[VIDEO] Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) Documentary set for June Release!

chris brown

“Welcome To My Life…” That is the name of Chris Brown’s documentary set for release this June. As you recall the singer/rapper/dancer teased news of a documentary about a year ago (you can see it by clicking here) and now a trailer has been released. Check it out below:

The trailer looks amazing and truly nostalgic. We get to stroll down to seemingly simpler times when Chris was the artist we all knew and loved. He had the potential to be the greatest entertainer on the planet and somehow, somewhere he lost his way. Eerily his shortfall sounds like Michael Jackson’s in the “not getting to have a childhood” arena. However, and unsurprisingly, we had no idea he was ever suicidal. Even more riveting are the labels attributed to him like “misogynist” and “violent.” This documentary goes there and we aren’t talking about Degrassi!

chris brown

We definitely think a documentary on Breezy is definitely overdue. Over the last few years his life, career, and talent have been marred and overshadowed by controversy. Whether it is the lingering domestic violence, a restraining order from Karrueche Tran, or some mishap with a random woman or camera man as of earlier this week.

What do you guys think of Chris Brown’s documentary? Will you be tuning in? Sound off in the comments’ section below.

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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[VIDEO/TRAILER] The Boys Are Back–Tyson Anthony’s “Raising Eli” Season 2!

raising eli promo poster

If we have not said it before then please allow us to yell it from the rooftops (and put this in all Caps!), “TYSON ANTHONY IS THE MAN!”

Yep, your favorite writer and web series guru, Tyson Anthony is back with a new season of his hit show, Raising Eli!

When we left off last season it seemed like Eli (Chris June) had reached his boiling point after a series of stressful events. Besides having the son of his “sort of ex-boyfriend,” Travis (Monnie Isham) needing a place to stay, he was wrought with job offer rejections, bill collectors, and then repeated rejection from his love interest, King (Desjuan Zaire). Meanwhile, Travis found himself drawn to Eli’s complacent, and bisexual, neighbor, Shad (Desmond Fletcher) who dreams of being an actor, but loves his weed, Netflix, and chilling a little too much to be productive!
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[VIDEO/TRAILER] “Hey Best Friends!” Rico Pruitt Breaks The Internet w/ BlackBoysAddicitionz!

rico pruitt blackboysaddictionz porno

From About Him to About Justin, we have fallen head over heels for web star and model, Rico Pruitt! Is it any surprise? The boy haas never shied away from giving his fans what they demand, be it hot scenes on his various web series, your daily thirst trap picture, or unwittingly that sex tape his ex-boyfriend leaked late last year. It seems now, however, all of that risque activity has culminated in our favorite boy not only baring it all but getting it in thanks to BlackBoyAddictionz. 

Yep, Rico Pruitt has just dropped his first porno!

rico pruitt blackboysaddictionz porno

News about Rico’s porn have been swirling in our inbox for months now, and not only are they true, but we will soon be posting an exclusive interview where he is revealing all! Everything you wanna know, the who’s, the whats, they whys, and even the how comes! You can check out a few pictures and a preview from the former About Justin star’s adult film on the next page!

We have to warn you the images and footage you are about to see are graphic and mature. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED, NO ONE UNDER 18!

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[VIDEO] Dark, Moody, & GRITTY! Signal 23 TV’s “Tex Brown” Goes There!

tex brown signal 23 tv

Life goes on and so does Signal 23 TV! The network that brought you About Him, Climax, About Justin, and Steel River has done it again with their newest web series, Tex Brown!

The series is yet another spin-off of About Him,  based on Tex (Tripp Ali), the older guy from the first season of the hit web series who taught Damien (Brandon Karson) how to give oral sex (coughing) and that his life cannot be all about Vince (Gary Lavard). As you recall, in the season finale the Tex was arrested for threatening to kill a man for gay bashing. Although Damien, Justin (Rico Pruitt), and Kendall (Rahim Brazil) avoided prosecution, Tex has done ten years in prison and is only now being released on parole! Naturally, the world around him has changed and he struggles to find a place in it. Tex must ultimately decide to face the demons of his past and move on with his life, or allow them to consume him and send him back to prison!

tex brown signal 23 tv

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[VIDEO/TRAILER] HBO’s (@HBO) “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” Starring Oprah Winfrey (@Oprah)!

the immortal life of henrietta lacks

Have you heard the story of Henrietta Lacks?

If not you definitely should be doing some research as there is not a single person in the world who has not benefitted from her “immortal cells.”

via NewYorkTimes.com

henrietta lacks

The story began in January 1951, when Mrs. Lacks was found to have cervical cancer. She was treated with radium at Johns Hopkins, the standard of care in that day, but there was no stopping the cancer. Her doctor had never seen anything like it. Within months, her body was full of tumors, and she died in excruciating pain that October. She was 31 and left five children, the youngest just a year old. She had been a devoted mother, and the children suffered terribly without her.

Neither Mrs. Lacks nor any of her relatives knew that doctors had given a sample of her tumor to Dr. George Gey, a Hopkins researcher who was trying to find cells that would live indefinitely in culture so researchers could experiment on them. Before she came along, his efforts had failed. Her cells changed everything: they multiplied like crazy and never died.

A cell line called HeLa (for Henrietta Lacks) was born. Those immortal cells soon became the workhorse of laboratories everywhere. HeLa cells were used to develop the first polio vaccine, they were launched into space for experiments in zero gravity and they helped produce drugs for numerous diseases, including Parkinson’s, leukemia and the flu. By now, literally tons of them have been produced.

Starring Oprah Winfrey, HBO has produced a biopic detailing Henrietta’s life and her unwitting contributions to medical science. Check out the trailer below!

This is almost like a medical version of Hidden Figures! It represents yet another contribution of African-American women to the world and their worth. You can catch The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks on Saturday, April 22nd!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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[VIDEO] We’re Feeling The Love! Tyson Anthony’s (@authortysona) “Entercourse” is Back w/ Short Film, “Rocky Love Ballad!”

entercourse poster

Tyson Anthony is a genius and his latest series, Entercourse, only reiterates that.

When we last left off with the series, Rocky (Elijah Black) finally realized and accepted he was a porn addict, and his loyal boyfriend, Miles (Jerome Parker) was determined to help him through it. Meanwhile, Miles’ friend and coworker, Drew, began questioning his sexuality.

drew and jackson entercourse

Neal Robinson and David Halle as “Jackson” and “Drew in Tyson Anthony’s “Entercourse: Rocky Love Ballad”

Flash forward to Entercourse: Rocky Love Ballad,  a short film to tide us over until Season 2; and we find that Rocky has left for a month to help his grandmother out and Miles has opted to “do his own thing.” Meanwhile, Drew’s questioning of his sexuality has grown to curiosity and his begun to explore gay dating apps. He meets a younger guy, Jackson (Neal Robinson), who very well may prove to be more than he bargained for. Miles starts a new job and meets a pediatrician, Nas (Coby Carlson), who has an alarming secret, but also wants to take pictures of him. Check out the trailer below.

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[VIDEO] Just in Time for V-Day! Tyson Anthony (@authortysona) Releases “Entercourse” Short Film

entercourse poster

Tyson Anthony, the creator of About Him, has seriously made waves in the web series community with the announcement of Season 2 of About Him, Raising Eli, Pharm The Series, and Entercourse. We love all of his series, but Entercourse is currently taking the stage as we watch a young gay couple, Rocky (Elijah Black) and Miles (Jerome B. Parker) struggle to deal with porn addiction, temptation, and a bi-curious—now possibly, bisexual–friend, Drew (David Hall).

david haller and jerome parker entercourse hey mikey atl

(l-r) David Hall (Drew) and Jerome Parker (Miles) in “Entercourse”

The end of the first half of the season left us wondering just how Miles and Rocky were going to make it through the latter’s porn addiction and spice up their sex life. We were also left watching as Drew went from curious to questioning as he began to have vivid dreams about Miles at night. Thankfully, Tyson has heard our pleas and released a short film to tide us over over until the second half of the season debuts. Check out the trailer below!

via Entercourse

It’s V-Day on Entercouse. And this short film is the perfect entertainment needed to hold fans over until Season Two. Drew continues his sexual exploration with a very antagonizing partner. And while Rocky is away Miles once again find himself – playing. Our familiar faces are joined by new ones including the odd and awkward Nas…or is it Skinfade.

Well we now see Drew has definitely given into his temptation! He is trying all of the sexual stuff, as Miles implies, with a new guy. This is rather refreshing as it adds new layers to their world bringing in a fourth person. The question remains to be seen though, is this the guy for him, or is he really after Miles. The trailer does not delve too much into what is going with Rocky and Miles, currently, as we surmised; but it only makes us anticipate the next half of the season even more!

Be sure you check out all the episode of the series thus far by clicking here! Happy viewing!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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