Love Child? 21 Year Old Young Man Alleges Michael Strahan (@michaelstrahan) is His Father!

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Michael Strahan is the man and 2016 has definitely been an amazing year for him. He left Live with Kelly & Michael for a cushy gig on Good Morning America and he is the game show host for Pyramid! The news does not stop there, however, as a twenty-one year old man, David Brown, alleges the former NFL star is his biological father! David was given up for adoption at birth, and believes he was conceived shortly before Strahan’s second marriage.

via Radar Online:


David Brown is Strahan’s strapping mirror image, and believes he was born after the Good Morning America co-host knocked up a lover before marrying his second wife, Jean Muggli, in 1999.

“I know it in my heart,” Brown told Radar. “All of the facts point in that direction. If Michael were sitting in front of me now, he would know, too. That’s why I think I got the run-around.”

At an athletic 6-feet-4 and 240 pounds, Brown bears an uncanny physical resemblance to the former All-Pro New York Giants lineman, who stands 6-feet-5 and weighs about 255 pounds. He also has Brown’s twinkly brown eyes and famous gap-toothed smile.

Brown even played football at the same defensive line position as Michael at a New Jersey high school — and dreams of following in his father’s NFL footsteps.

“I know I have it in me,” Brown told Radar. “My explosiveness off the ball is just like Mike’s!”

But Brown said the real link to the Fox NFL Sunday analyst is in his blood.

Brown was born at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York City on Dec. 31, 1994, and immediately put up for adoption by his biological parents.

A birth certificate obtained by Radar does not list the names of those parents, only the adoptive couple who raised him — Pentecostal ministers Bobbi Brown, 67, and John Brown, 57.

But Radar was able to obtain records from the adoption agency — Spence-Chapin Adoption Services — that offer more detail.

According to the documents: “Your birth mother was 19 years old when you were born. She was very tall and slender. . . She enjoyed reading and embroidering and running track.”

Strahan has often been accused of having a wandering eye while married. In August 2014, it was revealed how Muggli accused Strahan during their bitter 2005 divorce rumble of cheating — and even using a hidden camera to videotape her sister while she was in their home.

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#WeLoveHER! The Voice of Yuna (@yunamusic)

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Today’s artist highlight is none other than Malaysia’s very own, Yuna.

Yuna is a Muslim singer and songwriter whose music attracted fans all around the world when she started putting out songs on her Myspace page. ­Next thing you know, Fader Label signed Yuna and introduced her to her now mentor, Pharrell Williams, who produced much of her 2012 self-titled global debut album which peaked at No. 19 on the Heatseekers chart. In 2013, Yuna signed with Verve and released Nocturnal and the rest is history.


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[VIDEO] Bravo’s (@Bravotv) “Married To Medicine” Season 4 Trailer!

Married to Medicine - Season 3

Fall is our favorite season for none other than the return of some of our favorite shows! It’s nearly a year and half since we got a chance to kick it with our favorite doctors and doctors’ wives on Bravo’s hit reality series, Married To Medicine! Well the ladies (Quad Webb-Lunceford, Lisa Nicole Cloud, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Dr. Jackie Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore, and Toya Bush-Harris to be exact) are back and better than ever–at least when they are not embroiled in turmoil, scandal, or personal disrepair! So may be they aren’t so great? Check out the trailer here!

via Reality Tea and Bravo


The Married To Medicine season 4 premiere is slated to follow RHOA on its Nov 6th date, welcoming back its entire cast as well – with the exception of producer/pariah Mariah Huq. Though Mariah wasn’t a full time cast member last year, she did spend most of the season trying to look like one on camera.

Quad Lunceford-Webb becomes a new aunt, which might kick start her own baby making clock…but that remains to be seen! Lisa Nicole Cloud’s baby fever is already sky high, though, as she attempts to get pregnant with super shady husband Darren. A Hail Mary to save their marriage, perhaps?

Dr. Jackie Walters will still be focused on her work, health, and philanthropic goals, while bestie Dr. Simone Whitmore navigates heavier matters: She’s ready to face her estranged father. Toya Bush-Harris appears to be just as thirsty as ever this season as she turns 40 and opens a new “vitamin infusion spa.” Mmmkay.

Meanwhile, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, relationship expert to no one, doesn’t have much in the way of a story line going on these days. Bravo just says she’s “on a mission to revamp her attitude and change the ladies’ perception of her.” Which might be enough work for her to handle in one season!

This season looks juicy with lots of shade and tea to serve and spill! We are really feeling for Dr. Jackie right now and hope her marriage has recovered. As for these shenanigans from Mariah we are more than over them. She and this “Queen Bee” nonsense needs to stop. They are all grown women, not drones in her hive. The last time we checked on Beyonce boasted those! We’ll be sure to tune into the seson premiere, nonetheless, on Sunday, November 6 at 9 EST right after the ninth season premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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[VIDEO] Bravo’s (@Bravotv) “The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Trailer!


Summer may be gone, but Fall truly is about to heat up! The Real Housewives of Atlanta return for their ninth season with all the drama, shade, and shenanigans we love! This year’s cast consists of Kandi Buruss, Phaedra Parks, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams, Kenya Moore, and original Atlanta Housewife, Sheree Whitfield! No Nene is not a regular on the show anymore, but we are sure somewhere down the line she’ll be showing her face and new nose. Check out the trailer for Season 9 by clicking here.


We have to admit this season looks juicy! The story lines look drama filled with plenty of tea to spill! Cynthia’s divorce is old news now, but we are surprised to see Phaedra and Kenya are BFFs now and that Chateau Sheree is finished. The last time we saw them together on the eight season reunion they were still being nasty to each other. The story line we are most interested in, however, centers around Riley reconnecting with her father, Russell “Block” Spencer. Neither Kandi or Mama Joyce seem too thrilled about it and after hearing him say he isn’t going to chase after his daughter, neither are we! Cynthia said the show is not about one person when we first learned Nene was leaving in early 2015 and it looks like she was right. Besides Sheree is back and we love it! Who’s gonna check her boo!?

Catch the Real Housewives of Atlanta ninth season premiere on Sunday, November 6 at 8 PM EST!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

Mikey hey mikey atl michael j. fanning

[VIDEO] #Heartwarming! Watch a Student Give a Teacher His Dream Pair of Jordans!


I think we can all agree that being a Teacher is one of the hardest jobs in America. Every day millions of teachers enter classrooms armed with a little more than informCs-HNkHUMAUppN4ation and good humor. With just those tools alone we expect them to teach the future of our society, and what do they get for their tireless efforts? Shiny red apples. Unless, of course, you’re Thomas Walser, just yesterday scrolling through Facebook I came across a video. The heart warming video featured Hector Montez, a student of Walser’s, gifting his teacher a pair of Jordan’s he’s wanted for almost two decades. Montez handed Walser the pair while surrounded by High School classmates who filmed the entire exchange for Montez. In the video, Montez presents the box to Walser while thanking him for “always keeping it real with me,” and hands him the box of sneakers. Walser expresses some initial hesitation even worrying that something’s going to jump out of the box at him, but after Montez reminds him of a conversation that happened years earlier about Walser’s favorite shoes his face changes from unease to joy. When he pops open the box, Walser gasps: “What?! I’ve wanted these since I was in sixth grade and I never got them… I can’t believe this.”

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Boys’ Company (@BoysCo) Presents: Hip Hop’s Influence on Fashion!


 Hip-Hop’s influence on fashion is as prevalent as ever, but it certainly has not always been that way. In fact, although the history of hip-hop dates back to the 1970s, it took quite a bit of time for mainstream fashion labels to fully embrace the cultural phenomenon. Hip Hop music was a small flame which ignited in New York, but it has spread globally like wildfire. With the genre reaching worldwide recognition, hip hop clothing and urban clothing have also become vastly popular and experienced major transformations from its early days.

To understand how hip-hop came into the mainstream dialogue we must first go back to its origins. Hip-hop was born out of major adversities experienced by the African-American and Puerto Rican residents of the South Bronx in New York City. Urban decay was reaching its peak and many of the residents were living in incredibly harsh conditions. Running water, heat, and electricity were all among the basic needs which were unavailable to a large portion of the South Bronx community. Abandoned or burnt down buildings made up over 40% of the area between the 70s and 80s.

hip hop clothing urban clothing hip hop fashion hip hop style history of hip hop hip hop ahip hop music

Bronx, New York 1970

 The harsh realities of life in the South Bronx are what led to the original voice of hip-hop, which was one of frustration and protest. As the genre of music started to evolve, so did its role in the mainstream dialogue.

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[VIDEO] Tyler Perry (@tylerperry) Will Return in “BOO! A Madea Halloween!”


Tyler Perry Studios is back at it again this Fall with another bound to be movie sell out! In Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween, Madea ends up in the middle of a mayhem when she spends a haunted and hilarious Halloween fighting off killers, paranormal poltergeists, ghosts, ghouls and zombies while trying to keep a watchful eye on a group of misbehaving teenagers.

This Halloween Tyler Perry is bringing us a twist on the usual horror films that hit theaters around October by delivering to us nothing but laughter from everyone’s favorite grandmother, Madea! We can’t wait to see how Madea handles the spooky characters in this film all while installing some wisdom to a group of troubled teens.

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