Kontrol Exclusive: Fit Mom & Superwoman—Laura Govan (@LauraMGovan) Won’t Be Stopped!

laura govan


Whoever said a woman’s life as she knows it ends when she becomes a mother must have been born in the fifties. Gone are the days when being a mother is a woman’s “be all and end all.” Do not get us wrong; any good mother should be there for her kids, but modern moms know their own well-being is intricately tied in with their children’s.

Enter the world of Laura Govan, reality television star, businesswoman, and “Fit Mom.”

This astonishing woman is still taking the world by storm. “…so much [is going on], so much! I’ve been working on my fitness line, my clothing line, my accessory line is booming and doing amazing…I’ve gotten crazy support from a lot of people—Amber Rose, [Blac] Chyna, Neicey Nash, Karreueche [Tran], Christina—so a lot of women are wearing it and loving it…It’s so funny because I had no intention of starting a business or doing anything…I didn’t realize the passion that I had for it…it’s such a blessing…”

laura govan

            We all know and love Laura from her appearances on shows like VH-1’s Basketball Wives LA and TV One’s The Next 15, but honestly as you can tell there is much more to her than just reality television. Ms. Govan is now a “Fit Mom.” A fit mom is a term used to describe mothers who have not allowed childbirth and motherhood to keep them from being healthy and fit. When asked would she define herself as a fit mom she replies; “You know I most definitely feel like anyone who works out is definitely fit…it’s hard to wanna get up and do something. It takes a lot, just the will to want to be motivated, especially when you’re not in the right frame of mind…” Many people might argue that because Laura does not have a typical “nine to five” job she has the time to work out and develop her body. “Not necessarily. I beg to differ. Because my job is twenty four hours, not only do I have my children all day, every day; even when they’re at school I’m on call [she laughs]…I  make time to work out. Even if that means I have to get up at five AM to get ahead of my children to do that then that’s what I’ll do. Also, working out does not mean you have to go to the gym. I hate that people think that. It’s such a stereotypical thing, I feel like it’s an excuse. ‘People are like oh I can’t get to them.’ I’m like shit I can’t either! Do things in the house, you have to figure it out. There are so many things you can do…”

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): Dancing w/ Dnay B. (@DnayBisMe) As Beyonce’s (@beyonce) Primary Tour Dancer

Dnay B.

A self-thought dancer from West Harlem, New York Dnay B. learned how to dance by hanging out in the neighborhood and watching television. Fast forward to current times Dnay B. is one of the most sought-after dancers in the United States. To date, Dnay B.has worked with huge celebrities such as Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, and Alicia Keys.

Dnay B Grammy head shot

Dnay B. Backstage at the 2017 Grammy’s. Photo: @dnaybisme

Her professional dancing career started after she played the role of Kelly Rowland for then creative director for both Kelly and Beyonce for Kelly’s “Motivation” video. Not being aware of her tasks within the payment process, some time had passed since the live video submission and Dnay contacted the director about not receiving her payment. He then advised her to stop by Alvin Ailey. At the meeting, he asked if she wanted to dance for Beyonce as a makeup for her troubles. Beyonce at 2017 Grammy'sThat was in 2011, Dnay’s first experience dancing for Beyonce was during Oprah’s Finale Show and then the BillBoard Awards. However, she did not become an official Beyonce dancer until 2013 after filling in for a dancer on the set of Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” video. The following day she was called upon to go on tour for the Mrs. Carter Would Tour and the rest is history.

When Dnay is touring she tries to maintain her internal clock on Eastern time by taking naps so that when she returns to NY the transition is smoother. Her tour days start each morning with breakfast then an hour of praise and worship, then checking social media, then it’s tour rehearsals. Once back on the tour bus the dancers will wind down; this is the time Dnay would usually color. She also finds time to speak to her parents several times a day as they share a close-knit relationship

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): The Crowing Jewel of “Quantico!” We Love Pearl Thusi!

pearl thusi

ABC’s Quantico is nothing short of a mega hit! This amazing series entailing the professional and personal lives of FBI and CIA personnel is nothing short of riveting. Starring Priyanka Chopra, the show is action picked, suspenseful, and has story lines with plot twists so unexpected that soap operas would run for their money! Quantico is now in its second season, and that means new motives, new story lines, and most importantly, new characters. Meet Pearl Thusi, South African actress, model, radio, and television personality, and now the latest addition to this series’ amazing cast!

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi as “Dayana Mampasi”

Kontrol Magazine was able to snag an interview with the starlet as she explains the ins and outs of the show as well as her riveting new role. She admits she was not an avid viewer of the series initially but has since caught up. When I got the role it was not airing in South Africa yet, but I had heard good things about the show.  The online streaming channels were not available where I was so I was only able to watch snippets online.  However, I was able to watch all of it before shooting began.” As a series regular on Quantico, Pearl portrays “Dayana Mampasi,” a competitive, driven, and focused lawyer who is recruited by The Farm (CIA training ground). She is set as Alex’s (Priyanka Chopra) roommate who from almost the beginning makes it very clear she is not interested in making friends.

However, Thusi does admit there are some surprising similarities and differences between she and her character, who on the series can be quite cold. It is often necessary to share traits with any character you play and of course take on other traits they exhibit. We’ve both suffered tremendous loss and use work to cover it up and deal with it when necessary.  I am often told that I’m very strong and hope I apply that strength to Dayana’s character.  Dayana is also extremely brave and intelligent and I like to think I’m all of those things too. Another way we are similar is that she is also very loyal and has created an almost perfect coping mechanism for dealing with her ghosts.  One way I feel that we are dissimilar is that I consider myself a lot more fun and enthusiastic.”

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): The Queen Of Burlesque–Dita Von Teese (@DitaVonTeese)!

Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese

What exactly is burlesque? Is it a striptease? Is it a form of seduction?

Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese has all your answers to this lost art form.

Recently, Dita took time out of her busy schedule to sit down with Kontrol to talk about her gorgeous art form, Hollywood glam, and her career.

Dita credits her mom for sparking her fascination with the golden age of cinema.

“My mother watched old films. So I grew up watching those films with her and I became obsessed with the technicolor musicals of 1940s especially. They were like cartoons to me with Betty Grable, Carmen Miranda, and all these lavish musical numbers.”

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): Teenear (@TeenearR)–Miami’s Shining Star!


Everything is hot in Miami. This sultry city has hot fashion, hot people, and even hot music. So of course Miami native Teenear fits right in. Teenear is Slip-N-Slide Record’s newest artist and she is already giving the people a run for their money. Recently, Teenear sat down with Kontrol  to give us the exclusive on her newest single and her career.

Singer Teenear

Teenear has a unique pop sound and her lyrics are relatable to many young women across the globe. Recently, Teenear released her latest single “Last Night” and it’s sure to become the girl anthem of the year.

“The person I was working with, Ali, he’s the other writer of the song. I came into the studio hearing him sing “Last Night” over and over again, and I sat there and I thought of just things that I know people go through. And I feel like a lot of people can relate to being in on and off relationships for whatever reasons. I feel like this song is just for the girl who has gotten to the point where she realizes that she is over it. She doesn’t need him. She’s found her worth and she knows that she is bigger than that relationship. The ultimate independence song and her just saying that she can still do her by herself.”

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): We Love “Flaca!” Jackie Cruz (@MsJackieCruz) Dishes On Life & “Orange Is The New Black!”

jackie cruz

Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) is by far one of the best series ever to grace the Small Screen. For four seasons now the show has shown the highs, lows, and backstories of a group of phenomenal women…who just so happen to be incarcerated! Now we at Kontrol Magazine, love all the characters on the show, but few melt our hearts or make us as gaga as Jackie Cruz, better known for her role, of “Marisol ‘Flaca’ Gonzalez” on the hit Netflix series. After four seasons many shows would begin to lose momentum, she attributes the show’s success to good acting and positive reinforcement. “It’s not really a secret really. People want to see themselves on TV. it’s as simple as that. We are finally connecting with characters that look like us and could possibly be us.”

jackie cruz as flaca from orange is the new black

Jackie Cruz as “Flaca” from orange is the new black

As Flaca, Jackie Cruz is one of the youngest inmates in the prison, but also smart, funny, and very sarcastic. Her loyalty to her gang and friends, especially Maritza Ramos, whom she is practically inseparable from. In the fourth season of the series, Flaca’s role is expanded and she becomes a main character. “I am so in love with my character and how she has developed throughout the seasons. I got to find out about Flaca the same way you guys did, so I never knew what she did to get in there until the third season.  I’m just so happy that the audience took a liking to her.” 

She goes on to reveal Flaca’s most memorable scene to her. “I would have to say the day of her arrest. In fact she felt like she didn’t do anything wrong because it was just paper, but it was fraud and endangerment.  Before I started the show, I was a bit more judgmental about people in prison, but now I understand that because of one mistake that could be one of us in there. I felt like I was in a bubble and being on this show has helped me grow as a person and as a compassionate human.” Interestingly, Jackie admits she would like to see her character interact with Lorna more. “I know she’s a bit crazy, but I think Flaca and her would get along just fine. I believe they are both dreamers and maybe just talking to each other could help them survive in there.”

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): Songstress, Inas X (@InasX), Is Music’s Next Big Superstar!

Inas X’s goal in life is to spread love and knowledge. She believes that the world needs more love and will stop at nothing to get her message across. A Palestinian Brooklyn native, with a story of tribulation all of her own, Inas X is ready to take you on an emotional journey through her music. Indefinable, independent, and creative, she’s taking on the music industry one song at a time.

“I love everything about music and the way it makes you feel. I love how music touches people. I think that there is no other form of art, or no other industry really that touches the mass like music does. I think music is so powerful in that sense.”

From chorus to the band, Inas was no stranger to music. However, it was her first on stage performance that made her want to turn it into a career.

“My first performance was in the first grade; I was Cher and sang, “I Got You, Babe”. That was like my first experience on stage, and from then on, I knew I always wanted to act, sing and be creative.”

In 2016 Inas took fans on an emotional journey with songs on her EP like “Gets Me High” and “Stupid”. So for 2017 Inas assures us of more heat coming our way for the New Year.

“I’m getting ready to drop an EP. It’s coming with a lot of visuals, so I’m really excited about that. I have a lot of new music, new videos, new everything coming out in 2017. I’m just excited to show where I am and how much I’ve grown in the industry. I’m just ready to connect more with my fans.”

Inas is no stranger to climbing the charts. After claiming a spot on the Billboard Top 20 Dance charts in 2016, she also finished up a tour across the United States all in the same year.

“It was definitely a surreal feeling because I was on tour when it happened. So it was definitely a surreal feeling for me because it was a dream of mine that I started to see manifest into reality. But it also made me want to go harder so that I can reach the top spot on the Billboard top 100!”

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