Prepare To Laugh! Obama-Era White House Comedy Movie On The Way!

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The subject matter they can turn into movies defies human logic. Then again when you have movies like Soul Plane, Snakes On A Plane, or Howard The Duck, then you know just about anything can have its moment in cinematic history.

Well now it looks like there is a new comedy on the horizon, a film based on the Obama-Era White House!

Yep, you read right, a comedy about President Barack Obama’s eight year stint in the White House is on its way!

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A former White House stenographer and Universal Pictures have joined forces to bring the people an Obama-era White House Comedy film! 

So, according to The Hollywood Reporter, From The Corner of the Oval is a two part deal! We hear Beck Dorey-Stein, the former stenographer, has pitched the idea of a book–also titled “The Corner of the Oval” which got picked up by Universal to turn into a film. 

Long story short, the storyline follows a waitress who ended up working in the White House. Short story long, the waitress, a woman, lives in Washington, D.C. and is at an “all-time career low;” but life couldn’t keep her down. Life takes a turn for her which landed her in the White House “navigating a series of misadventures in life and love.” There is not concrete air date for the movie–however we hear that the book will be published in 2018. 

I know you’re wondering: “how much will the film focus on the Obamas?!” I had the same thought! 

The Jasmine Brand reports that the movie will focus less on the fort family, and more on the White House and it’s staffer

We are not sure how to feel about this film, but right now we can all use some laughter and I’m sure there were some pretty crazy things that went down in The Oval Office during Obama’s time. Will you be watching? Comment below?

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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This Is Gonna Be Good! Usher (@Usher) Casts On “Dancing With The Stars! (@DancingABC)”

usher raymond

We think we will be watching the next season of Dancing With The Stars! Why? Because allegedly R&B sensation, Usher, will be a part of Season 24’s cast! Yep, Mr. Raymond might be showing off his already amazing dance skills to millions! Interestingly, the producers of the show are trying to keep his involvement under wraps.

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usher dancing

The producers and network are keeping it top secret, but this is major! They wanted an A-lister and he’s one of the biggest names in the industry. Not to mention, Usher is an amazing dancer.

Dancing with the Stars is an dance competition TV series that premiered on June 1, 2005, on ABC. The show is the American version of the British television series Strictly Come Dancing. The format of the show consists of a celebrity paired with a professional dancer. Each couple performs predetermined dances and competes against the others for judges’ points and audience votes. The couple receiving the lowest combined total of judges’ points and audience votes is eliminated each week until only the champion dance pair remains.

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Steve Harvey (@IAmSteveHarvey) Faces Lawsuit Over Racist Jokes!

steve harvey

Steve Harvey has a former employee who is making some serious accusations about the comedian. Harvey has been hit with a lawsuit, by an employee named Joseph Cooper, who claims he doesn’t like white people. Cooper alleges that he has recordings of the ‘Family Feud’  host saying,

“I don’t give a s–t about America!”

And on another alleged recording, Harvey allegedly urged fans to “spit on white people!” and “go assault old white women!”

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Steve Harvey

 Meanwhile, Harvey has also filed a lawsuit against Cooper, accusing the ex employee of using the recordings to “extort” him for $5 million. exclusively reported, Cooper tried to sell old recordings of Harvey’s comedy routines, made more than 20 years ago, because of the sensitive material they contained. Harvey claims in documents that Mr. Cooper has initiated a campaign to essentially extort me, coerce me and embarrass me as I started to build my entertainment career.”

 Harvey’s lawyers claimed that:

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“virtually every time Harvey was hired for a television show [Cooper] would contact the owners or principals to inform them of potentially embarrassing material and or tapes and attempt to have them influence Harvey to pay for the tapes.”

Cooper claims that he created the tapes after he was hired the comedian in 1993. At the time, he says that he was to videotape his comedy act at the Steve Harvey Comedy Club in Dallas.

In court documents, Harvey admits that the tapes contain material that is “a lot edgier” than the family oriented jokes he now uses. Back then, he said,

“I didn’t have to concern myself with branding or imaging or anything. You could just say, I thought I was funnier.’

The case is headed to court so let’s see how it plays out. 

Do you feel that a comedian such as Steve Harvey who is known for making jokes should be sued for making the jokes? Do you even think the jokes were racist?

Sound Off in the Comments Below.



[PHOTOS] It’s Official! Ginuwine’s (@Ginuwine) Rumored Eggplant Pix Are Legit!


2016 should be labeled on someone’s Chinese calendar as “The Year of The Celebrity Eggplant!” The number of male private parts we have seen around these parts is getting to be a bit ridiculous. Is nothing private anymore? We guess not, especially if you are OG R&B superstar, Ginuwine! Earlier this week it was rumored that photos of the singer’s genitals floating around the internet were not of him.


Well thanks to The Jasmine Brand and a graphic picture, courtesy of one of our site’s minions, we have confirmed the eggplant picture in questions is indeed his and we have it in our possession!

ginuwine tweet

Ginuwine’s tweet is very true. In a recent interview with About Him’s Rico Pruitt we mentioned that the only difference between an unwitting amateur porn star and the average person is an angry boyfriend or girlfriend. We all know that sexting is the new dating thanks to The Digital Age. We just wish he had been a bit more discrete. Whoever leaked these pictures, however, only did the ladies–and a few gents–a favor. From the looks of it he has NOTHING to be ashamed of. You can see the picture on the next page. We warn you they are uncensored and graphic! Peek at your own discretion and enjoy!

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Deion Sanders (@DeionSanders) Speaks Out On Lawsuit Alleging His Son Assaulted A High School Employee!

deion sanders and shilo sanders

Deion Sanders is never really a mainstay in the world of celebrity news, but when he does pop up it is always a juicy story! Well this time around Deion and his ex-wife, Pilar, are at the center of a lawsuit from a high school employee, John Darjean, who alleges the former couple’s son, Shiloh, brutally beat him. The man claims Shiloh assaulted him after he tried to confiscate the boy’s cell phone for using it on school property. He alleges the injuries resulted in him having to be transported to a local hospital and having spinal surgery!

via The Jasmine Brand

shilo sanders

Shilo Sanders

Here’s the latest: On November 8th, Deion returned to court addressing the $1 million dollar lawsuit against him and his ex-wife Pilar.

The NFL legend denies that his son Shilo assaulted the high school employee and says,

such allegations are not true, either in whole or in part

He is demanding Darjean hand over evidence proving his allegations. Further, he is demanding that the man take nothing from his million dollar suit and all claims against him be thrown out of court.

Here’s the backstory: John Darjean, an employee at the Dallas high school that Deion’s son attends, filed suit against Deion and his ex-wife Pilar in Dallas County Court demanding in excess of $1 million dollars in damages for the brutal attack at the hands of their child.

Darjean allegedly tried to confiscate Deion’s teenage sons cellphone – which was being used despite school rules banning the use of the device – and it caused the ex NFL star’s son to brutally attack the employee so bad that he needed to be transported to a local hospital, which resulted in him having spinal surgery for his injuries.

Earlier this year, the man’s insurance company filed suit over the attack and is seeking $26k from the former couple to reimburse the payout they sent Darjean following the attack. The company accuses Deion’s son of having a history of reckless conduct and blames his parents for not doing anything to fix his behavior. That lawsuit is still pending and Deion nor Pilar have responded to the suit in court.

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Lawsuits! Oprah (@Oprah) Accused of Stealing “Fix My Life!”

Is it just us or are lawsuits and celebrities like peanut butter and jelly? Every day it seems we are bombarded with news of some celebrity headed to court, usually over something frivolous. This, however anything with Oprah Winfrey’s name attached to it is never frivolous! Apparently, The Queen of Media, is being sued by Otisa S. Strickland, a woman who claims she stole “Fix My Life” from her.

Otisa has filed a lawsuit claiming Fix My Life is identical to her show concept, The Agency, where a counselor would have traveled abroad helping people fix their issues.



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Breaking News! Ludacris (@ludacris) Accused of Child Abuse, Currently Under Investigation by Department of Family & Children Services!

It is never a good thing when any celebrity is under investigation by the Department of Family & Children Services, better known as DFCS (infamously pronounced “dee-fax”)! Apparently, rapper and actor, Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges is under investigation for child abuse after a complaint was filed against him. The rapper has accused his child’s mother of filing a false complaint against him in retaliation for him being awarded full custody of their daughter in 2015.

As you recall, Tamika Fuller, the child’s mother lost primary custody of their daughter after a nasty and lengthy court battle. She even alleges that Luda wanted to pay her $10K to abort the child upon learning she was pregnant!  Thanks to The Jasmine Brand we have the latest information on the case:

via The Jasmine Brand

Ludacris & Tamika Fuller

Ludacris & Tamika Fuller

Here’s the latest: Then on July 6th, Ludacris headed to court and filed an application for contempt and request for a restraining order and sanctions against Tamika.  The rapper explains since the judge came back with his order in early 2015, Tamika has attempted to ignore the order and usurp his custodial rights by making decisions for their minor child, which she has no authority to do. He says he has tried to work out the issues but Tamika refused to follow the court order.

Ludacris points out that Tamika continuously drops off their child at daycare on Fridays – when he decided to have private tutoring for their child on Fridays. He claims that she keeps disregarding the doctor he choose and going to other physicians and violating the order by taking unscheduled and unannounced visitation time at the daycare even when asked by the staff not to come. Luda says that she has leaked private emails to the media for her own publicity and to portray Ludacris in a false, negative light and even choose to start a GoFundMe account in an attempt to profit off their child, which was against the court order.

He accuses his baby mama of sending pictures of their kid to gossip sites and even penned an ‘essay’ which was rife with false criticisms of the court and Luda.

The last straw came when Luda says Tamika contacted the Department of Family and Children Services and filed a false report against him based on their kid having a common rash. He says she was informed by Luda that a doctor had already seen the rash and she was prescribed an ointment.

Luda claims that on May 19th 2016, the department contacted him and said pursuant to department protocol, his parenting time with his kid was suspended. He says his baby mama must be stopped from filing false and malicious reports of child abuse.

He is demanding the court order Tamika to follow the original order, find her in contempt of court and sanctioned for her actions along with order her to pay attorney fees and litigation expenses.

One of the writers on staff works is also a social worker and works for DFCS. He explains that just because there  is an allegation of child abuse made nothing will be done unless there is evidence, imminent danger, or immediate danger to the child. By policy, any allegation, true or false, reported to the Department must be investigated by Child Protective Services (CPS), the branch of the DFCS that acts as first contact for these situations. We hope this is all untrue, and since people who report these complaints can remain anonymous we doubt we will find out who sent it. We will, however, keep you posted. Read more about this story by clicking the link below!

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