5/31/2016- “It Can’t Be About Him”

gay couple hey mikey atl

Hey Mikey,

I really enjoy your site and the advice you give. You  recently helped a friend of mine get through something, and I hope you can do the same for me. There’s this guy I have liked since I was fourteen years old around the same time I figured out I was gay. I know he is too after we messed around when I was 17. Since then we are pretty cool and hang out from time to time, but nothing has flourished beyond us kissing and grinding on that amazing night.

Over the last year I’ve heard him repeatedly say he likes guys with muscles, money, and who are good in bed. Since then I’ve definitely been working out and it shows; and I’m getting a really good job making some major money. The sex part is hard. He’s the only guy I’ve ever been been semi-sexual with–and the only one I want to be. Needless to say I’m a virgin to the whole gay sex thing and I want to get it right with him. He’s the one, I know it. What do you think? Am I doing too much? I don’t wanna wait forever for him to come around…



***CJ, honestly, you are. Believe me when I tell you it can’t be about him. Who you are and how you are is perfectly okay. If he does not like you in that way,or  as you are, then it is his loss. I imagine your first sexual experience with another guy is something you want to look back on without regret or shame. NEVER change yourself for a guy. Change is something you do to better yourself. Besides money, muscles, and sex are fleeting and don’t guarantee you comfort late at night or in the long run. Reassess what you want out of a mate, date other guys, and ask yourself can he bring to the table what he’s demanding? Good luck!

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5/26/2016- “The Victim Of A Savage”


Hey Mikey,

I really hate when women say there are no good men. If there aren’t any its because they’ve somehow official fucked them all over! I dated this girl for like two months didn’t push the issue of sex, took her out often, and even introduced her to my family and friends. I really turned her onto some of the finer stuff in life.

After we freaked she tells me she wasn’t looking for anything serious; and that she only wanted to because I have a nice body and a big dick. I know she was feeling me, but now she won’t return my phone calls and shit. Wassup? Did I come on too strong? Her homegirl and I are cool do you think I should get her to see wassup?


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Relationship Tips From Longest Lasting Celebrity Couples


With 40 to 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce (according to apa.org), and an even higher rate for Hollywood marriages, it is no secret that marriage can be tough – especially in the spotlight. There are, however, those exceptional occasions where couples stay together and live happily ever after – Yes, even in Hollywood.

Here are some celebrity couples whose relationships have lasted an exceptional amount of time, and some of the tips that they have to offer on how to have a successful partnership. Get out your notepads!

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3/23/2016- “Can I Come Over?”

can i come over ey mikey atl

Hey Mikey,

I am wondering what is my next move with the guy I’m currently dating. We have been dating for two months now and I want to step things up. When we are together we are usually going out somewhere, or with friends, and now I’d prefer a more intimate setting like my home, or his. He will come into my house to pick me up or say goodnight, but he does want to sleep over, let me come over, or have sex.

He says he will let me know when the moment is right and that he wants to be the “aggressive one.” Now I’m not pressed or a slut, but a girl has needs. He and I have a great time together, but a good time just is not enough when I’m craving sex and to be touched. My ex-boyfriend has been hitting me up a lot lately. He is definitely a jerk, especially when compared to my current guy, but his sex was bar none! My current guy and I are not committed to each other yet. Should I dabble with my ex and just continue seeing him. AGAIN, not trying to be a slut!

-Vexed in Chiraq

can i come over hey mikey atl

***Vexed in Chiraq, there is no need to worry, I will not slut shame you; and that term definitely should not apply to this situation. You’re obviously a woman who knows what you want and when you want it; and there is nothing wrong with that at all. However, other people also have the right to move at their own pace and comfort level. There could be any number of reasons that he does not want to have sex yet; i.e. abstinent, low sex drive, not in the mood, ad infinitum.

Since you two are not committed, and if you are really wanting to have sex, I would suggest SAFELY feeling your needs with someone else.  NOT with your ex, however! He’s your ex for a reason, and he should stay that way. It’s 2016, and it is a woman’s right to choose who and when she has sex. I’d advise you to let this sex buddy be someone you know you will not fall for, and keep things as light and casual as possible. Good luck!

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Beg For What You Need”


Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begin with Jeffery telling Justin he is gay and proud, and trying to get him to be comfortable with himself. They are interrupted when Candice returns home. Justin tells her he is there due to a break in and then questions her about Quita. With some help from Jeffery she tells him she was expecting her to visit, but forgot to give her a key. Justin leaves shortly thereafter and Candice questions him about Justin, noticing his pants were unzipped. Jeffery tells her that he was questioning him all day and that he is crazy. He begins to look for his keys to leave, but cannot find the. He tracks his keys using her phone, just as Erica arrives. She reminds Candice she still has War to deal with. Jeffery becomes frantic when he realizes his keys are buried under a pile of dirt in her backyard, unaware Quincy is buried there! At the Cryers’ home, Hanna checks every drawer, piece of furniture, purse, and coat pocket for money.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “I Choose My Son”

hanna the haves and the have nots hey mikey atl

The Haves & The Have Nots begin with Justin’s mother calling him to alert him to Quita and Jayden circling the block eyeing Candice’s home. She demands he get over there now. Quita and Jayden break in the back of her home and find the bleached stained wood where Quincy’s body was as well as his cell phone with blood on it. She fears the worst. Jayden tries to get her to leave with him, but the police catch them. At the jail, Veronica and Jim trade quips as she is released. Outside Candice’s house the police question Quita and Jayden, with the former claiming she knows Candice and was invited over. They do not believe her. Jeffrey arrives and is questioned as well. He tells them he does not know Jayden and Quita despite driving the latter’s car. He also denies knowing what happened to Quincy. Justin decides to question Jeffrey privately in the house, there he tells him he suspects something happened in the house that he does not want him looking into. He comes onto Jeffrey and tells him he can leave or they can have drinks and wait for Candace. Jeffrey tells him to leave, but he warns him if he does he will investigate what has happened. Jeffrey agrees to have drinks with him.

landon hey mikey atl the haves and the have nots

Candice meets with Landon at The Sarandon to “catch up,” and informs him of The Harringtons’ and Cryers’ deeds. She reveals she plans to sue them for what they did to her brother. Landon relents about how much his misses Atlanta and how he is only there to help Maggie. Candice offers to introduce him to a hot guy and asks to go to his room. At Candice’s home Justin finishes a bottle of wine and then demands Jeffrey come upstairs with him. At the jail, Veronica runs into Quita as she is about to be released. The latter warns her not to go home and promises to tell her everything if she gets her out. Veronica collects her belongings, minus her wig which is missing. She tells Jennifer she plans to sue them for it. Jennifer refuses to let her leave out the back door to avoid the press, so Veronica uses the restroom to give herself a quick makeover. At the house, Justin continues to question Jeffrey about his past and then attacks him and throws him on the bed! He manages to outmaneuver him with a wrestling move, prompting Justin to temporarily back off and then holds him at gunpoint!

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Unexpected Visitors”

peter parros david harrington hey mikey atl

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begins with Candace and Erica finishing their beat down of Ms. DeLong. She reveals she was in league with Oscar to steal Candace’s money and was paid $25K to to help him. Candace demands she pay her the money back and then demands to know Oscar’s whereabouts and that she get custody of her son back to her. Ms. DeLong tells her she has already spent the money and begs Candace not to tell anyone. Candace demands she give her $100K instead and threatens to kill her if she does not. Ms. DeLong leaves, promising to get her the money. At the office, Oscar reveals that Maggie knew of Veronica’s affair with Benny. David tells her that she should not have lied and wants nothing to do with her. He also tells Oscar to reroute all of the calls at Benny’s tow yard to another company.

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