[PHOTOS] It Went Down in The DM! Tahj Mowry Eggplant Pix Allegedly Leaked By Scorned Gay Man!

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This has been the year of celebrity eggplants and morning wood as more male celebrities have gone frontal–willingly, accidentally, and unknowingly–than ever before. Well apparently we can now add former child star, Tahj Mowry, to that list! Yep, a man has come forward with screenshots from his Instagram DM conversation with Tahj where they were allegedly planning to work on music together and hook up…You can be the judge by checking out the convo and eggplant picture below. WARNING: The pictures are uncensored, viewer discretion is advised.

tahj mowry dick pics gay hey mikey atl

tahj mowry dick pics gay hey mikey atl

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Paris Police Chief States There’s “No Doubt” Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian) Was Robbed


It has been a few weeks since Kim Kardashian was reportedly bound, gagged, and robbed in a Parisian hotel. Since then the public’s reaction to this situation has been rather mixed; some news sites like Media Takeout and The Huffington Post were even sued for stating the robbery was fake. Kim herself has been laying low and staying out of the public eye. It is even rumored she is leaving Keeping Up With The Kardashians and changing her lifestyle, not wanting to be targeted again.

Well the Paris police chief, Christian Sainte, presiding over the case is definitely vouching for her, stating there is “no doubt” she was robbed!

via The Huffington Post

kim kardashian hey mikey atl

Sainte told Vanity Fair, “At this time, there is no doubt about the reality of the crime.” 

The nature of the crime ― a home robbery, or “home-jacking” ― is one that Vanity Fair said is on the rise in Paris, after electronic security measures made robbing banks more difficult, and high taxes led people to store their cash and valuables at home. Paris police writer Frédéric Ploquin told the outlet that the criminals who carry out these kind of heists now represent a “new type of gangster in France.” 

Though the police chief couldn’t give specific details about the nature of the investigation, he did say that Kardashian was “giving information on social media all the time.” Some have speculated that the robbers tracked the reality star’s jewelry on her social media accounts.

Despite how we might feel about Kim or the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan, we are glad she is safe and sound. She is still a human being and the mother of two. Rest up Kim.

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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#CelebrityCrush-Mehcad Brooks (@MehcadBrooks)

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Lovelies, good morning and happy Monday! Over the last couple of years, both Marvel and DC comics have really stepped their game up with release of both comic-based television series and films. No doubt, comic enthusiasts are excited for this major move but so are we over at HeyMikeyATL because these casting directors find some of the hottest men and women in Hollywood to portray the characters we already know and love and today, I’m sharing my eye crush with you all. Actor Mehcad Brooks, who portrays Jimmy Olsen on the hit new series “Super Girl” is our #CelebrityCrush for today. Follow the jump to see why we’re crushing on Mehcad.

Mehcad Brooks CK ad Mehcad Calvin

Mehcad Brooks is no stranger to our eyes. In fact, we first fell in love with him back in the early 2000s when he guest starred in an episode of “One on One”. Ever since then, we’ve been following Mehcad’s career from the time he spent on the now cancelled ABC drama series “Desperate Housewives”, his recurring roles on BET’s “The Game”, USA Network’s “Necessary Roughness” and “True Blood” on HBO all the way to his current work on the CBS drama “Supergirl”.

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[VIDEO] Actor Trevante Rhodes (@_Trevante_) Says, ‘I Easily Could Have Been Born Loving Men’

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Actor Trevante Rhodes is the rising star of “Moonlight” a new drama that is in limited release but will be released nationwide on November 4th of this year. The drama is written and directed by Barry Jenkins and is about a young African American boy named Chiron. The movie follows Chiron’s journey from his teenage years to adulthood growing up as a gay male in Miami.

moonlight 1

Trevante plays Chiron as an adult in the movie who is still struggling with his sexuality and his place in society. Trevante is a former track star who attended the Univeristy of Texas. Rhodes was discovered by a casting director while jogging on campus. Trevante told People Magazine about his experience while filming.

“I feel like I’m kind of spoiled, because everything about the film was so incredibly special and I know that’s not something that happens all the time. It talks about a subject matter that is prevalent today. Being a black man in America is relatively difficult right now, being a gay man in America is incredibly difficult and so being a black, gay man, like I’ve said before, can be perceived as the worst possible thing right now. So it is something that we need, that the world needs, and I’m thinking it’s a beautiful thing that people are receiving it. I didn’t think we were ready for something like that. And it’s really surprising and really refreshing to me to see that people are.”

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#CelebrityCrush- Zac Efron (@ZacEfron)

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Good Morning my lovelies! It’s Monday morning and of course, no Monday is right over at  without our coveted Monday male #CelebrityCrush and yes, your girl has a treat for you all today. Many of us have been in love with this man since our days in High School (or Junior High depending on which age bracket you were in) and that love has since grown with his transition from Disney films to adult features. You guys who which Hollywood hunk I’m talking about – Zac Efron is today’s Celebrity Crush.


Zac Efron’s breakthrough role came in 2006 when he first appeared in the teen musical film “High School Musical” which starred Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman. The film’s soundtrack was certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA making it one of the best-selling albums of the year in the United States. Zac went on to reprise his original role as Troy Bolton in the following High School Musical films. He followed this with the commercially successful comedy film “17 Again” about a 37-year-old man played by Matthew Perry who is transformed into his 17-year-old self (played by Efron) after a chance accident.

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Really? Vanessa Hudgens (@VanessaHudgens) Called Out for Cultural Appropriation AGAIN!

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Vanessa Hudgens, best known for her role in the popular Disney movie, High School Musical, is being ridiculed on social media for a pic she posted last night. The Grease star snapped a picture of her in box braids, a hairstyle created and mostly worn by black woman, Sunday on her SnapChat. Giving her the benefit of the doubt here, we’re going to assume she was coming from a good place and her what seems to look like a lacefront wig of braids was out of innocent fun.


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How To Smell Good –Even When You Sweat!


Eliminate the funk with the right underarm product! Guy’s there’s no shame in wanting to smell good, great perspiration is key to a man’s everyday regime and health. Also, it’s a great determinate for most ladies. Your body regulates its temperature according to your daily stress, thus results in sweat. However, if your sweat is offensive or obsessive then you need a great deodorant or antiperspirant to mask any unwanted smells a hard day of work can produce. “It’s a good idea to switch up your deodorant brand every 6 months to prevent resistance,” says Han Lee, M.D., an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Southern California. All of this to say, guy’s I got your back with this one, here’s a rundown of some great products that are not only inexpensive but will get the job done for even the most ungodly smells of body odor.


Burts Bee’s

Fully organic, this deodorant gets the job done. It uses killer absorbent cornstarch to stop sweaty smells before they surface, topping it off with citrus oil and Cyprus infused scent to keep your smells pleasant.

$8, burtsbees.com

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