“Blackville!” Chris June & Rico Pruitt to Star in New Bawn TV (@BawnTV) Project!

chris june and rico pruitt nude blackville

The number of Web Series continues to BOOM! It is hard to believe that just over a year ago About Him started what would become one of the fastest growing genres in entertainment today. Bawn TV continues to make its stake in the genre with newer series like Cheetah In August, About Him: Freshman Year, and soon, District, starring reality television maven, Tami Roman.

This fall however, things continue to heat up for the network with their latest announced series, Blackville, starring Web Stars, Chris June (About Him season 2: The Revolution, raising eli) and Rico Pruitt (About Him, About Justin, L.I.T.)!

According to a log line from Bawn TV the series centers on the son of a preacher who finds himself in turmoil wrestling with his religious beliefs and upbringing or the freedom of self-expression. The first episode, tentatively titled, “Sermon 1 (Luke 15:11-32: The Prodigal Son) will center on the Blackville family being in shock as their eldest son, “Cameron,” returns home. Meanwhile, the church is trying to remove the Pastor, “Jeffery Blackville,” for misusing church finances. Chris June and Rico Pruitt will play Cameron and Caleb Blackville, respectively.

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“About Justin” Star, Rico Pruitt, Releases New Porn & Signs Exclusive Contract w/ BlackBoysAddicitionz!

rico pruitt
Rico Pruitt

The name Rico Pruitt has gotten more and more buzz over the last month and half thanks to his recent “moves.”

As you recall just last month the former About Justin star released a porno with BlackBoysAddictionzfollowed by the announcements of his new web series, L.I.T., and teased a music single, “About Me.” Check it out below!

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[VIDEO/TRAILER] New Web Series Alert! “L.I.T.: The Mini Series,” Starring Rico Pruitt!

l.i.t. lit the mini series

It has barely been three weeks since Rico Pruitt broke the internet with his debut porn scenes with BlackBoysAddictionz and many of us have been wondering what has he been up to?

And more importantly what would his next move be? Well, it looks like the former  About Him and About Justin  web star has been busy starring in Corey Knott’s newest web series, (the creator and director of Living For The WeekendL.I.T.: The Mini Series.

rico pruitt blackboysaddictionz porno

Here, Rico plays a young man who has moved to Atlanta for a new life and a new chance at love with his boyfriend, Quan. Unsurprisingly things go well for him at first until he is introduced to the darker, faster side of the gay lifestyle of the city when he begins working at a club called “L.I.T.”. Drugs, sexy, and alcohol seemingly cost him everything. Check out the trailer below:

We have to admit this extended trailer is HOT! Perhaps one of the more explosive ones we have ever seen. This will definitely be a web series to watch this Spring, not only because we get to see more of Rico, but his other hot cast mates as well. Justen Ruff, Gorgeous Montana, Zahfar, Jovantae Brownlee, Mustang, and Tyrell Moore are all very attractive men! Still, we have never seen Rico in a serious, dramatic role like this one. It looks like our “Best Friend” is finally all grown up!

Tragically, this story is all too real and at times hits close to home. How many times have we seen or heard stories of young Black Gay Men moving to Atlanta hopeful and inspired only to lose themselves in the darker aspects of the city’s Black Gay subcultures. We know there is a lesson to be learned from this miniseries, but perhaps it should serve as a cautionary tale just as much as a vehicle for entertainment.

Check back here for more info and maybe a few interviews (crossing our fingers)!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

[VIDEO/TRAILER] “Hey Best Friends!” Rico Pruitt Breaks The Internet w/ BlackBoysAddicitionz!

rico pruitt blackboysaddictionz porno

From About Him to About Justin, we have fallen head over heels for web star and model, Rico Pruitt! Is it any surprise? The boy haas never shied away from giving his fans what they demand, be it hot scenes on his various web series, your daily thirst trap picture, or unwittingly that sex tape his ex-boyfriend leaked late last year. It seems now, however, all of that risque activity has culminated in our favorite boy not only baring it all but getting it in thanks to BlackBoyAddictionz. 

Yep, Rico Pruitt has just dropped his first porno!

rico pruitt blackboysaddictionz porno

News about Rico’s porn have been swirling in our inbox for months now, and not only are they true, but we will soon be posting an exclusive interview where he is revealing all! Everything you wanna know, the who’s, the whats, they whys, and even the how comes! You can check out a few pictures and a preview from the former About Justin star’s adult film on the next page!

We have to warn you the images and footage you are about to see are graphic and mature. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED, NO ONE UNDER 18!

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Signing Off? Rico Pruitt & Signal 23 TV Part Ways!

It has definitely been a wild ride these last few months with the cast (s) of About Him! Last summer this talented group of young men took the nation by storm with a story that brought to the forefront the pain and pleasure of young Black gay men coming of age. As you already know, one of them was Rico Pruitt, who starred as “Justin,” on the hit web series, and later in About Justin. We were already enamored with Brandon Karson and Gary Lavard on screen, but adding Rico into the mix was liking adding a little extra spice to make the show “extra nice!”

About justin signal 23 tv

However, all things come to an end eventually; and from the looks of it Rico has decided to end his relationship with Signal 23 TV! The popular web star took to Facebook and Instagram announcing not only his departure from About Justin, but the company as well. Check out his post below:

 Signal 23 TV declined to comment. We are surprised to see Rico and Signal 23 TV are parting ways, but this is not unheard of. As you recall other original About Him stars, Brandon Karson (Damien) and Rahim Brazil (Kendall) parted ways with the company in December of last year. Rico is a good friend to our site and we definitely wish all parties involved the best of luck in their future endeavors.

You can catch an in depth interview with Rico Pruitt and his new project soon on HeyMikeyATL EXCLUSIVELY!

[TRAILER] “Let The War Begin!” Signal 23 TV Announces Their Own Season 2 of About Him–THE REVOLUTION!

about him season 2 the revolution
Signal 23 TV's "About Him Season 2: The Revolution"

We are back with new information on the second season of About Him!

Apparently, Signal 23 TV is releasing their own second season of the series, with the subheading of The Revolution! This second season brings back Gary Lavard, Rico Pruitt, and Tripp Ali,  and newcomer Rion Deshon (Steel River: When We Were Young). However, as we reported earlier this week will NOT feature Brandon Karson or Rahim Brazil, as they are starring in Tyson Anthony’s version of About Him! 

Yes, this means there are currently TWO SEPARATE SECOND SEASONS of About Him on two different networks–Signal 23 TV and Bawn TV! Check out the trailer for About Him: The Revolution below!

The trailer for About Him: The Revolution is riveting! It appears to be a war cry, leaving us wondering what will become of the characters this season. We can surmise from the strong figures in it, and the fact that “revolution” is the theme that a major change has taken place in the story line that will alter all the lives of our favorite boys!

continued next page…

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[VIDEO] HeyMikeyATL Exclusive: “About Rico!” About Him’s Rico Pruitt Speaks On Sex Tape & Redemption

rico pruitt

2016 may be the crowning jewel of the Digital Age. Never before has the world been so interconnected and intertwined, thanks to the internet and its vain child, social media! With the push of a button, or the flick of a mouse, information, like a pandemic, goes viral; and what should be a private matter becomes a free circus for all the world to see. Nothing, however, outshines these shenanigans like a sex tape! Everyone either has one, has seen one, or starred in one; and thanks to XTube and Pornhub they are the new ways we get our porn. The ramifications of these sex tapes vary; especially when you are in the limelight. For Kim Kardashian it infamously put her (and her family) on top of the world and for Mimi Faust it showed us a different side to a reality star we thought was taking the higher road.

Now, About Him’s Rico Pruitt, is the latest celebrity embroiled in what many are trying to make into a scandal.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, then you know nearly a month ago a sex tape was leaked with Rico and his ex-boyfriend engaging in a rather private moment. Apparently his ex, desperate for money, posted the tape on his personal website with no regard to Rico’s wishes or the damage it could due to his career. One of our “minions” (HeyMikeyATL followers and informants) dropped a link to it in our anonymous tip box, trying to sell it to us for a few hundred bucks. Rico is a friend to the site and our founder, prompting us to reach out to him for commentary before breaking the story.

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