Web Series & Masterpiece…Tyson Anthony’s (@authortysona) “Raising Eli” Season 2!

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How many times can we say that Tyson Anthony is a true genius? Definitely once more, because it has never been truer!

The writer and creator of About Him, who also brought us Pharm: The Series and Entercourse is back with a second season of his hit web series, Raising Eli!

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When we last left off in the first season finale Eli (Chris June) seemed to overwhelmed with personal, romantic, and financial issues. Meanwhile, Travis (Monnie Isham) and Shad (Desmond Fletcher) grew closer, bonding over pizza, video games, and general laziness. Elsewhere, we learned King (Desjuan Zaire) suffers from social anxiety disorder. In the second season a few months have passed and things seem to only have gotten even harder for Eli. He was evicted from his house and has moved into a home his grandmother left for him–with Travis in tow. To make matters worse his insensitive and obnoxious cousin, Monte moves in too when his lack of finances threaten to have their home foreclosed on.

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[VIDEO/TRAILER] The Boys Are Back–Tyson Anthony’s “Raising Eli” Season 2!

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If we have not said it before then please allow us to yell it from the rooftops (and put this in all Caps!), “TYSON ANTHONY IS THE MAN!”

Yep, your favorite writer and web series guru, Tyson Anthony is back with a new season of his hit show, Raising Eli!

When we left off last season it seemed like Eli (Chris June) had reached his boiling point after a series of stressful events. Besides having the son of his “sort of ex-boyfriend,” Travis (Monnie Isham) needing a place to stay, he was wrought with job offer rejections, bill collectors, and then repeated rejection from his love interest, King (Desjuan Zaire). Meanwhile, Travis found himself drawn to Eli’s complacent, and bisexual, neighbor, Shad (Desmond Fletcher) who dreams of being an actor, but loves his weed, Netflix, and chilling a little too much to be productive!
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[VIDEO] We’re Feeling The Love! Tyson Anthony’s (@authortysona) “Entercourse” is Back w/ Short Film, “Rocky Love Ballad!”

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Tyson Anthony is a genius and his latest series, Entercourse, only reiterates that.

When we last left off with the series, Rocky (Elijah Black) finally realized and accepted he was a porn addict, and his loyal boyfriend, Miles (Jerome Parker) was determined to help him through it. Meanwhile, Miles’ friend and coworker, Drew, began questioning his sexuality.

drew and jackson entercourse

Neal Robinson and David Halle as “Jackson” and “Drew in Tyson Anthony’s “Entercourse: Rocky Love Ballad”

Flash forward to Entercourse: Rocky Love Ballad,  a short film to tide us over until Season 2; and we find that Rocky has left for a month to help his grandmother out and Miles has opted to “do his own thing.” Meanwhile, Drew’s questioning of his sexuality has grown to curiosity and his begun to explore gay dating apps. He meets a younger guy, Jackson (Neal Robinson), who very well may prove to be more than he bargained for. Miles starts a new job and meets a pediatrician, Nas (Coby Carlson), who has an alarming secret, but also wants to take pictures of him. Check out the trailer below.

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[VIDEO] Just in Time for V-Day! Tyson Anthony (@authortysona) Releases “Entercourse” Short Film

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Tyson Anthony, the creator of About Him, has seriously made waves in the web series community with the announcement of Season 2 of About Him, Raising Eli, Pharm The Series, and Entercourse. We love all of his series, but Entercourse is currently taking the stage as we watch a young gay couple, Rocky (Elijah Black) and Miles (Jerome B. Parker) struggle to deal with porn addiction, temptation, and a bi-curious—now possibly, bisexual–friend, Drew (David Hall).

david haller and jerome parker entercourse hey mikey atl

(l-r) David Hall (Drew) and Jerome Parker (Miles) in “Entercourse”

The end of the first half of the season left us wondering just how Miles and Rocky were going to make it through the latter’s porn addiction and spice up their sex life. We were also left watching as Drew went from curious to questioning as he began to have vivid dreams about Miles at night. Thankfully, Tyson has heard our pleas and released a short film to tide us over over until the second half of the season debuts. Check out the trailer below!

via Entercourse

It’s V-Day on Entercouse. And this short film is the perfect entertainment needed to hold fans over until Season Two. Drew continues his sexual exploration with a very antagonizing partner. And while Rocky is away Miles once again find himself – playing. Our familiar faces are joined by new ones including the odd and awkward Nas…or is it Skinfade.

Well we now see Drew has definitely given into his temptation! He is trying all of the sexual stuff, as Miles implies, with a new guy. This is rather refreshing as it adds new layers to their world bringing in a fourth person. The question remains to be seen though, is this the guy for him, or is he really after Miles. The trailer does not delve too much into what is going with Rocky and Miles, currently, as we surmised; but it only makes us anticipate the next half of the season even more!

Be sure you check out all the episode of the series thus far by clicking here! Happy viewing!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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In Need of “Entercourse?” Get To Know Web Star, Jerome Parker (@jeromebparker)!

Jerome Parker
Photo Credit: Alan Lux Studios

Web stars may be the epitome of overnight celebrities nowadays, but that does not mean they are all worth writing about. In fact many of them could use a few acting classes or just some talent in general! Thankfully, Tyson Anthony does not fail to deliver just what we need in quality actors, especially on LGBT web series.

Meet Jerome Parker–a model, handsome, sexy, talented, an overall sweetheart, AND the star of the new hit web seriesEntercourse!

Hailing from New York City, Jerome is a good ol’ Brooklyn boy with dreams to become one of the biggest stars in the world. We were first introduced to him in Pharm The Series, where he played “Reek,” a loyal, “ride or die” boyfriend willing to help his troubled man no matter what. Unlike most web stars, Jerome became one unwittingly, not being particular fond of web series. “I started off hating web series, like for real. I started off watching ‘About Him’ and it was cool, but I was like I’m not watching that I’ll watch TV. I couldn’t watch anything on YouTube for that long. One day I sat down and I was like lemme watch it [About Him]…and I watched it and it was so addictive! Prior to that Tyson [Anthony, the creator of About Him, Pharm The Series, and Entercourse] had DM’ed me and wanted me to be on the show and I ignored him completely [he laughed]…I was like what are you talking about? I ended up moving down here [from New York City to Greensboro, North Carolina] and got a job working at a restaurant. I ended up getting laid off and that’s why Tyson inboxed me again and was like ‘Hey, this is your last chance I really would like for you to be a part of this;’ and I said you know what I’m going to take him up on this opportunity. I was still nervous, feeling like I’m not really an actor, but when I got around my cast it all happened so naturally, and here I am…”

jerome parker entercourse

On Entercourse Jerome portrays “Miles,” also a loyal boyfriend to Rocky (Elijah Black), who is addicted to porn. Although the couple greatly love each other, the latter’s porn addiction causes their sex life to become lackluster and Miles’ eye to wander towards his curious co-worker, Drew (David Hall). Like his characters, Jerome admits he too is a loyal boyfriend when in a relationship. “We’re [He, Reek, and Miles] are very much alike [he laughs]. I’m a Virgo and we are romantic and we’re just all about our boyfriends when we have one. When I started doing the shows Tyson [the creator of Pharm and Entercourse] asked how am I with my boyfriends; and I was like i’m like the ‘lovey dovey’ type…it’s just BAE, BAE, BAE, BAE [he laughs]…it’s just how I am and it shows…It’s very natural.” Jerome also reveals that initially the sex scenes on the show were a bit too much for him. “Some scenes from the shows required nudity and I was like I’m not comfortable with that. Tyson was cool though and told me he did not want me to do anything I was uncomfortable with. So in Pharm I kept some black underwear on, but in Entercourse there’s no way we could have made that scene believable so I stripped down. It was very tasteful I feel like…”

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Addicted To Intercourse? Tyson Anthony’s (@authortysona) “Entercourse” Will Hit All Your Spots!

entercourse poster

It truly is the age of web series! New ones seem to be debuting by the day. However, that does not mean they all deserve our attention. Thankfully, Tyson Anthony, the creator of About Him and Pharm: The Series is back with another addictive series, Entercourse! Entercourse shows us a different type of addiction–porn addiction–and how the pitfalls is causes a young gay couple. Check out the trailer below!

The couple, Rocky and Miles, although loving and supportive of one another, have a lackluster sex life. Their bedroom issues are all due to Rocky’s addiction to porn. Rather than focusing on Miles, his family, and other responsibilities; he spends his days masturbating, watching porn, subscribing to new porn, masturbating more, and watching more porn! Tiring of his boyfriend’s neglect, Miles receives an enticing offer from his seemingly straight and open-minded co-worker, Drew. The plot only thickens from there as Miles and Rocky must contend with the latter’s addiction, while Drew finds himself with new interests.

The sex, the fantasy, and the curiosity of Entercourse is nothing short of shocking, but believable. In the Digital Age we all know someone who is a little too attached to their porn collection. In fact many of us are card carrying members of XTube or have the ever so handy MyVidster app! We were able to see the first five episodes of the season and cannot wait for more. However, in critiquing it we really wish the episodes lasted at least half an hour and that there were more characters in the show.

You can rent or purchase the first five episodes of the series by visiting www.tysonanthony.com!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

michael fanning kontrol magazine hey mikey atl