5/2/2017- “The Perfect Distraction”

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 Hey Mikey,

I just got a promotion at my job. It means a hefty increase in my salary, but lots of international traveling and responsibility. My girlfriend was really happy for me until we find out we were expecting–which was two weeks ago. Now, she wants to me to consider a position that’s also open, will keep me closer to home, but won’t pay as much as the other job. She has a fear of being a single mother, but I keep telling her that will never be the case. She doesn’t know it but I’m proposing to her next week. I was already going to before we found out about the baby, but that news just makes the decision all the more right to me. What should I do about this job though. Children are a blessing, but I really want this money and to advance in my career. I just feel that right now this kid will be a distraction to. What should I do?

-Eager Steve

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4/18/2017- “Gay Famous”

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Hey Mikey,

I’ve followed your site for some time now and I really like how you keep up with all of the gay web series. I am actually on one of them, although you have yet to interview me. Anyhow, I’m having an issue with getting more acting jobs in this city. Despite the number of followers I have and the web series I have been on people continue to act like they don’t know who I am. It really is mind-boggling to me especially when I can walk into practically any bar or club in Atlanta and dozens of niggas know who I am. I feel as though I’m being blackballed. I’m really trying to do this acting thing, and I feel like these casting people need to see my worth. What do you think?

-King Star

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***About Tre, honestly I think you are coming off as spoiled and entitled–a recurring theme among many web stars. You my boy are what I  have coined as “Gay Famous.” This pretty much means you may be famous with in the gay community, the Black Gay one at that, and that is the extent of your popularity and reach. For you to begin achieving the fame I know you ultimately desire you are going to have to do some real work. That means getting head shots, taking some acting classes, networking, accepting minor roles to get your foot in the door for bigger roles, and most of all put your ego to the side. The sky is the limit when you’re young, attractive, and bangin’ it seems, but gravity all that much stronger. The Clipse said it best, “don’t let’cha ego trick yo ass!”

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Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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3/28/2017- “In Blackest Night”


Hey Mikey,

I pride myself on being a pretty positive person and keeping optimistic, positive people around me at all times. Up until recently my best friend was one them. However, a few things have happened--break up, job loss, and health scare–that have turned him into this really dark, pessimistic person. He does not want to do any of the stuff we enjoyed before. It’s like he “can’t see the forest for the trees.” Being around him now is draining and I feel like his energy is tainting my own. I wanna keep being friends, but I do not know if I can or should if he does not snap out of this funk. Things happen in life. but I’ve found you can’t let them get to you and you just gotta keep it pushing. What should I do?

-The Ultimate Optimist

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***The Ultimate Optimist, your friend may be enduring his “Blackest Night” at the moment and your optimism and positivity may be a key factor as to why he is still trucking. Life happens in the best and worst ways; and sometimes depression is a result of that. Even optimists have their storms to endure. I advise you not to cut your friend off, but to point him to resources that can assist him. Remember he was optimistic and positive once, and he can be that way again. Be a hero, not a fair weather friend. 

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9/13/14- “Because I Loved Myself More”


Hey Mikey,

I’m lost right now. I’ve always put my husband’s career and needs before own. He’s a lawyer and at times I’ve functioned as his wife/personal assistant/secretary. Now, I’m ready to go back to school try and become a businesswoman in my own right. He’s completely against it saying I won’t be able to perform my “wifely duties.” I got accepted to Spelman and instead of being happy for me he filed for separation. I can’t understand why he doesn’t understand I am trying to better myself and in the long run it will be good for us and any children we have?


***Shaken, don’t find yourself “shook.” Wanting to better yourself is always admirable and noble. This is the only life you have, live it as best you can. If your husband does not understand that loving yourself more does not mean you love him any less; then he’s the one with the problem. Congratulations Spelman is a great school! Get that degree and become the woman you were always meant to be. Remember a woman is more than a wife or help mate. In fact she’s more than what any man would make her to be.

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1/17/2014-” Prince Charming Ain’t Coming!”


I need to hear an unbiased, real answer to what I’m about to ask you. How do I meet Prince Charming? I’m in my mid-thirties and I really do want kids, a husband, romance, the whole big messy thing!!! But my love life is anything besides stellar–guys cheat on me, say they’re interested but won’t call, texts, or ask me out. I just don’t get it. The ones that are into me just don’t have an edge.I feel I’m a reasonably attractive woman and I work out six times a week. When is he coming? What can I do to keep him?
And am I too old to meet him


***My dear, sweet, loving Cinderella–you would like me to tell you Prince Charming is coming–HE IS NOT. You would like me to feed you cupcakes coated in Disney-sponsored bullshit–I WILL NOT. You would even like for me to tell you there is man out there for you–I CAN’T BE SURE.  What I can do is dispel your belief in Prince Charming, he is no more real than Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, or The Easter Bunny. I get you wanting to meet Mr. Right, but honestly if you end up with someone he will be “Mr. Right For You.” There’s no textbook, map, or chemical equation that leads anyone to who they’re meant to be with. You must simply do it old school with the “tried and true method” of dating; and figuring out who’s good for you, and who you’re good for. If you’re tired of dating there’s nothing wrong with taking some time to yourself. Live in the moment do not look or wait for some guy to sweep you off your feet. You’re never too old to love; and you can only keep him if he wants to be kept. Fairy tales are just that–tales–it’s time to accept things as they are and now as you would have them to be. Now that I’ve rudely awakened you go ahead and give that great guy who likes you a call. Something tells me he just might be Mr. Right For You. Keep me posted.

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1/14/2014-“You’ll Just Know”



I need you man. I’m in love. Well I think I’m in love. How do you know when you really are? And how do you tell the woman you love you’re in love with her?

-Lover Boy

***Lover Boy–Love, and falling in love are always good things. I’m sure you feel like you’re on top of the world. Honestly, you’ll know you truly love this other person when without thinking, your own needs–and sometimes your will–become second to theirs. Jacob Black (the werewolf from the “Twilight” series) put it best in this line: “…You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’s a protector, or a lover, or a friend.” Teling her how you feel is all a matter of timing, make it special! There’s something endearing in grand gestures. Be prepared, however, that she may not feel the same way…and if she doesn’t…you know how to reach me. Good luck!  😉

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I am torn between 3 hearts. Cutie, Red, and Sugar. Cutie is a dear friend who had a heart breaking break up. I have been there for him and while being there I have developed feelings for him. Red is a new interest that when we get together it’s amazing. He too has just been out of a bad relationship. He loves me and is ready to start a new chapter in his life with me in it. And then there is Sugar. He lives in another state. We met on a trip to his new state and we fell deeply for one another instantly. Problem is he is out of state and I can’t move. Cutie I think only sees me as a friend, and Red is great we just don’t know each other as well as I would like. I am confused and lost on what I should do. I don’t want to lose anyone as a friend but I can only love one. I talked to all of them daily.

***EJ, first of all catch your breath! That’s a lot–a whole lot to deal with! However, you aren’t confused or lost, you’re simply keeping your options open. Something you should do if you’re casually dating. Nevertheless, the obvious option is Red. He clearly wants to be with you, you want to be with him, he’s local, and you enjoy spending time together. If your goal is anything beyond friendship with these other two gus then you’re barking up the wrong tree. Go with your gut, Cutie isn’t showing you anything but friendship because perhaps he needs a friend right now after such a difficult break up. Your connection with Sugar may be sweet, but it could also be a fluke. You never see the full picture of a love interest long distance. He could be showing you just what he wants you to see. Beyond that, long distance is a daunting barrier for any relationship, let alone one that doesn’t exist. Despite what people think love ain’t complicated. You can’t lose anything with anyone that isn’t really there.