#CelebrityCrush | Men of “The Haves and The Have Nots” Edition

With the season premiere of “The Haves and The Have Nots” coming up on June 30th we have to bring you another special edition of #CelebrityCrush, this time showcasing the handsome hunks who make the show worth waiting for.

Peter Parros

Actor Peter Parros is no stranger to the entertainment world – one of his best known roles has been as Dr. Ben Harris on the CBS soap opera, “As the World Turns”. These days, Peter Parros plays the role of David Harrington, he level-headed, grim, and gravelly-voiced husband of Veronica and father of Jeffrey who often acts as a voice of reason. Not only is David’s advice normally sound and to the point but his muscles could surely distract.

Gavin Houston Gavin Houston shirtless

Gavin Houston is easily a fan favorite on the show for his portrayal of the character Jefferey Harrington. Gavin Houston is another actor who’s no stranger to the soap world, having portrayed the long-running character Remy Bourdreau on “Guiding Light” and Sly Thomas on “General Hospital”. Gavin’s new character Jefferey is at first a closeted homosexual man until he finally opens up about his sexuality to his parents – his father is compassionate while his mother does not hide her homophobia. Jeffrey is often “the underdog” of his family but yet he does not shy away from himself or his family. Gavin’s smile and charismatic persona on the show shines through even in the darkest of moments on the show – easily making him a fan favorite.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “When The Chickens Come Home”

tika sumpter

The Haves & The Have Nots begins somberly as Jeffrey and Candice try to relax in her backyard, but both are afraid Quincy could find them. Candice explains she left the hospital without seeing Q out of fear, but that she loves him and cannot believe Veronica would treat him so terribly. They are confident he does not know where she is until they hear the doorbell ring. Jeffrey answers the door to find Benny and Hanna there. Hanna angrily demands to know if she burned down their house to keep her from getting Q. She denies her accusations, but Hanna still blames her for Quincy being in their lives. They demand to know where she got the money from for both homes and his tow yard. She tries to say it is from her “job,” but Benny tells her he caught her in her lie. She finally decides to tell a half-truth that she “came into some money”–seven million dollars worth. Hanna demands to know what she did to get that money. Wyatt calls Jeffrey about the Black Sedan being at Benny’s tow yard. He demands to see the car despite Jeffrey’s assurances. The Youngs continue to argue. Candice shows them the deeds to both home and the tow yard, telling them she is being truthful about buying all three. Benny fears for their lives and admonishes his sister for deceiving them. Desperate to win them over, she shows them her account, claiming to have over four million dollars left. Much to her surprise, the balance is zero. Her family leaves angrily and she realizes she has been had. She calls Oscar and then the bank. As Benny and Hanna leave, Quincy pulls up at her house.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Sheep’s Clothing”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots began a tragic note as Hanna is engulfed with grief over the loss of her home. The Fire Chief questions her about the car that caused the accident while she is still in shock, much to Katheryn’s chagrin. Hanna tells the Fire Chief she does not have house insurance, having let it lapse while she was tending to Benny in the hospital. Katheryn is shocked, but offers to pay for everything. Hanna refuses to allow her, feeling she did more than enough when she paid for Benny’s hospital bills. Benny arrives at the house and becomes enraged when he sees the house, he swears revenge on Quincy. Katheryn offers for to let her stay with them, but she refuses. She offers Hanna her assistance if needed. Benny tells Hanna they are going back to his home, but she refuses to stay there too. Benny pleads with her to come with him.

allison mcatee hey  mikey atl

At the campaign office Jim tells Maggie not to count him out of the race and tells his goons to move forward with the hits on the prison guard, professor, and Veronica. Elsewhere, Oscar sends Candace a truckload of flowers. She calls him to thank him for the flowers. He tells her he wants her to have her son back and is glad she is so happy. Jeffery arrives to visit Candace at her home and is amazed with it. She tells him she wants him to move into one of her rooms until he gets on his feet. He initially refuses, until he remembers how much fun they had living together and she assures him everything is legit. He tells her he has to think about it and shows him around the house.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Vetted”

The Haves & The Have Nots begins with Hanna and Benny awake to their first morning at the new house. Hanna slept well, but Benny is troubled, concerned his sister acquired the house through false means. Hanna tells him she appreciates the home, but loves hers more since she has spent so many years paying for it and living there. She questions him about Veronica, but he tries to lie and say he is not still seeing her. Finally he admits to still hooking up with her, claiming he is a man and cannot help himself when she is “throwing out there” at him. Hanna admonishes her son for his weakness and then questions how he got the tow yard and the house thinking she got it for him. She senses something is awry with their new found possessions. Hanna warns him about everything that is going on and tells him she will not be coming back to the new house.

the cryers the haves and the have nots hey mikey atl

At The Cryers, Katheryn finds that Wyatt has not slept in his bed and becomes worried. Jim however is not bothered. She questions him about their son’s whereabouts, what else Celine can reveal, and why he attacked Veronica. He promises her he is handling everything, and refuses to tell her about Veronica’s actions. She promises to find out on her own, to which he has no problem with. At the Sarandon, Jeffrey tries to help Wyatt but he accuses him of trying to come on to him. Jeffrey demands he stop mistreating and demeaning him. Wyatt tells him he was raped in prison and blames his father what has happened to him. He leaves angrily.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Dianna Whinchil”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begins with Maggie mortifiedas Celine begins to speak about her relationship with Jim. She tries to get them to stop the program, but they tell her they cannot because it is live. Celine is apprehensive to talk, but Carlos tells Diana she is doing it at his behest. Diana questions him about the twenty-eight year long affair he has had with her, much to Katheryn’s chagrin. Diana insists everyone speak up. Carlos declares his father is a rich man who let his children grow up in squalor and should not be governor since he cannot govern his own house! Dianna suggests he apologize to his sons, but Carlos stops him telling him he does not need a father, but his little brother Jimmy does. Maggie ends the broadcast by pouring coffee into the camera equipment. She demands Dianna leave, while Jim makes his campaign staff leave.

celine the haves and the have nots hey mikey stl

Veronica pokes fun at Jim’s affairs until Maggie calls her out. Before they can start Veronica reveals she found David and Maggie together in the Sarandon. David again tells her nothing happened. Veronica blames Jim for undoing all their gubernatorial work. He demands she leaves and they begin to argue. She reveals to him she set up Wyatt to be sexually assaulted in prison. Jim chokes her on the desk! It takes Landon and David to pull him off of her. David warns him to never put his hands on his wife again and then leaves to go after her. Katheryn demands to know what is going on.

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The Haves & The Haves Nots- “A Home For Q”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begins with Wyatt reels from his sexual assault. The inmate tries to rape him again, but thankfully a guard saves him. The guard demands to know how the inmate was locked in him with him, but he has no answers for him. The guards realize they are in trouble with Jim and get him to the infirmary! Elsewhere, the social worker inspects Hanna’s home and inquires about their employment. Benny reveals he owns a tow company with a “mysterious partner.” Hanna is shocked by the news, but is proud of him. She is also shocked to find out Candace has returned so quickly from New York and on a private jet. Hanna tells the social worker how terrible of a person Candace is. Carlos stops by to check on his mother. He tells her Jim is announcing he is running from governor. Celine is hurt that she did not know and that she has not heard from him. Carlos pleads with her to see the truth, but she refuses to listen to him. He leaves disappointed.

veronica harrington hey mikey atl

Jennifer meets with The Harringtons and Cryers, confronting them about Wyatt’s taped confession. She and Veronica face off, with the latter even implying she burned down her house to kill her husband. They try to convince Jennifer that Wyatt is lying and has been using. She refuses to fall for their cover up, until David reminds her she is not suppose to be speaking to them. Veronica tries to goad her into a fight, reminding her she has to have evidence to do anything. Jim makes her leave, by walking around his house. Veronica reveals she knows Wyatt is in prison, and lies saying David told her. David confronts her, demanding to know what she has done to Wyatt. She tells him “the boy will learn.” David quickly demands Jim get Wyatt out of prison!

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Benny Does Battle”

Benny emerges from the wreck virtually unscathed, Quincy, however is injured. Benny begins to pummel him relentlessly into a bloody pulp for his attacks on his mother and sister. He takes his wallet and learns that his nephew, Q, is with Quincy’s sister. Benny takes his phone too and calls 911 pretending to be him calling for help. He tosses the phone afterwards and leaves in pursuit of Q. Quincy manages to escape before the police arrive despite his injuries. Elsewhere, Candace takes Oscar up on his offer on New York City. There, he tells Candace how glad he is to see her and he offers to show her how to make more money–tens of millions. She brushes off his offer.


Jeffrey meets with David at his offer. There, his father gives him new credit cards and tells him Veronica will come around. Jeffrey admonishes him for his continued faith in her, and pushes David to be with Maggie. David insists he is still in love with her and admonishes him for calling his mother evil. He tells Jeffrey it is not easy to let go with someone you are truly in love with. Jeffrey is reminded of Wyatt and tells him about Melissa’s pregnancy. David is not sure how they can help Veronica, but comforts Jeffrey. While flying, Candace and Oscar join the Mile High Club! Hanna helps Katheryn locate Amanda’s diaries. Maggie visits David and struggles to keep from revealing Veronica’s affair with Benny, while Katheryn bravely begins to read Amanda’s diaries.

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