many television series to include, Orange is the New Black, Nashville and more but each role was an adult. The eight year old, Jackson Millarker is scheduled to play Lily’s transgender friend, Tom, on Wednesday night’s sitcom titled, “A Stereotypical Day”. The director of the episode, Ryan Case, went to Instagram on Monday to post a picture with the young actor and was thrilled about working with him, the post read:


“This is Jackson Millarker. He’s 8 years old, from Atlanta, and just happens to be transgender. He plays Lily’s friend Tom in this week’s Modern Family and he’s wonderful. One of the many reasons I love being a part of this show.”




In the new episode, Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) think they overhear their daughter insult her pal during a playdate at their house, which makes them worried their little girl isn’t as accepting as they assumed. Millarker’s appearance comes from the stir of “Transparent” star Jeffrey Tambor who challenged Hollywood to start casting more transgender actors.


The actor stated in his speech, “To you people out there, you producers and you network owners and you agents and you creative sparks, please give transgender talent a chance,” Tambor said when he won an Emmy award for his role on the Amazon Studios hit. “Give them auditions. Give them their story. Do that.”

Be sure to check out this week’s episode, “A Stereotypical Day” which airs on Wednesday at 9/8c on ABC.


Warner Bros. (@WarnerBrosEnt) Confirms Ben Affleck’s (@BenAffleck) “Batman” Movie is Almost Ready!

batman hey mikey atl ben affleck

For all you Batman fans who were excited seeing Ben Affleck played our favorite caped crusader in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the wait is almost over… sorta. The Caped Crusader will play a key role in the upcoming Justice League film, as one of the primary forces behind the forming of the super-powered team. Of course, all this will happen before Ben Affleck returns once again for his own solo film, where he will not only star but also co-write and direct. Cool beans!


At a recent press junket ( the 25th Annual Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference), Warner Bros. CEO Jeff Bewkes was asked about the upcoming Batman film. In some audio  uncovered by the Suicide Squadcast (via Comicbook.com), Bewkes offered an update on the film’s production and may have tipped his hand as to when it will arrive in theaters. The notion has been that it will occupy the October 2018 date that is currently up for grabs on Warner Bros.’ release slate, but it may be even sooner according to Bewkes.

‘Ben announced a Batman movie [that] he’s going to direct, star, write for – I think it’s a year and a half out. So, the strategy worked.’ – Bewkes said.

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It Went Down! The First 2016 Presidential Debate: Who Has Your Vote?

Clinton, Trump pick up big wins

Talking about politics is not my strong suit and I usually stay away from it. This coming election has made me change my mind. Having Donald Trump as a candidate choice makes it extremely hard for me to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself. Last night, I decided to watch the first presidential debate of 2016 and it didn’t make me want to change my vote. 


Last night the two candidates duked it out in a one on one debate that was moderated by NBC’s Nightly News anchor, Lester Holt. The debate was held live in Hampstead, New York, and the candidates were asked to speak on America’s economy, race issues, and why they would make the best choice for president. It didn’t take long for the debate to turn heated. Donald Trump tried to display a more calm and presidential like persona, but it didn’t take long for him to start showing his true colors. Donald Trump spent most of the debate attacking Clinton, avoiding answering the questions, trying to pass off his opinions as facts, and repeatedly interrupting angrily and dismissively.

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Lil Wayne (@liltunechi) Releasing Memoir – Talks About Marrying a Gay Couple in Jail & Drake Sleeping With His Girlfriend

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Rapper Lil Wayne has a memoir coming out titled ‘Gone ‘Til November,’ where he shares with fans his life experiences, particularly those he experienced in prison.


Back in 2010 Lil Wayne was sentenced to – and served – eight months in Rikers Island Prison in New York City. Weezy went to court for possession of weapons and plead guilty to the gun charges.

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Brandon Casey (@Brandon_JE) of Jagged Edge (@Official_JE)Hit w/ Restraining Order!

jagged edge brandon casey hey mikey atl

Jagged Edge member, Brandon Casey, has apparently gone over the edge on a neighbor and has been added to the unfortunate infamous list of R&B singers with anger management issues.

According to TMZ, Brandon Casey allegedly beat up a woman because her child was riding their skateboard outside the singer’s home.


via TMZ:

The woman is Brandon Casey’s next door neighbor, and in court docs she says a fight erupted in her driveway when someone in Casey’s house got pissed about her son skateboarding. The person apparently thought the kid was on Casey’s property.

The neighbor says a heated argument got amped up when 6 people ran out of Casey’s house and “began to pummel” her. She says her husband had to break up the brawl.

She went to court to request, and was granted, a restraining order. Casey must now stay 25 feet away from the neighbor and her family.

The woman says she’s been staying at a hotel for fear of another attack.



Brandon denies any involvement, and says the neighbor has the wrong guy. The neighbor clearly believes it’s him though … because in the docs she references Brandon’s brother and Jagged Edge member, Brian Casey.

She also says “Jagged Edge” repeatedly in a YouTube video she posted of the alleged incident.

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