[VIDEO] Laura Govan (@LauraMGovan) Opens Up In A Recent Interview About Her Life & More!

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Laura Govan Opens Up In A Recent Interview with TheJasmineBrand On ‘Fix My Life’, Molestation & Gilbert Arenas!

Laura Govan has made it clear that she is more than a reality star and ex-fiancee. Recently, the mother of four did an episode with Iyanla: Fix My Life and during the episode, Govan touched on a number of things. From her controversial relationship with ex-fiancee, Gilbert Arenas, to the status of the relationship with her sister Gloria Govan and getting back to herself. Immediately following the show, Laura spoke exclusively with Jasmine Brand from theJasmineBRAND.com. She reflected on the show, moving past issues with her parents and what’s next for Govan.  When it came down to speaking on why she did decided to go on Iyanla: Fix My Life, she states:

Laura Govan opens up in an Exclusive Interview with TheJasmineBrand

“I felt like it was time. You know, for the most part, I’m over it [persistent drama with ex-fiancée] and tired. I wanted it to be an end of a new beginning. There is a lot that wasn’t put in it. For the most part, it’s hard. I had to take myself out of it and become a fan. Which is what made me cry. I could see the hurt, the pain. It was hard to watch. It was a hard pill to swallow.

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Kontrol Exclusive: Fit Mom & Superwoman—Laura Govan (@LauraMGovan) Won’t Be Stopped!

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Whoever said a woman’s life as she knows it ends when she becomes a mother must have been born in the fifties. Gone are the days when being a mother is a woman’s “be all and end all.” Do not get us wrong; any good mother should be there for her kids, but modern moms know their own well-being is intricately tied in with their children’s.

Enter the world of Laura Govan, reality television star, businesswoman, and “Fit Mom.”

This astonishing woman is still taking the world by storm. “…so much [is going on], so much! I’ve been working on my fitness line, my clothing line, my accessory line is booming and doing amazing…I’ve gotten crazy support from a lot of people—Amber Rose, [Blac] Chyna, Neicey Nash, Karreueche [Tran], Christina—so a lot of women are wearing it and loving it…It’s so funny because I had no intention of starting a business or doing anything…I didn’t realize the passion that I had for it…it’s such a blessing…”

laura govan

            We all know and love Laura from her appearances on shows like VH-1’s Basketball Wives LA and TV One’s The Next 15, but honestly as you can tell there is much more to her than just reality television. Ms. Govan is now a “Fit Mom.” A fit mom is a term used to describe mothers who have not allowed childbirth and motherhood to keep them from being healthy and fit. When asked would she define herself as a fit mom she replies; “You know I most definitely feel like anyone who works out is definitely fit…it’s hard to wanna get up and do something. It takes a lot, just the will to want to be motivated, especially when you’re not in the right frame of mind…” Many people might argue that because Laura does not have a typical “nine to five” job she has the time to work out and develop her body. “Not necessarily. I beg to differ. Because my job is twenty four hours, not only do I have my children all day, every day; even when they’re at school I’m on call [she laughs]…I  make time to work out. Even if that means I have to get up at five AM to get ahead of my children to do that then that’s what I’ll do. Also, working out does not mean you have to go to the gym. I hate that people think that. It’s such a stereotypical thing, I feel like it’s an excuse. ‘People are like oh I can’t get to them.’ I’m like shit I can’t either! Do things in the house, you have to figure it out. There are so many things you can do…”

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The Govan Sisters (@GloGovan, @LauraMGovan): Controversy & Clapbacks Over Gilbert Arenas

BBWLA sisters, Laura Govan and Gloria Govan are at war with infidelity allegations and social media shade and it’s all over former NBA player and Laura’s ex-husband, Gilbert Arenas.

The drama all started earlier this week when Laura sat down with Hollywood blogger, Jason Lee, and Blood, Sweat & Heels star, Melyssa Ford, to address some issues going on with her and her ex boo Arenas. During a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked podcast, Laura claimed that at one point in her relationship with Arenas, she felt that her sister, Gloria, was thirsty for him and his attention. She said that it had gotten so bad that she had to hook Gloria up with her “own baller” ex-beau, Matt Barnes, in order for her to see past her husband.

“That is true. That’s what I did. It was something I was going through and we were younger…There was a lot of f*ckery going on in the relationship…There’s a lot of sh*t that I went through, with my sister and dealing with this situation. When I hooked them up — she was a thorn in my *ss when I was in a relationship with Gilbert…And her friends … It was a lot.”

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Gilbert Arenas Continues to Trash Ex, Laura Govan (@LauraMGovan), on Social Media!

Different day, same slander when it comes to Gilbert Arenas and his ex Laura Govan. Just last week we reported that Arenas had served the mother of his children with a 60-day eviction notice and as if that wasn’t humiliating enough, Gilbert is still taking to social media to run Laura’s name through the mud.

Gilbert Arenas took to Instagram to post, then later delete a post where he aired his disdain for the mother of his children:

Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan hey mikey atl

My kids be at home like: airplane food AGAIN… #paperplategang #cafeteriafood this what that 20k buys my kids lmaoooo stop bullshitting these hardworking #mothers between u and that #dike someone can cook a real mean and wash dishes smdh….if u spent more time actually being a mother, then emailing #tmz #balleralert stories about me so they can post and u play all innocent like u a #victim….all u ladies that bash me for blasting her remember this…I don’t club,go out, only time u see me out I’m with my kids #nonanny #nomaids so how do stories get out about me…u guess that right #thebestmomintheworld…. my name is what puts food on my kids table and she spends her time trying to bite the hand that feeds HER… if I don’t get paid…how are you gonna buy all the outfits you post on #ig?… I sat back and just watched u secretly destroy my name… for YOUR on gain… #youcaughtredhanded 62 emails forwarded to me by different gossip sites from ur email addy trying to have stories ran about me…so fucking sad, now since it’s Saturday and theres no school ur forced to watch them NOW take urself to #glowzone #skyhigh #celebkidsbdayparty and take pics with the kids like u having the best day…. this was suppose to be my weekend but u had ur lawyer deny it becuz ur weekend falls on ur bday, ano no #fake mommy wants their kids on they #turnupday #STOPFAKINGforIG #uwantfameHEREitisNOedit the truth shall set u free… and yes that’s my son#aloniarenas hahahahahaha FYI by u emailing those sites u went against that #restrainingGagOrder tsk tsk

Laura has yet to respond. This mess is getting nastier by the day.

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

monique c. tillman hey mikey atl

Matt Barnes (@Matt_Barnes22) Throws Shade at Estranged Wife, Gloria Govan (@GloGovan)!

Los Angeles Clippers forward, Matt Barnes took to social media to vent about his feelings toward his estranged wife and former Basketball Wives L.A. star, Gloria Govan.


It seems that Matt is not too pleased with Gloria social life. On Twitter, Barnes says, “s/o 2 all the real mothers out there who take of their responsibilities. Not on EVERY red carpet or flyin all over the country chasing…? I solute yall… NOTHING on this earth should come b4 your children. Also s/o the dads that handle their business. Always keep your kids 1st.”

"Basketball Wives LA" Season 2 Premiere

The tweet is not on Barnes’ twitter account anymore. Clearly his Twitter rant was just a venting moment for him.

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