6/1/2014- “Conceal, Don’t Feel”


Hey Mikey,

My wife says I’m too rough on our son, but I’m just trying to make a man out of him. He’s six and cries at the drop of a dime when anything gets to him. She says he’s just being a little boy, but as his father I can tell that if I don’t do something about this now he’ll be that kid who’s picked on at school. He’s going to be a man and he can’t always just be acting out, you feel me? How can I toughen him up without being so “rough” with him?


***Vincent, your son is six–that’s not old at all. He hasn’t even lived an eighth of his life yet. Allow me to tell you this, as men society does us the great disservice of not allowing us to be human. “Conceal, don’t feel…” is the mantra forced fed to us as boys. This forces us to keep everything and every emotion to ourselves. Many of us fail to learn to love and show love, make any real connections with others, and greatly shorten our lives from the burden and stress of keeping everything in. This is no way to live. Let your son feel but do for him what might not have been done for you and teach him to control and positively express him emotions. Putting him on a team sport would be an excellent way to accomplish this. Vincent, being a good parent means ensuring your child has all of your strengths and none of your weaknesses. Place his emotional needs before your ego. It’s not a good look.

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5/23/2014- “Standing Frozen”

Queen Elsa from Disney's "Frozen"

Hey Mikey,

I’m kinda going through a lot right now. I got a new job offer  in New Orleans. It’s kind of my dream job and def means more money. Still, my family and ex-boyfriend are here. I’m close with my family and my ex is hinting that he wants to get back together. We had a bad break up, but we still kick it with each other on and off. I know if I leave I’ll be out there by myself, but I kind of do want to get away, my past in ATL holds a lotta bad memories for me–deaths, disappointments, heartache, etc. Do you think I should move? I know it’ll be the end of he and I for sure if I choose to do so. From his own admission he’s “not good at long distance anything…”

-Still Standing, But Scared

***Still Standing, But Scared; your pen name should be “Standing Frozen.” You  cannot allow events and people from your past keep you from moving forward to the future. Right now you’re at this weird apex in the present and it doesn’t seem like you’re really living or falling apart. You have said this opportunity in New Orleans is your dream job and you should go for it! Your family, if they’re sane, will support you doing better. As far as your ex, no one can live their life off “ifs,” “maybes,” and “mights.” He is your ex for a reason, remember that. Trust me darlin’ if it’s meant to be it will definitely work itself out. Queen Elsa sang it best when she sang, Standing frozen in the life I’ve chosen…You won’t find me, the past is so behind me…” Have a beignet for me!

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4/22/14- “Reliving Teenage Dreams”

Hey Mikey,

I’m really upset with my ex. We seemingly rekindled our high school relationship when we met up after our ten year reunion.  We even had sex. He stays out of state so I didn’t expect to see him that often, but even when he is in town he doesn’t come to see me saying that he is busy with work. Then I will look on Instagram or Facebook and see him hanging with his friends. I’m trying not to be one of those clingy girls, but we haven’t seen each other since we had sex. I want to know where this relationship is going. Do you have any pointers on what I should talk to him about when we Skype each other tonight?


***Marigold, to be honest this doesn’t sound like you rekindled anything worthwhile nor does this sound like relationship to me. You haven’t seen him since you hooked up at your high school reunion and even when he comes in town he doesn’t make time for you? It seems like you’re still stuck on teenage dreams, and it sounds like you were a booty call to me. Honestly, you should let this go. If someone wants to be with you they will make time for you.  The busy excuse is not acceptable in 2014. Obviously, as you can see, he has made time for his friends and then has the audacity to post it all over a social media. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, until people get this through there skulls: “Treat An ex, like an ex!” Move on!

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