[EVENT RECAP/PHOTOS] Get Yo Life & Yo Laughs! “Girls Trip” (@girlstripmovie) Is On FIRE! Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall And Will Packer Host Special Screening Of GIRLS TRIP In Atlanta!

girls trip movie poster

Hangover who? Bridesmaids what? That’s what you will be saying after see you Will Packer’s latest movie, Girls Trip!

Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Tiffany Haddish are comedic gold in this latest all-girl, all fun, summer flick that EVERYONE has to see!

The film centers on four friends, Ryan (Regina Hall), Sasha (Queen Latifah), Lisa (Jada Pinkett-Smith) and Dina (Tiffany Haddish), also known as “The Flosse Posse” reunite after five years at The Essence Festival. Ryan, who has missed her girlfriends due to her hectic life and troubled marriage seeks to have a carefree weekend while landing a huge business deal. Her girls, however, have their own issues and the weekend will be anything but carefree or simple–but it will definitely be memorable! Get ready to laughter, fights, dance battles, sisterhood, and most importantly a lesson in self-worth when you see this amazing film. Trust us you’ll leave that theater demanding a sequel, planning your own Girls Trip, and plotting when you can see it again! Side note, fellas this is definitely far from a chick flick, for investigative and research purposes you are going to want to know what ACTUALLY happens on a girls trip!

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[PHOTOS] GIRLS TRIP cast take over New Orleans w/ Issa Rae, Tank, and More to Attend Special GIRLS TRIP Screening!

girls trip movie cast screening at essence festival 2017
Girls Trip movie cast Malcom Lee, Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish, Larenz Tate, Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, Kofi Siriboe, and Will Packer posed on the red carpet during the Girls Trip movie screen at the Theaters At Canal Place in New Orleans on Friday, June 30th, 2017.

The GIRLS TRIP cast and filmmakers including, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, Larenz Tate, Kofi Siriboeproducer Will Packer and director Malcolm D. Lee attended the event, along with celebrity guests including Issa Rae, Karen Civil, Big Freedia, miss lawrence, tank, ronreaco lee, essence atkins, jude demorest, ryan destiny,  brittany o’grady,  and more. 

girls trip movie poster

When four lifelong friends—Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Haddish—travel to New Orleans for the annual Essence Festival, sisterhoods are rekindled, wild sides are rediscovered, and there’s enough dancing, drinking, brawling and romancing to make the Big Easy blush.  James Lopez, head of motion pictures for Will Packer Productions, and Preston Holmes, executive produce.

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Queen Latifah (@IAMQUEENLATIFAH) Confirms “Living Single” Reboot in The Works!

living single cast

We love, love, LOVE Queen Latifah, but now we love her even more. The woman is a powerhouse–singer, rapper, songwriter, actress, producer–and the list goes on and on.

We are happy to tell you that Queen Latifah has announced a Living Single reboot is  in the works!

The Queen appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and dropped the big news!

via Bravotv.com

queen latifah

Get ready to return to a ’90s kind of world. Queen Latifah revealed that she’s working on a Living Single reboot on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Excuse us while we put the fierce opening theme song on repeat all day long.

When one caller asked if guest Queen Latifah ever thought there could be a revival of the beloved ’90s sitcom, she replied, “Funny you should ask. We’re actually working on it,” adding, “It’s not there yet, but hopefully we can get it happening.”

Queen Latifah went on to say that “the goal” would be to get all of the original cast members to sign on to the reboot. So here’s hoping that Kim Fields, Kim Coles, Erika Alexander, John Henton, and T.C. Carson are as jazzed about the idea as Queen Latifah seems to be.

She also said that she plans on producing this Living Single reboot, but when it comes to when and where it will air, Queen Latifah said, “We’re still figuring all that out.”

Living Single ran for five seasons on FOX from 1993 to 1998. The series debuted just one year prior to another beloved comedy about six pals living in New York: Friends. “We knew we had already been doing that,” Queen Latifah told Andy Cohen when asked if she thought Friends was similar to Living Single when it premiered. “It was one of those things where there was a guy called Warren Littlefield, who used to run NBC. When all the new shows came out, they asked him, ‘If there’s any show you could have, which would it be?’ And he said, ‘Living Single.’ Then he created Friends. But Friends was so good, so it wasn’t like we hated on it or anything.”

As you can see the Living Single reboot is in the very early stages of development. Still, just knowing it is in the works makes us super happy! Let’s hope everyone from the original cast will sign on!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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Star (@StarOnFox)- “Pilot”

star on fox
(l-r) Brittany O'Grady (Simone), Jude Demorest (Star), and Alexandra (Ryan Destiny)

A star was born. The first episode of Lee Daniels’ new musical drama aired last night. Many thought that “Star” would pretty much be a carbon copy of “Empire”. When it comes to the original sounds that will probably turn into a soundtrack their probably right. Other than that this new show can hold its own. The first episode was filled with murder, runaways, and strip joints. If you missed it, don’t worry I have your full recap right here.

The show opened with a voice-over from Queen Latifah giving us a little background story about the main character Star Davis. “Ever since Star was little, she believed her name was who she was,” she says. “But I told her fame was a trip — it ain’t love like a lot of people think. But she wouldn’t listen. Star don’t listen to nobody but herself.”
Star has been in and out of Foster care system since she was a little child. We find her in Pittsburgh with yet another Foster care family who treats her like a stepchild forcing her to wash dishes.

Fortunately for Star, she befriends a Manhattan socialite via social media. Star’s new friend, Alexandra Crane, is not very truthful with her new friend. She doesn’t tell Star that her dad is a major recording artist. Star and Alexandra have made a bond over their drive for wanting to be famous. With Star’s voice and Alexandra’s ability to write music, the two think that they can accomplish anything. There’s just one problem…they need to be in the same city. Star vows when she turns 18 she will get her sister out of foster care and then they can work on their music careers. Well, her plans get a little jump start when Star decides that she has had enough of the foster care world and jumps ship.

Star Finds Her Family

Cast of Lee Daniels' StarStar finds out where her sister’s foster family is located and heads there to rescue her sister. Upon arrival, Star walks in on her sister being sexually assaulted by her foster dad. Star goes downstairs to retrieve a knife and comes back to stab her sister’s attacker. Star and her sister, Simone, flee the scene in the foster dad’s car. The two head out to New York to pick up Alexandra. On their way to New York, Star asks her sister if she still sings. Simone said yes and Star fills her in on her plans for their future. Star tells Simone how the music scene in Atlanta is jumping off and that’s the place they need to be. Star also tells her sister about a woman named Carlotta Brown who says she is their Godmother and has been trying to find them for the last 10 years. During this time we are taken through some flashbacks and we find out that their mom had an issue with drugs. The girl’s mom apparently died of an overdose which left the girls to fend for themselves in the foster care system.

The girls pick up Alexandra from New York and Star fills her in on the plan. At first, Alexandra was against it but eventually she is on board. Once the girls make it to Atlanta they set out to find Ms. Brown. They end up going to her beauty salon with is also her house and they get a not so nice welcome. Star gets into a verbal altercation with Carlotta’s daughter and one of the stylists at the salon. Things calm down and they finally tell Star that she can find Carlotta at the church.  As soon as Carlotta lays eyes on the girls she immediately knows who they are and embraces them. The girls asked to live with Carlotta and she agrees but tells them that they have to work in exchange for their stay. Everyone agrees but Alexandra who has now shown herself to be a tad bogey.
Alexandra books the girls their first gig at a dive bar for amateur night.

The First Performance

Cast of Lee daniels' StarThe trio was fabulous but was disappointed because there was no music label personnel in the audience to see them. Carlotta’s daughter, Cotton, has been following them and saw their performance. Cotton tells the girls that if they really want a manager they need to go with her to the strip club. Alex says no way and quickly dismisses the thought. Star, on the other hand, is all for it but says that she will not strip. Cotton tells her that she will put her in the champagne room and that she could do whatever she wanted in there. Alex doesn’t want any part of it and she returns to Carlotta’s house without the girls.
At the strip club, Star indeed meets a manager that she puts on a show for.

He is so impressed with her singing that he books her for a gig at a party for the next day. After Star leaves the club she finds Cotton in a back alley being attacked by some strange man. This is when we find out that Ms. Brown’s daughter was actually born as Ms. Brown’s son.

The next morning Carlotta wants to talk about the girls going out. She notices that her daughter has a black eye and she goes off. She didn’t want the girls to be in the club with her. The situation gets defused once they tell Carlotta that the girls found a manager. Once Carlotta finds out that their manager is Jahil Rivera, the look on her face show that there is some bad history there.

Actress Queen LatifahCarlotta pays a visit to Mr. Rivera. She basically warns him to stay away from the girls. This is when we learn the history between Rivera and Carlotta. It turns out that Carlotta was in a singing group with Star and Simone’s mother, Mary. Rivera was their manager and apparently sacrificed a lot to try make the group successful. Rivera tells Carlotta that he will not let her ruin his chances to be successful again.

The day of the party arrives and the girl’s performance is killer. They rocked the crowd and Rivera realizes that he has a group that will take him to the top. Then we cut back to Pittsburgh at the hospital. The foster dad that Star and Simone left for dead woke up in his hospital bed surrounded by police. The police ask him if he knew of anyone who wanted to hurt him.

So, we will have to wait until the next episode to see how this plays out.

Written By: Ronda Brooks

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[VIDEO] Kontrol TV (@KontrolTV): Behind the Scenes w/ The Stars of Fox’s New Series, “Star!” (@staronfox)

star poster

If anybody asks you what’s going on over at the Kontrol Magazine offices, please let them know that we are WORKING! 2016 is nearing it’s wondrous close and we can’t help but be anxious for yet another fruitful year.

Star is an upcoming American musical drama television series created by Lee Daniels and his partner Tom Donaghy for the FOX network.

The story centers around three talented young singer who are all different but must navigate the music business on their road to success together. With a backdrop placed in Atlanta, Star will consist of original music, along with musical fantasy sequences, as dreams of the future.

The cast of ‘Star’ is comprised of both fresh new faces and veterans to the big screen – something I am definitely excited to see.  Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny and Brittany O’Grady star as the three singers and stars of the show while vets like Queen Latifah, Bejamin Bratt, Tyrese and Lenny Kravitz help round out the cast.

We absolutely adore the girls! Check out their interview with our editor-in-chief, Julian Lark below.

These girls are beyond amazing! Of course, you know you can’t have a sit down with the legendary ‘Big Daddy,’ Lee Daniels without having a couple of cameras rolling! Check out another #KontrolKonversation with veteran actor, Benjamin Bratt, as he reveals he got into character for his role as the girls’ manager, “Jahil Rivera.”

At the top of next year we are proud to announce that stars from the upcoming Lee Daniels series “Star” actress Ryan Destiny and actor/rapper, Quincy will be gracing the cover of Kontrol Magazine. You just be sure to tune in tonight at 9:00 PM EST on Fox to catch Star’s special debut right after Empire’s Winter Finale! You can also catch episode recaps right here on HeyMikeyATL.com. Happy viewing!

[VIDEO] The Stars of “Star! (@staronfox)” Kontrol TV (@kontrolmagtv) Gets The Deets on Fox’s New Series w/ Lee Daniels (@leedanielsent) & Queen Latifah (@IAMQUEENLATIFAH)!

lee daniels and queen latifah
Lee Daniels & Queen Latifah

The anticipation for Fox’s newest series Star has reached a fever pitch!

Tonight the series makes a special debut right after Empire’s Winter Finale. We know for a fact The Lyons and their infighting is going to be spectacular, but we are even more amazed as we get to meet a series of new characters all centered around three beautiful young women as they try to break into the music industry.

The cast of this series is truly star studded with major players like Benjamin Bratt, Queen Latifah, Naomi Campbell, and Lenny Kravitz. Thankfully Kontrol TV was able to get the details on the new series when Kontrol Magazine’s very own editor-in-chief, Julian Lark, sat down with Lee Daniels and Queen Latifah for some amazing interviews. Check them out below!

“Music is the core…” We definitely agree with Lee’s statement. The music he has on both of his series is nothing short of amazing. We have seen what he can do with the artists on Empire, but there is something about female vocals that remains classic and timeless. That’s what we are looking forward to with the music from Star.

We are definitely hoping Queen Latifah will get to perform with the Star girls. As Julian mentioned, her Dana Owens album was phenomenal and the Queen herself is hip-hop royalty. As “Carlotta Brown,” it seems like we can expect her to be a mother bear for the girls–and you know how dangerous and protective they can be!

Lee Daniels is really making magic with his work and this new series is yet another event in what will be a legacy of greatness. You all just be sure to catch Star tonight at 9:00 PM EST, right at Empire’s Winter Finale. You can also catch episode recaps here at Kontrolmag.com! Happy viewing!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): Sara Stokes (@SEXYSARASTOKES)–Rising “From The Bottom Up” To The Top of Life!

sara stokes

               “Right now I’m in a better place and I feel like I’m a Stronger Woman”

Actress Sara Stokes, is a woman truly on the rise in life despite her mishaps. You probably know her best from MTV’s extremely successful reality show ‘Making The Band 2 in 2002, and now in the hit television series From The Bottom Up,’ which is a collaboration by executive producer Queen Latifah and creator Nicci Gilbert.  Throughout the years, Sara has managed to keep herself quite busy with running marathons, getting her aesthetics license, acting in numerous movies, modeling, writing her biography, and raising her three beautiful children. Recently, Sara Stokes returned by making her second appearance on the show in Season 2 of BET’s reality series, ‘From The Bottom Up’, scheduled to air on Saturday, October 29 at 10p/9C. ‘From The Bottom Up’ is a six-episode docu-series following the journey of five women striving to change their lives, rebuild their families and live their dreams after falling from grace. Sara Stokes has been through a lot and took the time to sit down with Kontrol to share how she has continued to rise above it all in her career despite the negatives.

sara stokes

The television series ‘From The Bottom Up’ has really kept thousands of viewers on edge as it took us on a different path in reality TV by showcasing the harsh reality of being up one minute in life and down the next. For those that have been excited and patiently waiting to see what Sara Stokes is going to highlight for us this season, she gives us a little insight as to what we can expect to see and experience from her.

“I’m so excited, because the last season we left off with everyone showing what their bottom was and mines was super crazy because I was just coming out of jail and the cameras were right there. It was just so surreal. We kind of left with me rekindling things with my children, my family and doing the single “Sneak Peek” featuring BABS which is currently on ITunes, and now you guys are sitting back like okay what now? So this season is going to be more closure for me. You know I’m very transparent and honest because to me I feel like if things are going crazy in life and other stuff is surfacing and you are like what is happening here? Then maybe you need to get some closure and some counseling and just really find out what’s going on. So right now I’m in a better place and I feel like I’m a stronger woman and you’re definitely going to see a lot of self-healing in this season.”

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