[VIDEO] In Case You Missed! New Video–A Sex Tape–Emerges of Maia Campbell!

maia campbell

July has not been the month for former actress, Maia Campbell. Just last week a video was posted by minor Atlanta rapper, T-Hood of Maia begging for drugs. Check it out below!

Naturally, fans of her former show In The House, including her former co-star and rapper/actor, LL Cool J, were appalled and begged her to get help.

Well we are not sure if she sought the help LL was advising, but we do know a sex tape has emerged and it shows Maia Campbell “taking” something other than drugs. By that other we mean penis–YES.

maia campbell and iyanla vanzant

Click here to see the full video. (GRAPHIC CONTENT, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!)

We are not sure who the guy in the video is with her, but obviously she had no qualms about being filmed. It seems like she thoroughly enjoyed herself too. As interesting as this sex tape is we really hate to see what Maia has become. Growing up, most of us had a crush on her as Tiffany on In The House. We remember her episode on Iyanla Vanzant: Fix My Life and as silly as it is we hoped she had turned her life around. We will still keep hoping…

What do you guys think of Maia Campbell and these videos? Comment below!

All Grown Up! Mindless Behavior’s Ray Ray Nude Pics Leaked!

It is a new day and that means we have all the possibilities–and beauties–of a celebrity eggplant! The latest male celebrity to participate in this walk of shame (Well can we still call it that?) has just really entered manhood. We definitely had to check his age (he is 21) to ensure we were not in any shape, fashion, or form posting kiddy porn.

Enter the adult world of Mindless Behavior’s Ray Ray and his nude pictures!

mindless behavior ray ray nude pictures

We have to admit we were not too shocked that pictures of Ray Ray’s eggplant are all over the internet. Nowadays, these kids and their smartphones leave nothing to the imagination. Ray Ray is all grown up and we have to say the phrase “skinny boy, long meat” definitely applies in this case. We wonder who leaked the pictures though? Honestly it could be any disgruntled ex-girlfriend or groupie, or in rarer cases (not really rare, just not known) a secret boyfriend. All things are possible in 2017 after all!

You can catch Ray Ray’s nude pictures on the next page. However, and as always, WARNING! THESE ARE GRAPHIC IMAGES AND FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

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[VIDEO] In Case You Missed It! “Queen Sugar’s” Timon Kyle Durrett’s Alleged Nudes Leaked!

timon kyle durrett nude

OWN  knew it  had a hit when Ava Duvernay signed on to turn Queen Sugar into a hit series. The show is now in its second season with story lines that dramatic, juicy, amazing, and moving all together. The show is also full of hunks! Most people like to think Kofi Siriboe–the chocolate god himself is the sole eye candy of the show–but they are wrong. We must not forget Timon Kyle Durrett who plays “Davis West” the two timing, prostitute bangin’, scandalous, foolish ass husband of Charley Bordelon.

timon kyle durrett nude

Well Timon Kyle Durrett maybe getting a little more limelight tonight–and extra likes and clicks–thanks to a video that has emerged with his ALLEGED eggplant and a video of him jerking off.

timon kyle durrett nude

Yes kiddies by jerking off we mean masturbating! You can see all the magic by clicking here (thanks Aazah!). As always we have to warn you that this is GRAPHIC CONTENT AND VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED! FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!

We have to say Timon is a very attractive man. Kofi Siriboe sells dark skin like Texas Tea, but Timon is a walking Caramel Eighth Wonder of The World. What do you guys think of Timon’s ALLEGED  nudes? Sound off in the comment’s section below!


[PHOTOS] Milan Christopher (@MilanChrisGordy) Goes FULL FRONTAL in Paper Magazine (@papermagazine)!

Milan Christopher nude paper magazine

Is it us or does Paper Magazine attempt to break the internet at least once a year? As you already know the magazine has a history of highly scandalous and risque history of nude shoots with a few of the planet’s hottest celebrities. In fact it was not too long ago when Kim Kardashian received much notoriety (a little more than her usual share) thanks to a Paper Magazine shoot where she was literally ass out!

Well now it is Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood star, Milan Christopher’s turn as he poses not only nude, but FULL FRONTAL for Paper Magazine!

Milan Christopher nude

Seeing Milan Christopher naked in front of a camera is nothing new. In fact, the most we have ever seen him clothed is during his sole season on Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood where he and now ex-boyfriend, Siir Brock, played out the rise, revelation, and downfall of their relationship in front of millions. Fast forward to today and Milan is back in action–and still single–giving “The Kidz” more life than oxygen itself!

You can check out explicit photos from Milan’s shoot with Paper Magazine on the next page. As always we must forewarn you that this is GRAPHIC CONTENT, FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

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[PHOTOS/VIDEO] Yikes! Kansas City Chiefs’ Charcandrick West’s Sex Vid & Eggplant Leaked!

charcandrick west

Surprisingly, it has been awhile since a celebrity or athlete has had any type of nudes leaked, let alone a video of them having sex.

Well recently Kansas City Chiefs’ Charcandrick West has had both his eggplant and a video of him having sex leaked!

charcandrick west

As you may already know Charcandrick is a running back on the Chiefs and is a relatively young player at 26 years old. There is not much information about him other than his NFL and college football stats on the net. Well now it looks like he is known for something a little more thick and thrusting!

You can catch Charcandrick’s eggplant and sex video on the next page!

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[PHOTOS] In Eggplant News: Former NFL Player, Johnny Patrick’s Nude Pics Leaked!

johnny patrick dick pictures

It is a new day and that means we have been gifted with another famous person’s eggplant to gawk at. Surprisingly, this time around it does not belong to a singer, actor, or even reality television star, instead we have a bona fide athlete! As you can see from the main image the celebrity eggplant to show today belongs to former NFL Player, Johnny Patrick!

johnny patrick

We really have not heard much from Johnny since he left the New Orleans Saints and found himself with the Canadian League (Who knew they had a football league, let alone played the sport!) team, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Well where there is thirst and groupies there are bound to be exposes and risque pictures to hit the net. We are not mad at all, however, Johnny is a real pleasure to look at. Just check out a few of his pictures below.

johnny patrick shirtlessjohnny patrick

Nevertheless, we know what you came to see and these pictures are “dandy” indeed. You can see them by going over to the next page. As always, however, we have to inform you that this is GRAPHIC CONTENT, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

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[VIDEO] In Eggplant News: Power’s Rotimi Alleged Nude Photos & Sex Tape Leaked!


It’s another day and another celebrity has dropped trow! This time around it is a double whammy with celebrity eggplant and a sex tape. Our latest donor is a star we know all too well. He’s literally a star thanks to Starz’ hit series, Power. No ladies we are not talking about Omari Hardwick (Ghost) or Joseph Sikora (Tommy), instead we are talking about the one and only Rotimi!

Yep, Rotimi’s sex tape is now plastered all over the net for your convenience thanks to the folks over at Fameolous.

rotimi sex tape nude dick

We do not know who leaked this footage or these pictures, but we are guessing it was some groupie or jump off looking to make a quick buck. That seems to be all the rage these days. You can click here to see Rotimi in all his glory. We have a sneak peek of what you will be eyeballing on the next page.


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