[VIDEO/Pictures] “Grow The F*ck Up!” Michael B. Jordan Addresses Gay Rumors!

Hot male celebrities and gay rumors go together like peanut butter and jelly.

This time around the target is actor, Michael B. Jordan!

This past weekend a man alleging he had a sexual relationship with the actor took to Instagram sharing details about their alleged relationship! Read them below, but we have to warn you they are explicit!

michael b. jordan gay rumors

michael b. jordan gay rumors

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Did They Kill It Or Nah? Instagram’s Best Celebrity Inspired Halloween Costumes

halloween costumes

2016 has definitely been the year of pop culture. Everything from music, movies, the Olympics, the election, viral moments and more has given us as viewers a gag worthy overload of sensational looks and moments that’ll stick with us for years to come. Speaking of looks, however, in the high spirits of Halloween, (Happy Halloween BTW) your friends here at Kontrol have decided to come up with our top pop culture/celebrity inspired looks for this costume season. So scroll through these 8 clever Halloween costumes via Instagram’s top posts and our favorites and you decide did they kill it or Nah?!

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 5.38.58 PM

Ryan Lochte

Because Lochte’s Olympic career is basically over now thanks to all the mischief that went down over at the Olympics in Rio this summer. I think it’s safe to say a Halloween costume is just in order to make light of his dead career right now. Anywho, did The Vampire Diaries’ actress Nina Dobrev kill this look or Nah?

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The Drama…Rob Kardashian (@RobKardashian) Being Investigated for Threatening Blac Chyna’s (@blacchyna) Alleged Side Piece, Pilot Jones! But HOLD ON Chyna Says He’s Gay!

In the latest bout of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian melodrama things seem to have only gotten worst! Apparently Rob is under investigation for threatening Chyna’s alleged side dude, Pilot Jones. The man she is seen kissing in this picture below.

blac chyna and pilot jones hey mikey atl

Naturally, Rob reacted and threatened Pilot prompting a criminal investigation by the LAPD  into the matter!

via TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us … Rob allegedly physically threatened Pilot Jones, who’s been hanging with Blac Chyna. We’re told Rob threatened to do Pilot harm.

The allegations come on the heels of photos that surfaced showing Blac and Pilot making out. 

We’re told Pilot is scared, partly because of a string of text messages, which include Rob telling Pilot, “Leave my wife alone. I’m not playing with you.”

Our law enforcement sources say, there are other texts in which Rob generally threatens Pilot with physical harm if he doesn’t stay away from Blac Chyna, although as one source says, the threat is “a little murky and general.”

We’ve learned LAPD’s Threat Management Unit is investigating. 

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[PHOTOS] It Went Down in The DM! Tahj Mowry Eggplant Pix Allegedly Leaked By Scorned Gay Man!

This has been the year of celebrity eggplants and morning wood as more male celebrities have gone frontal–willingly, accidentally, and unknowingly–than ever before. Well apparently we can now add former child star, Tahj Mowry, to that list! Yep, a man has come forward with screenshots from his Instagram DM conversation with Tahj where they were allegedly planning to work on music together and hook up…You can be the judge by checking out the convo and eggplant picture below. WARNING: The pictures are uncensored, viewer discretion is advised.

tahj mowry dick pics gay hey mikey atl

tahj mowry dick pics gay hey mikey atl

cont’d next page!

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There Is Trouble Brewing With The Cast Of ‘Cutting It In The ATL’: Dedra Allen (@DedraAAllen) Says, “Don’t Talk About My Momma!” [Video]

Cutting It In The ATL” cast member, Dedra Allen, appears to be rather upset with a few of her cast members. Dedra took to her Instagram account yesterday to call out fellow cast mates Maja, Beautii, and Mushiya. Apparently, Dedra feels some type of way about comments the ladies made about her mother.

cut it last night 1

According to Dedra, the ladies had a conversation on camera where they made comments about Dedra’s mother. Dedra feels that families are off limits and that they ladies had no business even making references to her mother or any other family members.  In order to show the ladies that she meant business, Dedra went on a total tyrant and lets all her Instagram fans know all the skeletons in Maja, Beautii, and Mushiya’s closets. Dedra states in the video that she has worked hard to have the relationship that she has now with her biological mother and that no one but her should speak on it.  Dedra makes references to Maja’s mom overdosing and says that Maja self-medicates on a daily basis. Dedra also talks about Beautii not having her mother, and that Mushiya’s mother is unable to obtain a green card.

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[PHOTOS] Why? Amina Buddafly (@Aminabuddafly) Post & Deletes Pic of Hubby, Peter Gunz’ (@IAmPeterGunz) Morning Wood!

Yet AGAIN the world of eggplants continues to flourish as yet another celebrity eggplant is introduced to social media! This time around the picture is little more censored and we have a reality star/wife to blame for it–Amina Buddafly! Just this morning the  Love & Hip-Hop New York star took to Instagram to post a picture of her husband, Peter Gunz’, morning wood as lay sleeping in their bed. Very shortly thereafter she promptly deleted the picture!


We are note really sure why Amina would post a picture like this of Peter. With the highly publicized and televised issues surrounding her marriage and the problems Peter has with keeping his penis to himself, we would she would be highly private about sharing it. Well now we can kind of see why Amina, and Tara Wallace, Peter’s most recent ex and one of his five baby mamas are content with fighting over him on national television.


Honestly this tomfoolery needs to stop. People are posting eggplant pictures like selfies this week! 50 Cent, Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom have made this quite a pearl clutching time for all of us. We just wonder who is next? Our bet is on Bow Wow he seems to be pandering for attention nowadays! We will keep you posted.

#Splitsville! Omarion (@1Omarion) & Apryl Jones (@APRYLSJONES) Are Over!

Another one bites the dust! Omarion and his beautiful girlfriend, Apryl Jones, who is also the mother of his two children have called it quits.

Apryl took to Twitter to initially tell the world that her and the Posta Be rapper we’re no longer together.


Then she went to Snapchat to further explain the reasoning behind their split. She claims infidelity was not a factor in them going their separate ways but it was simply that they grew apart.


Omarion responded on Instagram with a heart felt letter and emphasize this would be his one and only time addressing the breakup publicly.


The couple started their relationship in 2012 but snatched America’s heart on the season premier of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood in 2014. Omarion, 31, and Jones, 29, welcomed their first child, son Megaa Omari on the show’s first season. In March, Jones gave birth to their second child, daughter A’mei Kazuko Grandberry. Many fans think that their abrupt split might be for ratings for the upcoming third season of the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood franchise but many forget that they’re not going to be on the next season. Jones claims she’s happy and Omarion is focusing on his career, promoting his new single. Though it seems final, many are hoping that the duo find their way back to each other again.

Written By: Kyree Shockley

kyree shockley hey mikey atl