Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): Behind The Scenes w/ Actor/Singer Chris June!

Written By: Mark Pollard

Chris June is a young entertainer with a resume that includes some of social media’s most talked-about shows.

With an equally appealing stage presence to match, this DC area native is definitely a star on the rise and someone who is going to make waves this summer all over your social timelines. Get into this inside scoop behind the scenes with About Him and Raising Eli Actor/Singer Chris June.

raising eli promo poster

Chris June was born Chris Williams and raised in Largo, MD to a single mother. The arts embraced Chris from a young age, indulging him in creative outlets frequently. Theatre, drawing, and even designing clothes in high school were just some of his endeavors. However, it wasn’t until drama class that he’d find belongingness in his ability to embody characters. After a few years, he’d cleaned up his gift and go on to Salisbury University where he’d obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Why a degree in Psychology do you ask? June goes on to explain how he puts to use his degree through every character he portrays on television and stage.

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[VIDEO] In Case You Missed It! Kash Dinero (@Kash_Dinero100) Covers Song for “About Him: The Revolution!”

kash dinero

Signal 23 TV is definitely full of surprises! No we are not talking about the departure of a Web Star or a new series.

We are, however, talking about Kash Dinero covering Tevin Campbell’s song, “Tell Me What You Want Me To Do” in Episode 7 of About Him Season 2: The Revolution!

 Signal 23 TV posted an exclusive snippet of the song via their Instagram and we have to say we are smitten. Check it out below:

You can see the full video in Episode 7 of About Him: The Revolution. Kash’s cover of such a classic song comes as a surprise not because of the song choice, but because none of us knew he could sing. We are very familiar with the singer’s background (and we are still swooning) and are thrilled he can add this to his “body of work”–we mean repertoire! Dinero is a great singer and we hope to hear more music from him, even some original tracks. This song choice however is just perfect. Dustin (Gary Lavard) and Armani (Chris June) are definitely the super couple of web series in general right now and their love story has the potential to be as deep or legendary as any two star-crossed lovers lining the walls of fictional history.

kash dinero

What do you guys think of Kash’s song. We definitely would not mind a soundtrack of original music from this season of About Him (HINT, HINT) and are really loving how this season is progressing. The story lines, cast, and more importantly the activism of this series is nothing short of impressive. Kash Dinero drop us a line for an interview, we are definitely ready to get close and personal!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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The End of “Tex Brown?” Tripp Ali (@iamTrippAli) Parts Ways w/ Signal 23 TV!

tripp ali

The world of web stars and web series changes quicker than Atlanta weather! One day we are happy to announce there is new web series to debut or a new web star to meet, and then on other days a web star is announcing his departure.

This time, unfortunately, it is the latter as Tripp Ali, host of The Plug and star of Tex Brown, has announced he and Signal 23 Tv are parting ways!

signal 23 tv logo

The news of Tripp’s departure was made known via an ominous Instagram post where he announced that today he was parting ways with Signal 23 TV.

A post shared by Tripp Ali (@iamtrippali) on

His departure from the network comes as a surprise to many as his show has undoubtedly been one of the network’s biggest successes due to its content, grit, and the combined talent of Tripp Ali and Henderson Maddox. In recent months Mr. Ali he had even become of the faces, alongside Gary Lavard and Lando King, of the network and a highly anticipated tour, The Kings of Stream, has been in the works.

Naturally, we had to get a more in depth from Tripp about his departure. He sent this response:

tripp ali

Tripp Ali

I am an entertainer and when my craft is no longer respected or honored I need to move on. Entertainers must always be true to their craft and never allow themselves to be placed in an unfair contract or situation that goes beyond the realm of professionalism and decency. Continue to sign on to “The Plug” @ worldstarhitradio.com and I will updates on my next role.

We definitely wish Tripp the best in his future endeavors, but at the same time we hate to see Tex Brown end. The series may just be released in a similar fashion to About Justin upon Rico Pruitt’s departure earlier this year.  This has been quite the week for Mr. Ali, as you recall he announced he would be the sole host of The Plug after Brandon Karson’s allegedly abrupt departure. We reached out to Signal 23 TV, but at the time this post went live we had not received a response. What are your thoughts on Tripp Ali’s departure? Sound off in the comments section below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

mikey michael fanning kontrol magazine hey mikey atl

[FIRST LOOK/VIDEO] Making Moves! Tami Roman (@TamiRoman) & Brandon Anthony (@brandonanthony_) Star in “District!”

tami roman and brandon anthony

Bawn TV is back with new content, fresh faces, and a familiar star–Tami Roman!

Yep veteran reality star and actress, Tami Roman, joins newcomer, Brandon Anthony, to star in a new web series, District, written by none other than Tyson Anthony!

District centers on Miller (Brandon Anthony) a man coming into his own as he struggles with his sexuality and life on the streets. His mother, Tasha (Tami Roman) struggles to deal with how his life has spiraled out of control while she has been incarcerated. It is a moving story of love, sexuality, family, all surrounded by the grit and dangers of the street life.

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[VIDEO] HOT Summer! Tyson Anthony (@authortysona) Releases New Web Series, “Ellenwood!”

tyson anthony's ellenwood

Tyson Anthony continues to push the envelope with his steamy and amazing web series! We were enamored with  Pharm: The Series, fell for Entercourse, found ourselves in About Him: Freshman Year, and were moved by Raising Eli. 

Now the magic continues with a new web series from Tyson himself, Ellenwood!

tyson anthony's ellenwood

Based off the book of the same name, the series is another LGBT drama that promises to entertain and medicate, all while providing the visual pleasure we need from a hot summer drama! Check out the teaser trailer below:

New Project in the Projects www.EllenwoodTV.com #tv #mustwatch

A post shared by Author Tyson Anthony (@authortysoninsta) on

via Press Release

Rockwell has been dealt a challenging hand; he’s black, gay, and hood born and raised.

Rockwell is the son of a brutish cop, the pride and joy of a social media savvy mother-in-charge, and the younger brother of the brawny and brainy James. The brother’s bond is the epicenter of each other’s lives; no secrets between them. But all families have secrets, right?

Out in the streets, we meet a fresh out of jail Sinclair whose mystery is just as luring as his obsession with Rockwell. Sinclair takes us on a trip that will have us questioning reality all while doing his best to show Rockwell why two boys who barely made it out of remedial math are made for each other.

tyson anthony's ellenwood tv

We cannot wait to see what this series will entail! However, we cannot help but wonder where the name of the book and web series came from, as we know Ellenwood to be a suburban city on the eastern outskirts of Metro Atlanta. Still, if the teaser trailer is any indicator we are in for quite a story. We have to say these new guys are hot and there is always something riveting and exciting about fresh meat–we mean fresh faces. What do you guys think of Tyson’s new series? Will you be watching? Sound off below and subscribe by clicking here.

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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[VIDEO] Web Star & Dream Boy! Desmond Fletcher (@Solostart247) Keeps It Real!

desmond fletcher

About Him: Freshman Year continues to make waves with new, riveting content as we now follow Damien (Brandon Karson) and Kendall (Rahim Brazil) into college. Thus far the series has granted us some very funny moments and some so hot you will sweat like you are in a sauna! Still  there is much more to this popular series than just Damien and Kendall.

Hearts are swooning and lips are licking all thanks to one popular web star, Desmond Fletcher!

about him freshman year

The cast of “About Him freshman year (l-r) Rocc, Darren Johnson, Brandon Karson, Rahim Brazil, and Desmond Fletcher

Desmond, as you may already know, is one of the most versatile and recognized web stars currently thanks to his appearance in a number of series. We first saw him on Tyson Anthony’s Pharm: The Series as a drug dealing escort, then Raising Eli as an aspiring actor with no real  motivation, and now as a church boy coming to terms with his sexuality in About Him: Freshman Year.

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[PHOTOS/EVENT RECAP] Signal 23 TV’s “About Him Season 2: The Revolution” Premiere Party!

gary lavard

It has been a wild ride as we counted down twenty-three long days to the season premiere of Signal 23 TV’s About Him Season 2: The Revolution!

Well now the show is out and Sunday night we were in the mix of one amazingly poppin’ premiere party! It all went down at Atlanta’s very own Suite Food Lounge.  Media sponsored by Rolling Out, The drinks were wonderful, the ambiance was positive and crazy cool, but the best part was meeting the amazing cast of this highly anticipated web series! Yep, our boy Gary Lavard is back as the face of About Him in a new role, with a set of new and familiar faces to tackle homophobia, isolation, and true love against the backdrop of the AIDS epidemic of the eighties.

The Series

As you recall, the new season of the series on the network will not be a continuation of the first season. Gary Lavard is now “Dustin,” a gay college student hopelessly in love with campus hottie, “Armani” (Chris June). For Dustin it is love at first sight and he wants nothing more than to be with his dream boy, but is haunted by memories of homophobia and his own painful lessons in what it means to be Black and gay in this time period. Dustin is inquisitive and hopeful, but like so many gay men has filled his emptiness and pain with man after man. He prays Armani is the one. His prospects finally seem to be looking better when he finds himself in an African-American Studies class with Armani and the two reluctantly hit it off–with a little nudge from his best female friend (or friend-girl, as The Kidz like to say).

The budding couple’s pleasure is soon tainted by pain, however, when while trying to hook up they witness a hate crime so graphic and vile you will feel your heart wrenching. For Dustin love will always be “About Him,” but he may soon learn everything comes with a price and sometimes with a fight. Let The Revolution begin…

We have to say this is by far the best web series we have yet to see. It was worth the wait and anticipation. The story line’s timing is right on, especially in a renewed age of social activism. This series reminds us of darker times when being gay was deemed wrong on every level and systemic homophobia was rampant. Henderson Maddox has truly outdone himself with this piece of work. Be sure you subscribe to Signal 23 TV’s Vimeo  to catch the first two episodes now by clicking here! Happy viewing!

The Premiere Party

Our very own Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning was on location to check out the premiere party and screening and the web stars were out in full effect. Gary Lavard, Valerie Payton, Sherrod Willis, Rion Deshon, Darius Lavale,  and Zahir Roberts along with newbies, Corey Thompson, Levi Erik, Danny Rowe, Jaquay Wilkerson, Thomas Mackey, and Toni Bernard were all there in full effect! Check out some of the pictures below!

Photo Credits: Henderson Maddox, Sr. of Madd Studios

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning