Cory Hardrict (@coryhardrict)– Destined for Greatness!

Cory Hardrict Kontrol Homme Cover

Cory Hardrict silently dominated the 2016 independent film festival circuit with his film, “Destined”.

In addition to playing dual roles in the film, Hardrict also served as executive producer. Initially, Hardrict was producing the film and not starring in it, but the director felt like he was the perfect fit for the leading man. Destined follows two separate paths a young man takes after he comes to the fork in the road of life. The film is about choices and how consequences to actions can result in a lifetime of differences. “One character is an architect—sometimes in that world you have other people that make decisions for you. He is dealing with gentrification which results in  him making a decision for an entire
community. The parallel character is a drug Lord desperately trying to save his son. It’s a real life thing two paths and parallels,” Hardrict explains. “Destined” quickly became the project to beat, garnering eight awards at twelve festivals throughout 2016. “I knew from what we shot the work was great. After you shoot it and put it together, the rest is in God’s hands. The success has been a blessing, but the mission is to get it to the world,” Hardrict shares.

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Hardrict enjoyed a number of films released last year, including most recently “Spectral” an action thriller purchased by Netflix, but much like the message in his film “Destined”, Hardrict is both strategic and selective with his career. His brooding yet unforgettable presence along with his selective-ness when choosing roles are just a few of the reasons Hardrict has been compared to the legendary Denzel Washington. When asked about the constant comparison, Hardrict is humbled. “Denzel is a living legend, so I just shake my head. He is like a God, he is the best actor on the planet. I got a lot of work to do before I could come anywhere close to that. He has a lot of strength and power. He’s been consistent. Antoine Fuqua was the first person to say I reminded him of a young Denzel. It made me want to step my game up, those are heavy words.” Besides his on camera likeness to Denzel, Hardrict is also an outspoken family man, attributing his success to the title of fatherhood he enjoys with wife Tia Mowry. “Becoming a husband and father made my heart open up more because I love my wife and son to death. It’s been fun, nothing but joy. It’s made me a better man and better actor.”

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[VIDEO] Happy Father’s Day! Men’s Products & Shaving Tips w/ Boardroom Salon for Men at Avalon (@BoardroomSalons)!

boardroom salon for men logo

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and if you are anything like us you probably waited until the last minute to get something for your old man. The typical/traditional Father’s Day gift is usually a tie or something dressy, but there is so much more to a man that just what he wears. How about those things called hair and skin that cover most of his body?

Kontrol Magazine’s Entertainment & Lifestyle Editor and Atlanta blogger, Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning, got a few amazing tips from the staff and stylists of Boardroom Salon at Avalon in Alpharetta, Georgia.


boardroom salon for men at avalaon

First let’s talk ambiance! Walking into Boardroom Salon is breathtaking and you instantly get the feeling you have stepped into an upper echelon of grooming and pampering. The salon is very old school, gentlemanly, and most of classy! Those hardwood floors and paneling, black leather seats, and a comfy lounge is nothing short of timeless.

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Kontrol Homme Exclusive (@kontrolmag): Breaking “Underground!” Alano Miller (@AlanoMiller) On Cato, Justice, & Inclusion!

alano miller kontrol homme

What does it take to be a leading man? Is it the look? The swagger? Or maybe it’s the unyielding desire to be the best of the best. If that is the case then this actor and rising star has the lion’s share! We love him as the former overseer turned runaway on WGN’s hit series, Underground. Still, there is so much more to the man that dominates our Wednesday night television screens—there’s wit, charm, poise, and let’s not forget an inferno of talent just waiting to set Hollywood on fire!

He is Alano Miller, and you are going to love him!

alano miller kontrol homme

Underground is a runaway hit about runaways (pun intended) earning high ratings and rave reviews from viewers nationwide. When we left off in the first season Cato had surprisingly and bravely survived a shootout while seemingly sacrificing himself to save Noah (Aldis Hodge) and Rosalee (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and discovering a chest of money. Alano reveals we can expect a lot more from Cato this season. “This a Cato you’ve never seen before. This is a brand new Cato. I’ve dubbed him as ‘Cato 2.0’ [he laughs] You know he’s well-traveled, well-versed. His chess game is way more strategic now. That money adds weight to him so he is definitely looking for his respect and it’s going to take up his space. It’s going to be more emotional with him—a physical and emotional transition with him this year…” He goes onto reveal his character reaches a crossroads later in the season.  “…there’s going to be a decision made at the end of the season about who he wants to be. Is he good? Is he bad? By the end of this season we will define who Cato is.”

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Kontrol Homme Exclusive (@kontrolmag): Eric Benet (@ebenet) Brings Back Authentic R&B w/ Self-Titled Album

eric benet kontrol homme

Eric Benét Discuss Self-Titled Album, Authentic R&B, and Turning 50!

With more than 20 years in the industry, four-time Grammy nominated singer and songwriter, Eric Benet, is back like he never left with his self-titled, eighth album. From “Spend My Life With You” and “Chocolate Legs”, to his new singles “Insane” and “Sunshine”, Benét manages to give fans love, sexiness, and soul with every note he hits. Since his debut album, True to Myself, dropped in the 90s, Benet has given his all on each track and this new album is a true representation of the man behind the mic. “After driving around and living with this record for a while after it was mastered, this was the first time I could not stop listening to one of my albums,” Benét said. “I’d be at home listening to my own stuff which is rare. It was such a pure representation of who I am. It’s really me, hence the self-titled album.” 

Don’t try looking for a new sound because you won’t find it in his new record. That’s the magic behind Benét’s longevity in the music business. Fans can rely on him to bring the same creative and melodically pleasing vibes that he’s delivered since day one. The only difference you’ll find is that he gets better with time. “I don’t try to reinvent myself. I just keep trying to get better and better and trust the initial wave of creation more and not second guess it,” said Benét. “I just think there’s nothing uniquely different other than the fact that it’s a better version of me.”

On this album, the dynamic duo of Eric Benet and singer Tamia returns with a the hit single “Sunshine” which peaked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Adult & R&B chart. Their famous collaboration on the classic song “Spend My Life With You” is considered a staple in weddings all over the world and the new track is looking like another classic in the works. The chemistry between the two songbirds is indeed special and indescribable. “It’s just something about the way our voices sync perfectly. The combination of us two is like musical love,” Benet said. “If I were to attempt to break it down and explain it, I don’t think I could more so that I would be able to explain why peanut butter and jelly taste so good together. It just works.”

With two decades behind him, Benet is a pillar in the music game and has paved the way for other upcoming talents to follow in his footsteps. As he’s previously stated earlier this year, this album is laced with “authentic R&B” music which according to him, is ever fleeting nowadays. Living in the digital world has made an impact not only on how people buy, sell, and listen to music but has also affected the way music is created. The integrity of R&B music, how it sounds and how it’s labeled is very important to Benét and he wishes for the genre to go back to its roots. “It’s frustrating because when I started the business people actually respected music enough to pay for a song. You wanted to pay money for your new Prince or Earth, Wind, and Fire record. There was more reverence for the art,” Benet said. “Now, it’s less reverence for the art and more reverence for the personality and hype.”

Benet continued to discuss just how crucial it is to uphold the state of R&B music and how important to know the discernment between real R&B sound and to properly categorize the genre. “To me when I say authentic R&B, I’m talking about rhythm and blues. I’m talking about instruments. I think the genre of R&B is misnamed often today. It seems as though they call music R&B but to my ears it’s not really R&B it’s more like techno meets hip hop meets auto tune,” Benét said. “If somebody is black singing on top of that they call it R&B and if someone is white singing on top of that they call it Pop. I would like to see R&B categorize correctly. I don’t want to see it lost in the shuffle.”

Not all hope is lost for the state of music today. According to Benet there is a new era of “dope cats” such as Ro James and BJ the Chicago Kid who have the potential to bring the genre back to its origin. “It’s becoming dope again to be real and play instruments and sing for real. So there’s definitely hope.”

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Jacob Latimore (@jacoblatimore) Kills The Cover of Kontrol Homme (@kontrolmag) w/ His “Collateral Beauty!”

jacob latimore

Some boys got it, and some boys don’t!

Jacob Latimore definitely has it!

By “it” we mean the look, the skill, the talent, and the willpower to be one of the entertainment industry’s megastars. We have had the privilege of watching grow from a cool kid to a confident and capable young man who is ready to take on the world with a new movie, Collateral Beauty, and new album, Connection in tow.

Naturally we had to snag him for Kontrol Homme’s latest cover on The Anniversary Issue; where we are celebrating the magazine’s first anniversary! Jacob is the perfect person to for this cover as he has a lot to celebrate and even more to talk about. Check out a snippet of his interview with our CEO and Atlanta Blogger, Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning below!

jacob latimore

Is it just us, or do some people seem to be destined for greatness? The talent, the appeal, the hard work, and the willpower to be the best are all attributes any rising star must have to make their way in the entertainment industry. Truly no one knows this better than singer, actor, dancer, model, and heartthrob, Jacob Latimore! Jacob is truly one of the industry’s most captivating young talents. Someone we have all had the pleasure of either watching grow up, or grew up with. Although he has been pretty successful in his own right, he continues to reach for the stars beyond the stars with a new movie, Collateral Beauty, a new album, and proving to the world he is now “all grown up!”

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): “Power’s” (@Power_Starz) Joseph Sikora (@JosephSikora4): The Man Behind Tommy Egan!

Many know him as Tommy Egan, the hot tempered, impulsive, New York, street raised, white drug trafficker who’s the right hand man to James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) in Starz hit series, Power. Running on his third season now, Joseph Sikora has portrayed Egan so seamlessly that it’s no surprise that the world, specifically African-American viewers, have taken such a liking to him. He’s not the white man who’s trying to fit into the black dominated hip hop world. He authentically belongs there. With his popular role, many wonder if Tommy Egan and Joseph Sikora are on in the same. Well based on what we can see, Sikora is as real as they come.

Joseph Sikora was born and raised on the Northwest side of Chicago in a neighborhood that he considers a transitional point because it wasn’t too far away from the suburbs but still close enough to the city. He grew up in a low middle class working family where everyone was a city worker, mainly policeman and fireman.
“I grew up in Norwood Park, right off of the train line, between the Harlem and Jefferson Park stops, along the L. It was like my own personal transport around the city,” said Sikora.

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): A Must Read! REASN (@TheReasn) Is Becoming The Artist To Watch & On His Own Terms!

It may sound cliché, but rising singer, REASN, plans to be the voice of reason through music for a new generation.

“It just came (name) to me. I have been through a lot and I realize everything happens for a reason,” said the singer.

REASN experiences not only influenced his stage name, but also the message and direction of his music. He is fusing Hip Hop, R&B, and Rock together to create his own infectious sound, which is gaining a lot of buzz because of its uniqueness. He affectionately calls it Urban Rock and he doesn’t consider himself a singer but a truth teller.

“People will box you in before even hearing your music. I started my own lane influenced by all forms of music,” he said.

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