7/30/2014- “Woman Drama”


Hey Mikey,

I’m having some issues with my new girlfriend and I’m not sure what do about them. I have been trying to be friends with my ex girlfriend, and I even introduced her to my new girlfriend. Surprisingly, they hit it off and actually became good friends. I figured I had nothing to worry about until me and my new girl got into an argument. She brought up some stuff from my old relationship to back up fears she has about us being together. My ex claims that she hasn’t said anything to her incriminating about me, but I just don’t know because she has a history of meddling in other people’s business. I did also catch my new girlfriend reading my journal, maybe she found out from there. I doubt that my ex girlfriend would say something nasty about me, due to her deeply spiritual nature. What should I do to patch up things between me and my new girl? I do want us to work out.

-Woman Drama

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4/22/14- “Reliving Teenage Dreams”

Hey Mikey,

I’m really upset with my ex. We seemingly rekindled our high school relationship when we met up after our ten year reunion.  We even had sex. He stays out of state so I didn’t expect to see him that often, but even when he is in town he doesn’t come to see me saying that he is busy with work. Then I will look on Instagram or Facebook and see him hanging with his friends. I’m trying not to be one of those clingy girls, but we haven’t seen each other since we had sex. I want to know where this relationship is going. Do you have any pointers on what I should talk to him about when we Skype each other tonight?


***Marigold, to be honest this doesn’t sound like you rekindled anything worthwhile nor does this sound like relationship to me. You haven’t seen him since you hooked up at your high school reunion and even when he comes in town he doesn’t make time for you? It seems like you’re still stuck on teenage dreams, and it sounds like you were a booty call to me. Honestly, you should let this go. If someone wants to be with you they will make time for you.  The busy excuse is not acceptable in 2014. Obviously, as you can see, he has made time for his friends and then has the audacity to post it all over a social media. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, until people get this through there skulls: “Treat An ex, like an ex!” Move on!

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3/4/2014- “If She Doesn’t…”



I dig your site but the advice you gave the girl I was talking to screwed me over. She sent me your “Treat An Ex, Like An Ex” post before she dropped out of my life. I haven’t heard from her in over a month now even when I call or text her and when I see her out all she does is says hi and keeps going. I wasn’t trying to diss her I just wanted to take my time getting to know her. She thinks three months is long enough to know if you wanna be in a relationship or not. I disagree.  I want her back. What should I do to win her back? You helped her so help me.

-Sigma Dude

***Sigma Dude, I’m glad to hear people are following my advice, it will save them from a world of hurt and wasted time.  As for you, three months is plenty of time to know whether you want to be with someone or not. That’s approximately ninety days and about six to twelve dates if you’re seeing each other regularly.  The issue here is she has moved on and you don’t want her to. I cannot tell you how to win her back over back she does not wish to be. (Take a hint, if she doesn’t return any of your calls and messages, and barely acknowledges you in public) Whereas you wanted to wait longer to see what could be, she was already ready. Seems like your timing was not in sync.  In your future attempts at dating I advise you to be decisive. Time waits for no man, and neither does love.

2/20/2014- “His New Girl”



I’m too threw with my ex! I just found out he bought his new bitch of two months a Benz! He never gave me so much as a bus pass when were together.  I feel like I need to confront him to find out why he’s doing so much for her. I think they got a baby on the way. I held him down for six years. Don’t I deserve something? How do I let him know all this ain’t cool?


***Lyrica, I’m sorry you’re so upset but honestly you have no reason to be. He’s now your ex and how he chooses to spend his money on his new girlfriend is entirely up to him. He owes you NOTHING but his distance.  Instead of confronting him about the car, I would suggest you completely remove him from your life. Yep treat an ex like an ex! Check out my older post about that! He’s clearly moved on and it’s time you do the same. Oh, and don’t do anything to that car! That’s cute for Jazmine Sullivan, but it will get you put UNDER the jail.

1/30/2014- “Her Right To Choose”


Hey Mikey,

It’s getting crazy in this love game.  A chick I was dating a year ago broke up with me and for a long time we didn’t talk.  The last few weeks we been hanging out on a friend type level. She told me she’s ready ready to be a mother and looking into getting a donor.  I told her if she wanted a baby I’d give her one, I still got strong feelings for her.  She turned me down saying she’d rather have me as a friend then a “co-parent,” or whatever the hell that is! How do I get her to see she’d rather have a baby with a guy she knows and cares about her and that the old fashioned way is gonna save her some money. She on that Real Housewives shit! Damn, we both in our forties I’m way ready to be a father.
-K. Wilson

***K.Wilson, you shouldn’t be trying to get her to do anything. Offer your advice–YES! Offer your sperm–absolutely NOT! She has made it clear she doesn’t want a romantic connection or romantic relationship with you by breaking up with you; and flat out telling you she wants you as a FRIEND. STOP pining after her hoping for more than she’s willing to give!  As I’ve stated in previous advice posts, if you two don’t share children or property, and neither of you owes the other money then MOVE ON! (See “Treat An Ex, Like An Ex”) Lastly, it’s a woman’s right to choose how she wishes to reproduce. At her age, nature demands she choose quickly! LET IT GO!

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1/10/2014- “CUT HIM OFF!”


 Hey Mikey!

I wanted to know is it ok to still communicate with my ex? I have a new boyfriend but me and my ex usually text about every other day, and sometimes he even calls me. I am over my ex but i still care about him. I am happy with my new man and i know i do not want to get back with my ex. I just kind of feel bad because my current boyfriend does not know i still communicate with my ex and I’m afraid to tell him because I know he wouldn’t understand the situation.

What should I do? Please help!

***Loving Lady I’m sure you’re very loving, but right now you’re doing too much. It’s okay to care for your ex, but you gotta do that from afar–as in a few hundred miles! You may not want to be back with him, but you’re clearly not over him. Hence your need to hide contact with him from your new man! Lady, you’re sabotaging your new relationship and you don’t even know it. If the sitch (“Kim Possible” slang for “situation”–yeah I love her!) were reversed you’d be raising holy hell about him being a cheating ass dog!

So no it’s not okay for you to be communicating with him, especially ths frequently. Girl make it a clean break, exes muddy new relationships. He’s an ex for a reason–remember why! CUT HIM OFF!!!


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1/10/2014- “#TeamYou”



How do you keep and or stop your parents from being #TeamExBoyfriend

-Love Doll


***Hey Doll! Love the question, but I gotta keep it 100 with you and let you know you’re asking the WRONG QUESTION! The real question you should be asking is how to get them on #TeamYou. Parents always think they know best, so to accomplish #TeamYou you’re gonna have to put on your big girl thong and do these two things–disclose and cut them off!



-Disclose to your parents why your ex is an ex. Yes let it out! You’re a grown ass woman. Then show them you are moving forward with your life–date, go out, enjoy yourself. Do not confuse them with ambiguity by going on dates with your ex, iniviting him to family gatherings, or especially by having ex sex (eww)!


-If you and your ex don’t share children or property, and neither of you owe the other money;  THEN MOVE ON! TREAT AN EX LIKE AN EX! I can’t stress this enough. You’re never gonna meet someone new by keeping them around! It’s the equivalent to keeping a rotting corpse around a newborn! Cut them off completely–change your number, delete and block them off all social sites, relocate if they crazy–leave them with no way to return to you!


You might call that extreme, I call it taking control of your destiny. Your parents might think he’s good for you, but once they see the lengths you’ve taken to remove him from your life. The mounting tension and awkwardness of the situation will cause them to follow suit! It’s your life darlin’ take control!!!!


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