Cyberbullying Harms Twitter’s Reputation: Normani Hamilton Takes Stand Against Social Media Trolls

The bullying problem on Twitter has gotten out of hand and now it could affect the company’s bottom line. Twitter thugs are known to insult users, make fun of people, and even go as far as make threats to users’ lives. The site has not done much to combat the issue. Now, the company is paying a hefty price tag for allowing the abuse and harassment to continue. Several successful companies expressed interest in buying the social media company, but have abandoned the idea due its reputation. Disney was one of the companies considering to buy Twitter, but backed out of the deal to protect its “wholesome” image. Bloomberg reports indicate the company feared the bullying and disrespectful comments would tarnish its brand. Salesforce also decided not to proceed with a deal; citing the companies values do not match its core values.


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The bullying and harassment issue has plagued the social media company for years. High-Profile users such as Normani Hamilton, 1/5th of girl group Fifth Harmony, deactivated her page for a while because the comments trolls were uploading became unbearable for the singer. She stated she could no longer subject herself to the racist bullying and hate.

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In a World Full of Socialites, Be Yourself!

It’s hard logging onto social media every day and having the latest ‘beat faced’ celebrity looking back at you. They’re baddies with bodies, brows, highlight and contours for the gawds and followers who literally buy any and everything their name is associated to. And I get it; we live in a time where “Instagram models” and reality stars reign supreme but what about the everyday around the way girl who gets no play? How can she too feel like a superstar?

In a World Full

A couple of months ago, memes circulated social media with the header “In a world full of Kardashians, be…” and the suggestion was often filled in with the names of women thought to be more worthy than a Kardashian such as Princess Diana, Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Lucille Ball, etc. And again, I get it. You want to encourage girls to gain noteriety on a positive level rather than a negative but why must we put down a Kardashian in the proceess? Why can’t we all live our lives, be dope and happy?

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Righteous Clapback! Zendaya (@zendaya) Goes in On Fan for Asking Twitter Followers Which Celeb They’d Rape If ‘The Purge’ (@UniversalHorror) Was Real!

The best word to describe the actions of people on social media can usually be summed up with “reckless!” The things people say, and do, from the comfort of their keyboards becomes more repulsive and repugnant by the day. As you know, the third installment of The Purge movie franchises, The Purge: Election Year came out on Friday. In the film series, all crime is legalized for a 12-hour period once a year in an attempt to lower crime rates throughout the rest of the year. Apparently a  male fan took it upon himself to tweet a collage picture of Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Zendaya, asking which of the stars they would want to rape if The Purge was real to his 6K plus followers!

Naturally, and rightfully,  Zendaya was not having his disgusting language and clapped back swiftly!


She added, “People are sick.” The fan  joked that the Disney star’s reply was “lit.”  She responded, “The only thing that’s lit is your immortality and inhumanity young man. I pray you find some sense.” The user’s picture and tweet have since been deleted. We are definitely in agreement with Zendaya! There is nothing funny about rape in any form! Let’s hope Twitter will shut his account down too.

#YUM! Patti LaBelle (@MsPattiPatti) Has A New Hit in Pie Sales!

We all love ourselves some Patti LaBelle! with a career spanning over half a century, dozens of hits, and a voice that still melts hearts, we can assure you she is not going anywhere! Right now, the only thing more popular than her music, and recent tongue lashing over a heckler at her concert, are her delicious pies! Now, we have definitely had some celebrities make some amazing products, but Patti’s sweet potato pies have become something of a social media phenomenon!

patti labelle sweet potato pies hey mikey atl

All across the country people are posting pictures of themselves eating the pies at all hours of the day and night, and some even buying dozens of them! Now we gave Ms. LaBelle’s pies a taste test of our own and all we have to say is…YUM, REALLY YUMMY, and THE ABSOLUTE YUMMIEST! Now it definitely not my Nana or Grandma’s sweet potato pies, but it is a definite second! To be store bought, the pies are surprisingly creamy, and the texture of the filling is smooth and enticing. However, I personally feel they taste better slightly heated, preferably in an oven for about three to five minutes. Be sure to grab your own pie and post a pic! Kudos Patti on this delicious product! Now if we can get you a restaurant chain…Check out the funny video gone viral below!

Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner) Defends Being Called ‘Racist’ After Labeled “Blackface” Photo Shoot Hits Social Media

After being attacked by Twitter over her recent photo shoot with Marcelo Cantu and comments made, Kylie Jenner is now speaking out to address rumors of being “racist”.

The growing fashionista took to social media to defuse and defend her labeled ‘blackface’ shoot that the reality starlet recently did. After posting a few shots from the shoot, people began to criticize Kylie after captioning under a photo, “What I wish I looked like all the time”, stating that she was being racist.


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Wiz Khalifa (@wizkhalifa) Voices Frustration With Ex Amber Rose (DaRealAmberRose) + Claims He’s Never Cheated

Co-parenting is tough especially when you’re going through a messy breakup that involves slandering the mother of your child. Over the weekend rapper Wiz Khalifa took to Twitter to vent his frustrations with Amber Rose in regards to their son Bash.

Bash, who recently celebrated a birthday, had a party planned by his father, Wiz, but Bash never got the chance to attend. According to NecoleBitchie, Wiz had a party setup complete with toys, gifts, and cake but Amber wouldn’t let Bash attend. Although we aren’t sure, this could have something to do with Wiz and his mother slamming Amber for being an unfit parent as he’s trying to get their custody agreement changed.

1414068242612_wps_5_MUST_BYLINE_EROTEME_CO_UK Wiz-Khalifa-Purple-Hair-baby-300x300

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Social Media Watch: New York Fashion Week 2015!

Ladies, welcome to New York fashion week. A time of year where fashionistas and fashionistos gather around to celebrate and exhibit an art form that’s precious to them, fashion. It’s a fashion Christmas! People travel from around the world to show off their outfits and attend fashion shows from designers such as, Desigual, Mongol, Lacoste, and Prabal Gurung. Lately on social media, celebrities, models, designers, and fashion lovers have given those who are outside of New York the behind the scenes look at New York Fashion Week, and the fun that goes on outside of the show.

Tis’ the season to be joyful! So, for those who will not get the opportunity to attend New York Fashion week, do not fret! These social media updates will keep us on our toes and help us feel like we’re actually there!


@whatwouldaprilwear gives us a glimpse of her #NYFW preparation. With all the events that are happening day to day, a planner is key.

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